B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Alabama’s Own, Sen Richard Shelby

Mooncat at LeftinAlabama has a great post up today about who knew about the torture going on, even as they scream they knew nothing.


But don’t think, even for a second, that this is just those hypocrites on “the right”. There were Dems aware and didn’t say anything.

But the bastard above (the one in the middle holding hands with Saddam) knew what was going on, even before the memos.

See mooncat’s post for the details. Till then, immerse yourself in the touchy-feely that Dick had with Saddam. Notice that he is posing for the camera, but I wonder if his mind was on what was in Saddam’s pants.

I’m just asking…

“If He Is A Decent and Honorable Person, He Will Resign”

Said Senator Patrick Leahy in regards to Judge Bybee’s involvement with American torture. h/t Jonathon Turley

Now, I don’t know about you, but the fact that Leahy even questions whether or not Bybee is a “decent and honorable” person, in light of the amazingly callous, even evil, memos protecting and lying about torture, tells me that Sen Leahy is no judge of decency or honor.

The political correctness and the two party protectionism MUST stop.

But will it?

Yeah, on Mars, maybe:

In the meantime, former Judiciary Chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) rejected calls for the impeachment and said that Bybee was “one of the most honorable people you’ll ever meet.” Well, as long as you do not meet him in a CIA interrogation room or near a waterboard.

I touched on this at Stop The US Empire and my old “friend” conservative09 dropped in to explain away his talking point regurgitation of War Criminality and his protectionism (apologetics) for George W Bush’s administration (especially the washing away of Yoo’s memos, as if they are unimportant or irrelevant).

I simply cannot grasp the separation of morals and decency from the “right” and their hypocritical defense of all things immoral and evil. It is truly amazing that people can protect and defend these actions and claim to be decent, moral, law abiding or a Constitutionalists.

As Usual, Ralph Nader Was Right


Ralph Nader was right.

Last year, Ralph Nader ran for President.

I was Ralph’s national campaign coordinator.

During the campaign, Ralph called it as he saw it.

DC was a corporate prison.

The Democrats and Republicans were beholden to corporate America.

The corporate Obama we saw on the campaign trail in 2008 wouldn’t be much different just because he became President Obama and moved into the White House in 2009.

As usual, Ralph was right.

Exhibit A: Health insurance.

Today, fifty million Americans are uninsured.

According to the Institute of Medicine, 22,000 Americans die every year from a lack of health insurance.

Obama knows that a Canadian style single payer national health insurance system – everybody in, nobody out, free choice of doctors and hospitals – will bring these numbers down to zero.

Zero people are uninsured in Canada.

Zero people die every year in Canada due to lack of health insurance.

Yet, during the 2008 campaign, Obama took single payer off the table.

It’s still off the table in the corporate prison that is Washington, D.C.

This despite the fact that, according to the most recent polls, the majority of Americans, doctors, nurses, health economists and even small businesses want single payer.

Even a young Obama wanted single payer.

Before he became the politician that he is today.

Obama still knows what the answer is – single payer.

Yet he bows down before the ever powerful for-profit health and drug insurance industries.

That’s just the seedy reality inside the beltway today.

The burning question outside is:

What are we going to do about it?

And the answer is:

We are going to deliver single payer for the American people.

To get the job done, we have launched – Single Payer Action.

Over the past couple of months, Single Payer Action has been out for a test drive.

We’ve been kicking the tires.

And things are looking good.

Single Payer Action exposed PBS Frontline for deliberately tilting its documentary “Sick Across America” to reflect an insurance industry bias.

The one-hour documentary never once mentioned single payer.

Single Payer Action activists burned their insurance bills outside a meeting of the health insurance industry’s main lobbying group in Washington, D.C.

Single Payer Action blew open the story about how Obama tried to bar single payer advocates from the White House health care summit last month.

As a result of that reporting, Obama was forced to admit two single payer advocates inside the White House gates for the summit.

And in West Virginia last month, a group of Single Payer Action belly dancers drew widespread attention when they shook it up for single payer at the Martinsburg offices of Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV).

Last year, after the campaign, we wrote to you promising action on single payer.

Action time has arrived.

Now, we need your help.

We believe that together with one million Americans working for single payer we can get it done.

Single Payer Action will be organizing outside the beltway, in Congressional districts around the country.

But right now, we need to raise $30,000 to propel Single Payer Action to the next level.

We want to organize creative, dramatic actions at congressional offices  in as many districts as possible in coming weeks.

And we need your help to make that happen.

So, please donate now whatever you can – $10, $25, $50, $100 – to Single Payer Action.

If you donate $100 or more by May 14, 2009, we will send you two galvanizing books that concisely detail the case for single payer in America.

  • Health Care Meltdown by Robert LeBow, MD, revised and updated by Dr. C. Rocky White – a Republican doctor so fed up with the needless suffering caused by the insurance industry that he become a leading advocate for single payer.
  • Ten Excellent Reasons for National Health  Care, Edited by Mary O’Brien and Martha Livingston.

We’re looking to raise $30,000 by May 14th.

To make single payer a reality in America.

Let’s get it done.


Jason Kafoury

PS: This two book offer ends 11:59 p.m. May 14 2009. So don’t miss out. Donate now.

And don’t forget to sign up at singlepayeraction.org.

We’re building one million strong for single payer.

Please share this e-mail with friends and relatives.

Urge them to sign up and donate at singlepayeraction.org.


Welcome To America, Mr. Obama

President Obama’s half-brother denied entry to Britain

Samson Obama was travelling from Kenya to his half-brother’s presidential inauguration ceremony in January when he tried to enter the country at East Midlands Airport for a short break but he was stopped by immigration officers.

Using biometric tests, they discovered that he was linked to a serious crime in Britain last November, according to the News of the World.

At the time Samson, who runs a mobile phone shop outside Nairobi, was arrested by Thames Valley Police in Berkshire for an alleged attempted sexual assault on a group of teenage girls. He was not charged.

However, his details were stored on the Home Office’s new biometric database.

The White House was informed, according to the News of the World.

Obama Pedophile

Obama Pedophile

Welcome To America, Mr Obama.

I better never hear another word about Billy Carter.

Bay Walk-In Clinic, Panama City Beach, Florida

Healthcare Professionals Extraordinaire (from WriteChic). Hippocratic Oath, or oath of hypocrisy?

This is what it is coming to:

Putting The Hell In Healthcare

My super secret source (let’s call her my sister) in Panama City Beach, Florida delivered a doozy.

She is sans healthcare.

Much like 25% of  North Carolina!

She’s also a chronic sufferer of asthma.  So, recently she’s hit with a massive attack and scared.  She has my mother call the Bay Walk-In Clinic on Front Beach Road to find out how much it will cost to be seen and get a new inhaler.

Sis didn’t call because she could barely talk.

The clinic says the cost will be no less than $106 and no more than $134.  My sister heads over to the clinic with 140 dollars in cash.  The doctor was very sympathetic and caring.  Her breathing capacity was just above 50%, and he wanted to hospitalize her.  She said, “no.”  She couldn’t afford it.  So, she was given 3 breathing treatments and a bunch of free samples that included two inhalers.

Sounds sunshiney and humane, dudn’t it?

With lungs now functioning at 89%, my sister goes to check out with the ladies in the front of the office.  They want $300.  My sister explained she didn’t bring that much and asks to be billed for the $160.

The women tell her absolutely not.  My sister said she would have to leave then to get the remaining portion due.

The women…referred to hereafter as the bitches…tell her if she attempts to leave they will call the police and have her thrown in jail.


Anxiety and stress do nothing for my sister’s ability to breathe, but she’s appalled and can’t help herself, “You, bitches, said it wouldn’t cost more than $140!  If I can’t go get more money, you don’t get any!”

The bitches reiterate, “If you leave, we’ll call the police.”

My sister calls my mom and explains the predicament that the bitches (or maybe she was calling them hookers at this point…my sister noticed people in the waiting room were clutching their children close to them.  A wheezing rant is kinda scary).  She puts my mom on the phone with the bitches.

After the phone call, the bitches want my sister’s purse as collateral.

She says,  “I’m leaving my purse as collateral, and you, bitches, better not go through it.  Or I’ll come over that counter and kick both your asses.  I don’t need to breathe to do that.”

So, sis leaves to get the money and returns.

The mother fuckers had the nerve to say they wanted their free samples returned.

To which my sister responded, “You bitches can go to hell.”

I don’t know about you, but I am in a pissy enough mood to call these assholes and tell them what I think about their service and care for a patient (and the bogus fear tactics they use).

Bay Walk-In Clinic
Panama City Beach
8811 Front Beach Rd.
P. C. Beach, FL 32407
Office: (850)234-8511
Fax: (850)234-8229
Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm

BTW: I just called and told them they were all shitbags, in so many words. If you have a blog, please link to WriteChic’s post and do your own bitch. Maybe this is a way to get our point across.

B’Man’s Wacky Weed Watch: Happy 4/20

Wanna know why its 4/20?

“HIGH TIMES Editor-in-Chief Steven Hager visits ABC News to explain the origin and significance of 420 in this 2002 interview. Noting incidents of violence surrounding a day of peace — a trend sadly continued by the Virginia Tech shootings — Hager calls for the date to also be used for an exploration into the cause of such tragedies.”

For one of the better weed posts I have read (full of excellent sources and video)… definitely a “keeper” or a favorite… go visit Chycho.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that those who consume cannabis are not criminals. They are your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and your children, and many have been sacrificed to further the agenda of certain individuals and organizations who feed off the profits from the criminalization of this simple plant that has the potential to save us and our environment.

For those who have been following this series, please note that a new section, Famous Marijuana Smokers, has been added. The information presented has been broken down into the following sections for ease of reference:

Obama’s Latest Lie: Gaining “Nothing”

Nothing will be gained by spending our time and energy laying blame for the past.”

How many of you Obama Maniacs agree with this sentiment?

Even the Obama supporter, Keith Olbermann has taken the man to task over this obvious lie and coverup. Other favorite bloggers of mine, like Jonathon Turley have not cut Obama any slack whatsoever (deservedly so). Many others are awakening to the fact that Obama appears set on protecting the Bush Administration from their illegal activities (which is baffling to me, unless I accept the notion that he is carrying forth the bidding of others).

I must say that one of my other favorite bloggers made a comment that I am in total disagreement with (one of the few times in years of following him). Glenn Greenwald wrote:

There is an unhealthy tendency to want to make categorical, absolute judgments about the persona of politicians generally and Obama especially (“I like him”/”I don’t like him”; “I trust him/I don’t trust him”) rather than case-by-case judgments about his specific acts.  “Like” and “trust” are sentiments appropriate for one’s friends and loved ones, not political leaders.  A politician who does something horrible yesterday can do something praiseworthy tomorrow.  Generally bad people can do good things (even if for ignoble reasons) and generally good people can do bad things.  That’s why I care little about motives, which I think, in any event, are impossible to know.  Regardless of motives, good acts (releasing the torture memos) should be praised, and bad acts (arguing against prosecutions) should be condemned.

I couldn’t disagree more about the “trust” thing. I believe that it is imperative that trust be held in our politicians, especially the POTUS. As a matter of fact, I believe it is near insane to think that trust is unimportant or only appropriate for friends. Trust and likeability have nothing whatsoever to do with each other and marrying those two “sentiments” together is a mistake.

My complaints about Obama have nothing to do with “liking” the guy. But it does have a tremendous amount to do with “trust”.

It is ludicrous to spend our time and energy with folks that we don’t trust to do what is right for this country, in my opinion. In this case, Glenn is way off base.

Also, contrary to Glenn’s article, motive couldn’t be more important. It is imperative that we understand motives of people, just as it is in police work or attorney work. It surprises me that Glenn, an attorney, would take such a view (but maybe I misunderstand where he is coming from). I see a bit of his point, but from my experience of watching pols for 40+ years, their every motivation appears to be self-protection or a scramble to keep the status quo. If particular powers have been grabbed, it is unsurprising that those are kept by the next administration (no sense losing powers already stolen by another).

Understanding the motives of the Bush Administration’s illegal torture activities; the rationale and lies used to take us into Iraq, and yes, even the motivation of why Barack Obama would cover up these atrocities is extremely important. I’m blown away that Glenn says this stuff.

Glenn continues:

In the United States, what Obama did yesterday is simply not done.  American Presidents do not disseminate to the world documents which narrate in vivid, elaborate detail the dirty, illegal deeds done by the CIA, especially not when the actions are very recent, were approved and ordered by the President of the United States, and the CIA is aggressively demanding that the documents remain concealed and claiming that their release will harm national security.  When is the last time a President did that?

Its simply “not done”? But why? To lie more? To cover up the atrocities?

Of course it is not done, but that doesn’t make it right. Nor does it give me any warm and fuzzies with Mr Obama, just because he did the “right” thing. Give me a break. What he did is what was legally obligated and what is needed for this country: complete openness. He deserves no extra slap on the back for doing what the other corrupt predecessors would not do.

He finishes with:

George Orwell mistakenly assumed that obfuscating language designed to glorify criminal acts would be invented and normalized by government.  At least in the U.S., that function is outsourced to government’s most loyal and eager servants:  establishment journalists.  A principal reason why the government has been able to engage with impunity in the extremism and lawlessness of the last decade is because most journalists refuse even to describe it as what it is.

Of course these establishment “journalists” are carrying the water for whomever in in office. Even more reason to “trust” the guy they are reporting on, since we can’t trust them. The issue is that they are all corrupt and have agendas that do not have anything to do with helping me. They are protecting themselves and tearing apart our liberties and protections as American citizens.

Sorry, Glenn, but it has come to the point that without “trust” there can not be any real allegiance to him or anyone in government. To think otherwise is foolish.

What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

This story tells it all. A young mother with two children who was lied to about her mortgage and now is about to lose her home, after delving into her children’s college fund and now her son is going to join the Marines. He saw the TV commercials and website and it looks cool.

And he asks, “What’s the worst that can happen?” (said with a sadness that tears my heart out, for you can tell by the look on his face that he KNOWS precisely what the worst that could happen would be). They all know:

Road to Ruin: Burned by Brokers

h/t Real News Network

“Hopefully this will be my way out to a better future.”

That says it all, doesn’t it? That people are relegated to an only choice of joining the military.

This is no accident.

Gene’O Must Have One Of Those “Men Crushes” On This Old Redneck

I wonder if I should file a stalker police report or just be sad for the faux progressive?

Gene’O, I don’t swing that way (not that there is anything wrong with being gay).

Of course, in this financial mess, if you were to offer me enough money, I may let you suck my pecker. (But then you would have to remove Barack Obama’s first.)

Do you have a big mouth? You’ll need it.

America’s Anti-Christos?

Why would we give Israel more financial and military assistance than the rest of the world combined?

I think the answer is clear and it has to do with the Empire. After hearing the facts presented above, can anyone truly argue that the policy is even keeled or fair? What do those of you who are motivated by religion and a wrongly translated Bible have to say about the aid given (primarily weaponry) in such a disproportionate amounts? Do you think that Jesus held a warm spot for Jews over Gentiles? Do you honestly think that The Christ has preferences for Jews or the land now being called Israel over any other living soul or place?

Methinks your religion, preacher man or Bible has your priorities and understanding of the Savior’s own words decidedly backwards. And hence the problem.

If you religious people understood that Big Military uses your Sheople-like following to progress an agenda that is totally antithema to The Christ’s message and rationale for His death, you would stop this undying support for their agenda. It is as if you have become anti-Christs, meaning that you believe shit that is anti Christ’s message, yet still think you are following Him. You have replaced the real spirit of His message with another.

Did you know that αντί + Χριστός is derived from two words that have been virtually always used as “against” Christ or “the opposite” of Christ, but the word αντί also can mean “instead of” or “in place of” (as in a replacement)? It is also NOT capitalized and is NOT a proper noun (as in a name). It is the spirit, or demeanor, in which one lives and acts.

What most folks who call themselves Christians have done is replace The Christ’s message with one that is not His message, at all. Yet, you have no clue that you do this.

John penned long ago (supposedly):

“Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.”

The sad fact is that there are so many now that you have become them… totally replacing His word and instruction with that of those who perpetuate death, murder and chaos. And you do it with such vigor, as well.

h/t AfterDowningStreet