B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Post Christmas Edition

I love Christmas. It is one day that I promise to put away all anger (best I can). I don’t do it for any religious reasons, but because I always believed those words that say, “Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Man” (Luke 2:14). Yep. I took it from a Bible, but it is the sentiment that means something to me. The spirit of peace, based from love, is an important ingredient missing nowadays that my friend Kelso keeps insisting that Americans seem to have lost for each other. The loss of love causes loss of peace, for I cannot see how it is conceivably possible to love and war your enemy simultaneously. It is impossible to show “good will” towards someone you are warring against.

So, I kept my mouth shut yesterday.

Today is different. Today I want to point out some hypocrisy that should inflame your redneck hide because it simply proves that those whom many of you think are Patriots and respect as Mavericks and the new “Conservatives” are nothing but what they “say” they despise… Welfare Queens and Kings (by way of the Young Turks):

Disgusting, but not surprising.

And before you get all mad at me, Mr Southern Republican, I don’t care a rat’s ass for the other “side” you want to paint me as. You see, there are plenty of rocks to throw at the “other side”. Basically, you have the leader of our country caught, red-handed, in a blatant lie of expediency (which is his modus operandi) regarding healthcare and his desires (by way of AfterDowningStreet):

This is true of many of the “centrist” (gag) Democrats who have bought Medicare/Medicaid improvements for their states and other forms of pork:

This vote was also a political win. It was a big deal for politicians–like Barack Obama, Max Baucus, Rahm Emanuel, and Harry Reid–who cared more about putting up a “W” on the scoreboard than about the policy. It was also a big day for senators like Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landrieu, Ben Nelson, and Joe Lieberman. The incredibly broken rules of the Senate gave them an absurd amount of anti-constitutional power that allowed them to hold reform hostage for pork and industry favors.

It was loss for the country. Our broken health care system will remain broken and costs will continue to rise at an alarming rate. Things like drug re-importation and a robust public option, which would have helped bring down prices for millions of Americans, were stripped from the bill at the request of powerful industry lobbyists.

All-the-while these “moderate” congresspeople are insisting that coverage for all Americans (as in a Single Payer System) is un-American or Socialist or whatever boogey man scare tactic they can dream up. But, as I always point out here, follow my advice and follow the money to see how the Quid Pro Quo works (all from the current year contributionsbribes):

Sen Mary Landrieu

Sen Blanche Lincoln

Sen Ben Nelson

Joe LIEberman

The last numbers for Barack Obama are from 2008. You can see them here, if interested. It is overwhelming and simply shows that every one of these people are owned by the very industries that give the most and vote/manipulate the system to the dictate of their coffers.

In a poignant display of Christmas “peace” hypocrisy, understand that Karl Rove was born on Christmas Day, 1950. This fact, in and of itself, is reason enough to change the Holiday date.


2009 Annual Awards Winners

CONGRESSMEN: Dennis Kucinich, Dr Ron Paul

CONGRESSWOMEN: Tammy Baldwin, Maxine Waters

Senator: Bernie Sanders

Republican: Walter Jones, Jr

State Legislator: Judith Meyer (CT)

World Leader: Evo Morales (BOL), Rafael Correa (ECU) (tie)

Tough World Losses Eduardo Frei CHILE, Balbina Herrera PANAMA

Surprisingly Good World Wins Mauricio Funes EL SALVADOR, Jose Mujica URUGUAY

Villain: FOX, MSNBC

Online News Journal: Black Agenda Report

Online News Service: McClatchy

Political Writer: Glenn Greewald, Chris Floyd


Courage Under Fire: Cynthia McKinney

Grass Roots Motivator: Ron Paul

Peace Activist: Cindy Sheehan

Peace Organizer: Cindy Sheehan

Foreign Peace Activist Piedad Cordoba

Chickenhawk: BARACK OBAMA

Thief: Ben Bernanke

Traitor: Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama

Sadist. Stanley McChrystal

Failures Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Progressive Caucus

Self Important Liars Barack Obama, Paul Krugman

Modest Truth Tellers Dr Ron Paul, Lt Dan Choi

New Heroes Alan Grayson, Lt Dan Choi

Lost Heroes Greg Missman, George Carlin

Worst Members Of Obama Admin Rahm Emanuel, Eric Holder


POLITICAL IRONY Hugo Chavez, Hu Jintao, Patel & Singh, Dmitriy Medvedev, all propagandized to villains, have kept USA afloat through this first hideous year of Barack Obama


The Recession Is Over… I Want My Caviar and Bubbly

Time to celebrate. No sky falling. Its all just been a bunch of raving blogger lunatics like me who scream Chicken Little.

Sorry about that.

I mean, gosh, since we have so many of the Talking Heads telling us that we are on the rebound, it might be time to party hardy (almost like it was 1999 again). I can just see my guests as they file in through my front door, explain to me how good their “recovery” is right now. I can just imagine how my buddy Ray in Memphis feels about the recovery since he lost his job (and can’t find one for many months).

Shoot, since we only lost 19,000 jobs last month, we should pop the corks, shouldn’t we. Maybe break out the little fish eggs like real rich folk.

There may be a problem buying the caviar, though. It appears that when we compare real numbers in the world, we see what a recession really is and that our Trade War enemy seems to be fairing quite well for themselves. With that many fish egg eaters doing so well, we might be able to just find our own carp eggs and do the best we can with a Budweiser.

And speaking of food (or the lack thereof)… it appears that someone is lying to us about how much food is available in America and what is available can’t be afforded by over 10% of our fellow Americans. In a Reuter’s Article titled Record Number of Americans Using Food Stamps breaks the numbers down:

Last month, the USDA said 36.2 million Americans or 11 percent of households struggle to get enough food to eat, and one-third of them had to sometimes skip or cut back on meals.

The previous high was 10.5% (and this in the aftermath of Katrina).

Well, forget all that shit. The recession is over and they will begin adding jobs very soon, right? Just around the corner?

Better not listen to another raving lunatic blogger, Mr Dave Lindorff as he explains the contrary view over at AfterDowningStreet (some might even call it the “reality” view) in an article called, “Forget the Happy Talk: Longer, Deeper Recession Ahead, Execs Warn“. It appears that someone is telling some mistruths and reality from those that ARE in-the-know (as opposed to in-the-propaganda-business) needs some illumination if you are going to be an educated redneck:

What didn’t get widely reported was a report by the Association of Financial Professionals, a trade association that includes CFOs, treasurers, comptrollers, and risk managers of mid-sized and large corporations, which asked over 1000 of these executives the question: “When do you expect your company to begin hiring again?”

The answer tells you all you need to know about the depth of the current economic crisis, and blows all the media and government happy talk out of the water.

This Outlook Survey by the APF, which was funded by Wells Fargo Bank, shows that 26 percent of executives expect to see their company payrolls continue to shrink in 2010, while 46% more expect employoment to stay at current low levels. Put another way,only 25% of companies surveyed expect to return to pre-recession hiring levels in 2011, while 32% don’t expect a hiring rebound until 2012. And fully 30% “do not expect their organizations ever to return their payrolls to pre-recessionary levels.”

And here’s another troubling bit of news. The same survey respondents say that their companies’ access to credit–the willingness of banks to lend–has barely budged. In fact only one in six reported that the had found credit a little easier to obtain in the last six months, while one in five actually reported that it had become harder to obtain credit. So much for the Obama administration’s and the Federal Reserve’s vaunted efforts to throw so much money–literally trillions of dollars–at the banks that they would start lending.

More than half of the executives responding to the survey said that if credit doesn’t become more accessible by mid-2010, their firms will have to take steps to conserve cash–steps which could include cutting capital spending (68%), freezing or cutting hiring (62%), cutting inventory (25%), delaying payments to suppliers (23%), tightening credit offered to customers (23%) and drawing down existing credit lines (22%). Note that all of these steps are things that would put a further drag on the economy and could push it into a second downward spiral.

The people who hire employees don’t seem to have such a glowing review, nor the small business owners who “thought” that the huge banker bail-outs would free that credit again. Nope. None of that.

That seems to be the overall consensus of the situation, but in my line of work (manufacturing) things are VERY BLEAK in the USA and LOOKING SWEET with our Trade War Enemy (China). You see, when it comes to making stuff (you know, the thing we were once known and renowned for in the world as the masters of), China is doing pretty dad gum good, where we are sucking hind teat.

What? {You ask in total surprise that I didn’t explain how Americans are the “most productive workers in the world” (or any of that other lying BS)}

Here are the facts: China Adds Almost As Many Manufacturing Jobs As Exist In America

This little article by Richard McCormack at Manufacturing & Technology News breaks down the numbers for you. Yes. That title is correct. In this “recession” for America, China has added as many manufacturing jobs to their economy as exists in TOTAL in America.

While the United States was losing millions of manufacturing jobs over the past decade, China was gaining many millions more. China’s manufacturing employment increased by 10 percent in four years, from 100.9 million workers in 2002 to 112 million in 2006, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The increase was almost equal to the total number of Americans working in the U.S. manufacturing sector (14 million at the end of 2006, declining to 11.6 million in November, 2009). China has 100 million more people working in its manufacturing sector than does the United States.
The massive growth in manufacturing employment in China counters a myth propagated in America’s economic circles that China’s manufacturing employment is declining, just as it is in America.Yet the number of manufacturing workers in China is equal to 33 percent of the U.S. population. By comparison, the 11.7 million U.S. manufacturing workers at the end of November represented an order of magnitude less — 3.8 percent of the U.S. population.

You see, you hard working American (Redneck, like me, or not), as our recession is bottoming out and the “green shoots” start swelling you with pride at our recovery, and the bankers’ bonuses hitting a 40% increase from last year (on your dime, I might add), we (normal Americans) are still losing only 19,000 jobs per month (a point that Mr Lindorff points out to be a sham by seeing how the beginning of Dec showed an “unexpected increase” of  unemployment claims of 474,000).

We are losing jobs, China is adding them. We barely make anything and they make it all for us, by and large.

So, what happens when you find out that we are about to see a record loss in food production and exporting? What if you knew that one of the few things that stand between us making it through this recession/depression and not making it is that we provide around 40% of the world’s corn and soy beans (and a lot of other food stuff). As long as the supply is good, we have them by the starvation balls.

But it appears that this past year was not as wonderful as some government agencies would lead us to believe. And that a disruption and/or major shortage may be the catalyst for all the other countries invested in the American dollar to say, “Enough is enough!”

Read this article if you want to have the scare of your life (and a glimpse into the doomsday scenario I have been trying to link  with all the actions of our Corporate Elitist owned government).

*****2010 Food Crisis for Dummies*****

Over the last two years, the world has faced a series of unprecedented financial crises: the collapse of the housing market, the freezing of the credit markets, the failure of Wall Street brokerage firms (Bear Stearns/Lehman Brothers), the failure of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the failure of AIG, Iceland’s economic collapse, the bankruptcy of the major auto manufacturers (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler), etc… In the face of all these challenges, the demise of the dollar, derivative markets, and the modern international system of credit has been repeatedly forecasted and feared. However, all these doomsday scenarios have so far been proved false, and, despite tremendous chaos and losses, the global financial system has held together.
The 2010 Food Crisis is different. It is THE CRISIS. The one that makes all doomsday scenarios come true. The government bailouts and central bank interventions, which have held the financial world together during the last two years, will be powerless to prevent the 2010 Food Crisis from bringing the global financial system to its knees.

You will find how the losses this year are not being reported as they should and what this effect will be on the world. I did hear an interview with a Mississippi Sweet Potato Council member on MPBOnline last week as he explained that the Sweet potato crop last year was devastated (Mississippi is the sweet potato capital of the world). He said you better buy what you want now, because there will be a huge shortage soon.

So, from what I understand (and have heard on the periphery), there are shortages not being heavily reported and they could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back regarding the Dollar. When she fails, that is it.

But WAIT… there is more. What if you found out that the gold in Fort Knox is 70 – 80% Tungston and that we are shipping bogus gold to the rest of the world. What of India bought a bunch of it and found out it was bogus. What if the world finds this out?

There is the perfect storm that has come together. We are prepping by having forces all over the world and bases to make it possible for a first strike on any of the remaining enemies that we owe and seemingly have cheated.

Last month, the USDA said 36.2 million Americans or 11 percent of households struggle to get enough food to eat, and one-third of them had to sometimes skip or cut back on meals.

Pajama Day

In honor of BuelahGirl’s “Pajama Day” (and thanks to Lynda for sharing), I present Ernie Ford:

Oral Was Hung…

… like a children’s pencil… “You can’t stick it in the nose orifICEs”:

What is truly interesting about this tape is that the next few things he said were truly “out there”. One sentence that caught my attention was when he caught himself and ask that they edit the tape:

God made the female breasts, young man—what’s wrong with you handling it, fondling it? Oh, sure, you’re married to this girl, you’re married to this man, but awww, come on now, let’s have a good time. Somebody go get a six pack. Bring in some bourbon. Uhhh, pick up the phone and send in a couple call girls. I go to church, too, but, uh, you know, it didn’t make me queer. Well, I wouldn’t buy that 100%. [aside] Um, please erase that from the tape, uh, I didn’t—let’s edit that out, will ya?

h/t Pam’s House Blend

God made the female breasts, young man—what’s wrong with you handling it, fondling it? Oh, sure, you’re married to this girl, you’re married to this man, but awww, come on now, let’s have a good time. Somebody go get a six pack. Bring in some bourbon. Uhhh, pick up the phone and send in a couple call girls. I go to church, too, but, uh, you know, it didn’t make me queer. Well, I wouldn’t buy that 100%. [aside] Um, please erase that from the tape, uh, I didn’t—let’s edit that out, will ya?

Barack Obama’s Presidency Expressed In A Video

Yes, that shitty disappointment is real…

The “Fat Cat Banker” Sleight of Hand

It appears that the media clowns are going to tell you about how pissed off Barack Obama is with the bankers:

Obama Complains About “Fat cat bankers”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama complained about “fat-cat bankers” and sharply criticized Wall Street banks for paying out big bonuses to executives in a television interview to air on Sunday.

Obama, who has taken some heat from Americans for supporting a Wall Street bailout, told CBS’ “60 Minutes” banks do not understand how angry people are with them.

“I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street,” Obama said.

cont at link…

So, when you read something like that, Mr ObamaManiac, what comes to mind? That he is doing the best he can and he will take these bankers to task for what they have done? Or, do you think that like everything else that comes from this shell of a man, he is lying?

My lil ole Mama has always said, “Actions speak louder than words“. Take a look at this action:

Do you REALLY think that he meant what he said? Remember when he said this about having Lobbyists in his administration?

Or any number of things to convince you to vote for him, like the gullible Two-Party Sheople you have become.

In the case of financial focus, he began the campaign with a couple of folks who were critical of Wall Street, but what happened after his election? Matt Taibbi explained it in his article, “Obama’s Big Sellout“:

But come November 5th, both were banished from Obama’s inner circle — and replaced with a group of Wall Street bankers. Leading the search for the president’s new economic team was his close friend and Harvard Law classmate Michael Froman, a high-ranking executive at Citigroup. During the campaign, Froman had emerged as one of Obama’s biggest fundraisers, bundling $200,000 in contributions and introducing the candidate to a host of heavy hitters — chief among them his mentor Bob Rubin, the former co-chairman of Goldman Sachs who served as Treasury secretary under Bill Clinton. Froman had served as chief of staff to Rubin at Treasury, and had followed his boss when Rubin left the Clinton administration to serve as a senior counselor to Citigroup (a massive new financial conglomerate created by deregulatory moves pushed through by Rubin himself).

Incredibly, Froman did not resign from the bank when he went to work for Obama: He remained in the employ of Citigroup for two more months, even as he helped appoint the very people who would shape the future of his own firm. And to help him pick Obama’s economic team, Froman brought in none other than Jamie Rubin who happens to be Bob Rubin’s son. At the time, Jamie’s dad was still earning roughly $15 million a year working for Citigroup, which was in the midst of a collapse brought on in part because Rubin had pushed the bank to invest heavily in mortgage-backed CDOs and other risky instruments.

Now here’s where it gets really interesting. It’s three weeks after the election. You have a lame-duck president in George W. Bush — still nominally in charge, but in reality already halfway to the golf-and-O’Doul’s portion of his career and more than happy to vacate the scene. Left to deal with the still-reeling economy are lame-duck Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, a former head of Goldman Sachs, and New York Fed chief Timothy Geithner, who served under Bob Rubin in the Clinton White House. Running Obama’s economic team are a still-employed Citigroup executive and the son of another Citigroup executive, who himself joined Obama’s transition team that same month.

So on November 23rd, 2008, a deal is announced in which the government will bail out Rubin’s messes at Citigroup with a massive buffet of taxpayer-funded cash and guarantees. It is a terrible deal for the government, almost universally panned by all serious economists, an outrage to anyone who pays taxes. Under the deal, the bank gets $20 billion in cash, on top of the $25 billion it had already received just weeks before as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program. But that’s just the appetizer. The government also agrees to charge taxpayers for up to $277 billion in losses on troubled Citi assets, many of them those toxic CDOs that Rubin had pushed Citi to invest in. No Citi executives are replaced, and few restrictions are placed on their compensation. It’s the sweetheart deal of the century, putting generations of working-stiff taxpayers on the hook to pay off Bob Rubin’s fuck-up-rich tenure at Citi. “If you had any doubts at all about the primacy of Wall Street over Main Street,” former labor secretary Robert Reich declares when the bailout is announced, “your doubts should be laid to rest.”

It is bad enough that one of Bob Rubin’s former protégés from the Clinton years, the New York Fed chief Geithner, is intimately involved in the negotiations, which unsurprisingly leave the Federal Reserve massively exposed to future Citi losses. But the real stunner comes only hours after the bailout deal is struck, when the Obama transition team makes a cheerful announcement: Timothy Geithner is going to be Barack Obama’s Treasury secretary!

Geithner, in other words, is hired to head the U.S. Treasury by an executive from Citigroup — Michael Froman — before the ink is even dry on a massive government giveaway to Citigroup that Geithner himself was instrumental in delivering. In the annals of brazen political swindles, this one has to go in the all-time Fuck-the-Optics Hall of Fame.

Wall Street loved the Citi bailout and the Geithner nomination so much that the Dow immediately posted its biggest two-day jump since 1987, rising 11.8 percent. Citi shares jumped 58 percent in a single day, and JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley soared more than 20 percent, as Wall Street embraced the news that the government’s bailout generosity would not die with George W. Bush and Hank Paulson.

Isn’t it funny how it all works out for the bankers? Or how what actually happened (the ACTION) is so very different from the WORDS.

I dunno ’bout you, but they call that “lying” down in these parts. Or worse. Thievery. But if your gullible blood isn’t boiling just yet, listen to the interview with Matt for the whole picture of how we were duped into “hope” for “change” when there was never any intention of that, whatsoever.

Pissed yet? Mr Obama is “telling” you how pissed he is at these guys, yet he takes them into his administration to form and carry out the current debacle that has ONLY benefited the ones he is now using harsh words on. Yeah, he is really upset. So much so that he took more money from them than any other politician last election cycle.

Prick Kickers

I love to watch the lunatic fringe squirm as they realize that their little kingdom is falling apart. Its not that I get jollies knowing the demoRAT party will probably increase the next election round overall, even if the ObamaMeister will force the reTHUGlicans back into the Whitehouse. It is all crazy shit and I blame Americans for being too partisan, stupid, scared or gullible to clearly back away from those “parties” and the devastation the participation brings to our way of life.

So, as I did my morning lunatic fringe reading yesterday, I find that Erick Erickson, the chief nincompoop at Redstate is calling for a Republican Party Civil War, or maybe a coup (to use his word). I wonder if he is thinking an automobile (no, that has an e on the end)? Wait, he tries to explain what he means:

But what do I mean? It’s pretty simple.

The media narrative every time Republicans lose is not that Republicans lose, but that conservatives lose. Without fail, every election cycle, made worse by John McCain being the 2008 nominee, is that conservatives cannot win. In 2008, the narrative was that conservatives cannot even make it out of the GOP primary.

Maybe we should all finally determine precisely what a “conservative” is. Is a conservative the kind of person who would support illegal invasions and occupations of people that did nothing to us, while spending untold $BILLIONS we cannot afford to spend? Would they continue to pour American money down that shithole of conservatism called the Military Industrial Complex? Would they fight each and every fiscally sound approach to healthcare (like a Single Payer system), if they were “conservative”? Or would they be ok with their coffers (entities like the Health Insurance Companies, Big Oil, Big Military, etc) causing prices to skyrocket at least 30% more than they should, just for bonuses and exorbitant overhead costs?

You see, what Erick does is pretend that he is “conservative” and also uses God in most every post. He is a “Christian”, you see. And everyone knows just how much Christ held back healing people and how He demanded co-pays and out-of-pocket deductibles, etc before He’d lay a hand on you. Everyone knows that Jesus would be the very first to endorse these killings in America’s name and that it is actually He that guides the hands of those who reign those bombs down on the children. That every bomb sent reigning down on a Pakistani child has the Christ’s blessing?

Yes, it is this very same heart-warming Christlike behavior that is attracting so many to that loving party.

So why the coup d’etat from all those other pansy reTHUGlicans? He says it is because the GOP is supporting moderates and liberals over “conservatives”. I don’t know, but in my book, the GOP is doing anything and everything it can to save itself from the very likes of Erick and the fools that follow him and agree.

Let’s look at some facts as they become evident, the “liberal” media keeps painting the “conservatives” as losers. Nevermind that the “liberal” media is owned and operated by “conservative” giants. Nevermind that even Keith Olbermann, the raving “liberal” enemy of that always even-keeled “independent” Bill O’Reilley has turned into nothing more than a mouthpiece for the conservative side of the demoRAT party. Never mind that one of the most liberal TV personalities is still very much in step with the conservative practices of this administration and not speaking her mind like she used to before the GE days of TV (Rachel).

Never mind that David Gregory falls all over himself stacking conservatives over liberals, or that hardly any show will feature “liberals” in mass like they did the “conservatives” over the past 8-10 years (or more).

Yes, Sheople (excuse me, People), the conservatives like Erick don’t think you are “conservative” enough. He thinks that the solution is to be even more vicious red-meaters and to rebel against the rest of the “Party”.

Well, I hope you get your wish, because it will simply highlight what blathering, slathering, atrociously stupid people you have following a dying meme.

But, let me make one suggestion. Take each and every demoRAT with you. Find some way to attract them, too, and as you all form your own ignorant-assed party, maybe the sane people can take back this country from the likes of you and the soulless demoRATS indebted to the Corptocracy you endorsed while a THUG was POTUS and now disallow when a RAT is POTUS.

You see, the real problem has nothing to do with “con” vs “lib”. The real problem are the fools like Erick, or John Amato, or Markos or O’Reilley or any stupid ass who wants to perpetuate and continue the bogus two party Corptocracy ruling our way of life.

Once these fools finally figure out that they are keeping us screwed by drowning us in this never-ending battle between forces that are basically identical in the ravaging of our resources, our treasury and most importantly, our men and women ready to fight and die to protect us. These fools would rather protect and continue the bogus scam than actually come together and fix this mess.


So why the Kicking Against The Pricks reference? This entire thing reminds me of the day that Saul was supposedly asked why he was kicking against the pricks (or “goads”).

A prick (in this case we aren’t talking about me for a change) was a wooden device (a stake), sharpened at one end and positioned so a farmer could use it to goad (or drive) an unruly oxen wherever the farmer wanted the ox to go. It was constructed in a way that if the ox kicked back against it, it would tighten and jab the ox even harder.

In other words, the ox would fight the prick, but the prick just got worse.

Well, let me tell you. We have nothing but pricks in Congress (by and large) and every time some little wannabe like Erick kicks back, it just gets worse for the beast.

My hope is that Erick can somehow muster enough like-minded red-meater folks with enough demoRATs and take the entire ignorant cabal will come down.

Otherwise, the pricks will eventually kill us all.

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To All My Online Friends: A Desperate Plea For Help to Find Missing Kids

17 year old Kristina Branum and 21 year old Christopher Mittendorf (at the time of disappearance)

I have a buddy I graduated high school with that I just found out has a missing child. There was a small write-up in a local online source (LawrenceburgNow.com), but according to William, little else has been done. At this point, even the TBI (TN Bureau of Investigation) or local Sheriff’s Department won’t return his calls. He has contacted all the major news media, but no one is covering this.

Can you imagine if your child just disappeared with no trace? It would drive me totally insane.

Now consider that this occurred in July 2006 and they have had to live with NOT knowing what has happened for all this time.

She and her boyfriend went missing on July 27, 2006 and their car was found near the OK Missionary Baptist Church just outside of Lawrenceburg, TN (SW TN), about 45 miles from their homes (see the map below).

The authorities seem to think that maybe they felt they were in trouble and are hiding. But this doesn’t make sense to William, since there is no issues between him and the young man. According to William, there have been all sorts of weird issues and things that don’t add up. There are a numerous amount of dubious characters that are involved and there may be a connection to a recent murder in town. A lot of unknowns.

They fear the worse, but also hope that they are simply hiding for some reason. No matter the reason, if you have seen either of these folks, please tell them to call home and tell them they are safe. If you have any other information, please respond or call the families directly a the numbers llisted below.

Please, all my blogging friends, as a favor (and I never ask for stuff like this), please cross post. Maybe, just maybe, we can find them and help bring peace to these families.

If you have any information call:

William and Teresa Branum may be contacted at 731-926-1215. You may contact Dennis and Cheryl Flatt at 731-412-7876.

Charming Mr Bernanke Cares For You, Mr America

This is how much he cares about you, redneck:

“Willie Sutton robbed banks because that’s where the money is, as he put it,” Bernanke said. “The money in this case is in entitlements.”

Wow. Now go read the entire shit-filled dialog here.

Willie Sutton robbed the banks because THAT is where the money is. Yet, if it weren’t for the American taxpayers, there would be not a nickel in the banks for Willie to rob today. But thank goodness for Mr Bernanke. Now they have money again. Let us raise Willie from the dead and get him to get our money back from that crooked piece of shit liar.

Am I the only redneck alive that sees the hypocrisy?

Here is his plan for you:

“It’s only mandatory until Congress says it’s not mandatory. And we have no option but to address those costs at some point or else we will have an unsustainable situation,”

You see, the seed is planted. If you think that your SS and or Medicare is safe, then think again. Oh, and did ANYONE speak about the festered sore draining our life away called the Military Industrial Complex? All you brave souls in Congress?

Naaa. Nothing to see there. No money to be gained for their campaign and absolutely NO help for Americans there. Better just cut off their only support and fund even MORE wars, right?

I hope that some of you wake up, soon. But methinks it is too late.

Don’t Stop With Georgia: Use Redstate’s Guillotine on ALL the reTHUGlicans and demoRATs

I got another update from Erick at Redstate this morning and boy is that guy frustrated with his beloved GOP. He’s all upset this morning with the Georgia GOP and is suggesting that the Georgia Republican representatives of note should be beheaded all at once.

In 2002, Republicans took over the Georgia State Senate and Governor’s Mansion for the first time since the Civil War.

In 2004, the GOP took over the State House of Representatives.

In 2006, the GOP completed its take over of the State of Georgia, capturing the Lt. Governor’s seat, the Secretary of State’s Office, and solidifying its hold on the legislature.

In 2008, when the GOP was crumbling everywhere, it was a banner Republican year in Georgia.

In 2010, the Republicans might be annihilated from the State of Georgia. They would deserve it.

A Lt. Governor caught with his pants down, a Speaker of the House who tried to commit suicide, and a host of potential leaders waiting in the wings all with adultery problems – the GOP deserves destruction in Georgia if it does not clean its own house immediately.

Put simply, while breaking out the guillotine to chop off Speaker Glenn Richardson’s head, the Georgia Republican Party needs to line up Mark Burkhalter, Ben Harbin, Casey Cagle, and a few others behind him. Do it all at one time.

Cleaning up all the blood at once will be far cheaper in the long run.

The timeline is quite telling to me. It appears that this little changeover could be directly correlated with the Georgians beginning to see that these two parties are both shams. Erick knows this but gets paid to continue the divide and to foster as many far right religious fanatical freaks, as possible, no matter how far removed from anything Christ would have.

You know, its one thing to use the figurative language of beheading, but Erick is pretty close to stepping across the figurative line. But no worries, Erick Erickson is only as dangerous as his rhetoric. Anyone knows that. He is nothing more than a shill for the most ravenous fools in politics, so the vast majority pay him no mind whatsoever. But it is an amazing thing for such a God fearing man as he to suggest, isn’t it?

But, this little outburst is important for another reason. It shows the frustration that these idiots have with their dying America-killing brand.

And die it should. Quick.

But don’t stop with Georgia or even the reTHUGlican party. As far as I am concerned, Erick and all you other red meaters out there, take out the demoRATS at the same time so the real America-nurturing citizens can bring sanity back to our country. For the fact is that you fucking nutbags and the ObamaManiacs are a detriment to this country and if anyone needs their figurative heads cut off, let’s get all you nutcases at one time.

I need to point out that had Erick pitched a fit for all the other corrupt, immoral and criminal reTHUGlicans that have been highlighted for their behavior just in the past 3 years, Erick would have very few people to support (his Party would have already died from its immorality). So, this little outcry means little when the man keeps his mouth shut the majority of time in complicit coverup of his coffers and those he must protect.

So, this group is a prime example of Ass-Kissing Sycophants from the “other” party (just so you understand that I don’t only grind my ax towards the faux liberals out there). It is this fake, citizen-brainwashing two party system that needs to go. Not just one or the other party. They are but one Corporatist owned party that do the bidding of Big Money. Period.

The sooner you get that thru your skulls, the better.

Till then, let’s give thanks.

Priorities, Tennesseans: Cut The Kids First… THEN The Poor Adults

Don’t you just love that new, expensive Afghan “Final Push” strategy? And that we are still in Iraq shitting money down that hole while Big Oil reaps the benefits? And that we are building 7 bases in Columbia? That our budget equals about ONE HALF of the WORLD’S military spending? And that we pour money into other countries and their military in amounts unfathomable, especially in our economic circumstances?

Yet, we have “representatives” at every level of government that are implementing cuts to the citizenry’s needs and will not even mention the details of the questions outlined above. We already heard about California paying tax refunds in IOU’s and cutting back on their health care coverage of children. But now it is hitting everywhere, especially close to home.

Tennessee congress has cut off new applicants to CoverKids:

Tennessee suspends enrollment in children’s low-income health care plan

By Tom Eley
3 December 2009

This week, a particularly graphic example of this came from Tennessee, where it has been announced that the state’s health insurance plan for children from low-income families, CoverKids, will no longer accept new applicants. The Tennessee legislature has not appropriated enough money for the program to meet rising demand, even though state spending is matched 3-to-1 by the federal government through the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP. State officials have so far refused to tap into the CoverKids program’s own “rainy day fund,” saying this would be fiscally irresponsible.

In addition, Tennessee will also no longer accept applicants for its health coverage for low-income adults, CoverTN, which is jointly funded by employers, employees, and the state.

In the twelve months ending in October, 110,000 Tennesseans lost their health coverage, mostly as a result of layoffs. Over 10 percent of the workforce is unemployed. And Tennessee’s decision to refuse further low-income applicants also coincides with the ending of a short-term COBRA aid program, by which the federal government contributed about two thirds of the cost of insurance plans so laid off workers could maintain their employer-based plans.

CoverKids complements the state’s Medicaid program, TennCare, which helps to provide coverage primarily for the extremely poor and disabled.

“This is a scary place for babies if CoverKids is gone,” Sandra Neely of Spring Hill told the Tennessean. Neely used TennCare to help her three-year-old granddaughter save an injured tooth. With CoverKids no longer accepting applicants, the family may be without insurance if they earn more money.

“Without CoverKids, there will be no insurance out there for children who are on the borderline of poverty, for the people in the middle who work but don’t have or can’t afford insurance,” Neely said.

“In the midst of an economic crisis putting so many middle-class families on the brink, our state’s policy decisions push them over,” Michele Johnson of the Tennessee Justice Center said to the Tennessean. “The citizens of this state will be paying for these cuts in fiscal and human terms for decades.”

Tennessee faces a $1.5 billion deficit in its $29 billion budget. In freezing out new CHIP applicants it follows California, which rejected new applications between June and September.

These cuts expose once again the reactionary character of President Obama’s proposed health care overhaul, which will call on the states to provide expanded Medicaid coverage without providing further federal funding. As unemployment increases and the COBRA coverage extension ends, the solvency of the states’ Medicaid, CHIP, and other low-income health coverage plans is in increasing doubt…

And it isn’t just Tennessee, my fine southern friends:

• The Georgia legislature may convene in early January to enact an additional $400 million in cuts, its Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Jack Hill said on December 1. The state has already cut $3 billion from its budget in the past year, with Governor Sonny Perdue recently putting in place $900 million in cuts that included three-day furloughs of teachers and state workers. More furloughs and layoffs are anticipated to meet the new deficit.

• The Missouri Department of Transportation said Tuesday it will lay off 100 workers and transfer the savings toward its contribution to workers’ retirement plans, which has an unfunded liability of $1.6 billion.

• On Tuesday North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue told reporters that the state’s Medicaid program is already $150 million over budget for the first quarter of the current fiscal year, largely due to unemployment.

• Kentucky will attempt to save $20 million this year by cutting educational funding for preschool programs and curriculum for gifted students.

• A cost-cutting commission in Louisiana said this week that government agencies should seek to reduce the state workforce by 15,000 over three years through layoffs and attrition.

• Mississippi took in $25 million less than it had projected for November, Governor Haley Barbour’s office announced on Tuesday. It is $136.6 million short of projections for the first five months of its fiscal year. A new round of cuts is expected within days.

So, my dear redneck brethren, how can you justify in your mind spending all this money on people EVERYWHERE else in the world and we cut off the most helpless and needy among us?

Gotta “balance the budget”, but not reign in a dime of foreign military payouts that amount to well over 1/2 of the US’s budget and 1/2 of the military spending of the world?

Priorities, anyone?

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Two Peas in a Bush

Maybe its two birds in a pod. Nonetheless, they are identical when it comes to the Empire.

I tend to call these kind of people, “Damned Liars” (h/t BrassCheckTV):

New President, Same Old Scam

We’re heading to Afghanistan, why?

Because of Al-Queda?

Intelligence estimates are there are 100 Al-Queda fighters left in Afghanistan…and my guess is they’re in pretty rough shape.

So we need 30,000 troops to deal with that?

This is a bonanza for somebody – but not for Afghanistan or Americans.

Watch for the coming war surtax…

Hey, someone’s got to pay for this.

OK. I will admit that Mr Obama isn’t a total liar. My friend Tengrain points out that the one thing Obama did keep his promise about was his strategy to send more troops to Afghanistan. My bad. I guess the peace prize is deserved, afterall.

Financial Barbarians at the Gate: Guns and Butter Interview with Michael Hudson

Michael Hudson, author of “Global Fracture“,  “Super Imperialism“, and many excellent articles and papers on the state of finance and economics in America (one of my favorites regarding the subject of how we lost our manufacturing base to pursue a Finance Capitalism is found here… written in 1998).

He was interviewed by Bonnie Faulkner of KPFA’s “Guns and Butter” on April 15, 2009 was rebroadcast on Nov 25 and is one of those interviews that truly teaches both a history lesson on finance (how it has been manipulated many times over the centuries) and how it relates to the Empire we now find ourselves in (no matter what Mr Obama says differently). I featured Mr Hudson in a post last year entitled Once In a Century Rip-off. In that RealNews interview, he explains how the bailout was nothing more than another Elitist’s thievery.

But my point in that particular post was more towards the rednecks like me who have been bamboozled for so long that they can’t even recognize a bad flea market salesman:

The Bail-Out is a Rip-off. Period.

Every time someone I talk to says we “need to do something”, I ask “why?”

Why do the poorest Americans need to bail out the richest? When they say something, I ask, how much money do you have saved or in retirement? This usually is enough to shut them up.

This entire scheme is so obviously a rip-off, on its face, yet Americans are still scared to death by Bush (the ultimate ‘boy who cried wolf’). What the hell is wrong with you, rednecks? This redneck didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday and I know when a rip flea market salesman is bullshittin’ me, and Bush is the worst ever. He uses the same schtick over and over.

Fool me once, then…uhh… errr… can’t be fooled again.

B’Man: Sept 8, 2008

I don’t think I was wrong in that estimation, do you?

Since this subject is Mr Hudson’s expertise, I wanted to share this interview with you in case you missed it. I downloaded this for posterity, since the KPFA’s archives are only good for a couple of weeks. But please visit them to listen at the Guns and Butter link above (or here) or simply press the play button below.

Financial Barbarians at the Gate

“The Financial Barbarians at the Gate” with financial economist and historian, Dr. Michael Hudson. Europe; worsening financial situation and indebtedness; the history of banking and the criminalization of the banking system; tax policy; real estate asset inflation; US imperialism via the monetary system; neoliberal/neofeudal economics; classical political economy; finance capital breaking away from industrial capital; the financial crisis leading to a political crisis; similarities with the Roman Republic; what measures labor should take.