Bonnie is the second tropical storm of the season.  Just now leaving the Bahamas and headed straight for the heart of the Gulf of Mexico and ground zero of the BP oil disaster.  This storm is expected to pick up strength and develop into a hurricane tomorrow or the day after.  Work is being halted in all phases of the DH spill.  Alex did little to show us what would happen when a storm came close to DH.  Bonnie is expected to come within a hundred miles (or closer) to the relief wells.  She will be in the SE part of the Gulf by Saturday.

Projected Path of Bonnie

If you click on the image of the path it will show you a clearer view of where the experts expect her to go.   Most of the models that have come out today show Bonnie is heading right for Louisiana and should make landfall on the 27th or 28th of this month.  Some experts say that the shear above the storm will keep it weak and it only has a 15% chance of reaching a Cat one or two storm.  However the rain associated with this storm is expected to be enormous and flood warnings are already posted for the Louisiana coast line.  Alabama and Mississippi are also expecting  huge amounts of rainfall also.  Will this rain be tainted with chemicals from the BP disaster?  Of course it will.  How much is yet to be seen.  What will the effects of those chemicals be on in land wildlife and plant life?  Again most of the wind and surge will be just off to the north and east of these tracks.  So south central MS and much of Louisiana are gonna get this acid rain.  Our neighbors in Louisiana have been dealt bad enough hands in the past few years and this is just another one.  The water in the Gulf is warm, if not hot.  With recorded temps reaching record breaking numbers.  This is just fuel for Bonnie to gain more strength.  NOAA has a little more info about the weather and the oil spill.

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Tin Tom & Yellow Creek Port

Yellow Creek Port

When I was seven years old I went to Yellow Creek Port in the north end of Tishomingo County.  We were there to watch a whole bunch of dynamite go up to start the construction of the Tenn Tom Waterway.  It left an image in my mind of power!  I tell you this thing went up and it was loud and we could feel it in out chest.  This was a new start and a new ‘age’ for Iuka, MS.  It was going to connect the Gulf Coast to the Tennessee river at Pickwick and provide low-cost transportation for industry all over the country.  It was going to be (and is) one of the most sophisticated inland waterway construction projects ever.  About 456 miles of construction.  We call it the big ditch.

This was 1972 and the complete construction of the project took 12 years to complete.  Talk was big as this ditch was going to be.  Politicians said it would give  Mississippi the edge in luring industry upon completion.  It created jobs for locals and we had a influx of workers from all over the country.  It cost over two billion dollars to construct.  It linked up 4,500 miles of inland waterways from Chicago to the northeast and points in-between.  In 1984 the first barge carrying cargo traveled from Yellow Creek to Mobile Bay.  Ingram Barge Co. carried a load of coal on this trip and things were looking up.

In the early 1980’s, it eagerly awaited jobs and tax revenues as the Tennessee Valley Authority started building the Yellow Creek nuclear plant here. But by 1985, after spending $1.2 billion, the agency halted work, saying it had overestimated the region’s need for electricity. Unemployment soared to as high as 30 percent in the area where Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee meet.

ASRM facility gets new lease on life. (NASA contracts with Thiokol Corp. to use Advanced Solid Rocket Motor facility at Yellow Creek, Mississippi for Redesigned Solid Rocket Motor nozzle manufacture)  This project was promising and people sold their land, including mine,  for a buffer zone around the project for safety reasons.   This project was canceled after two years as NASA cut their budgets.  As you can see only two major things are going on at the port today.  Two steel companies that employ around 300 total people between the both of them.

So Iuka, MS is on the map!  The map of cancelled and failed projects!  I never got that job here I was promised.  I graduated in 1983 and everything shut down a year later while I was off at college.  Rumors of all these projects getting the axe persuaded me to try something else.  I wasn’t gong to be a rocket scientist or a nuclear physicist, but there were going to be support companies popping up all over the place.  We have had one of the highest unemployment rates in Tishomingo County ever since 1984.  Right now it is close to 17%.

So instead of the promises of riches and gold, we get tin and lies.  I’m not going to go into what has caused all of this.  Too many trade laws NAFTA, etc have contributed to the down fall of this lil’ bedroom community.  We have Pickwick Lake and two state parks J.P. Coleman in the north end of the county and Tishomingo State Park in the south end.  Also the Natchez Trace Parkway runs through here.

Barge Locking through one of the dams on the Ten Tom

The occasional barge is still seen on the Ten Tom, but it is not the traffic one would expect from all of the expectations of years gone by and money wasted.  I was just thinking of all of this today as I was fishing on the Ten Tom.  It is a site to see, this big ditch.  Fishing was fair today with a 4 lber.  landed right at the time to get off the lake because of the heat.  If your ever here take a look at it.  Hit me up and let’s go fishing!  I will even show you half of a cooling tower that is still visible from the road!

A nice one!

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Kill Switch!


The Senate Homeland Security Committee and the office of Governmental Affairs have approved a cybersecurity bill. Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins have co-authored bill S-3840 that says to ensure national security in a “national emergency” president Obahma or any other sitting president can pull the switch on internet access to all citizens.  PCNAA (Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act)

This bill comes at a time when fears of an evacuation of the Gulf states are on the minds of some.  Mine included!  This does little to ease those fears and is scary to me.  We need this now?  Nine years after 911 and years of war in two countries and now all of a sudden it is in our best interest to give the power to the president to shut down the internet to all of its citizens?  Is the Gulf disaster the national emergency this bill refers too?  Are any other disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, or attack of some kind all that is needed to implement this law?  How serious does a situation have to get before this goes into effect?  Who decides?  I would like to know more about this and not see this voted for, just to see what is in it!

This bill now goes to congress.  This can’t be a popular bill with GOP’s, but do they have the power to stop it?  Do they want to stop it?  The health care bill made it through, so it stands to reason this will also.  I thought the homeland security act took care of this?  How much more do they want?  Is something on the horizon or is it just the fear of what the future could bring if this is not passed?  How about a bill or ‘act’ that actually looks out for the citizens of this country instead of the elite?  Will this cover cell phone communications?  The old timey land lines some people still have?  The postal service?  What about our right to assemble?  Peacefully of course.

Is the internet already censured?  I don’t see a lot of pics or vids coming out of the area around the Gulf as it is.  No fly zones and people told to stay back from the clean up area?

Clean up worker at Fourchon Beach

Look at what this guy is wearing as he vacuums up oil.  That has got to be a hot and nasty job.  They are hiring everyday!  The pay is decent and you get to work outside on the beach!  I saw one of these the other day with a girl in a bikini and a guy like this right beside her.  (Lost the link)  I can’t see any American supporting this bill.  Write your congress critter and tell them to vote NO!  E-mail list of all congressmen. Hurry before the call for “lights out” hits us!

All posts are opinions meant to foster comment, reporting, teaching & study under the “fair use doctrine” in Sec. 107 of U.S. Code Title 17. No statement of fact is made or should be implied. Ads appearing on this blog are solely the product of the advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BuehlahMan’s Redstate Revolt or


Alex is the first tropical storm of the season.  He will test out a lot of theories about the DH gulf disaster and the effects of a hurricane, especially acid rain.  I have been reading  and hearing the possible effects a major storm and how it will pick up and ‘drop’ killer rain all over the eastern half of the US.

A recent discovery of crops in Millington, TN that have been showing spots on their leaves, has had people wondering if acid rain already had reached the mid-south.  A closer look of that problem has been attributed to a chemical leak in north Shelby county.  Lucite International Plant had a Sulfur Trioxide leak back on May 25, this year that could explain the crop damage in Millington.


The projected path of Alex is concerning for me because it is in the western most part of the Gulf of Mexico.  It is going to have its most powerful winds just off to the east of its center.  This will pull it across the majority of the oil slick.   Land fall could hit right at the US and Mexican border then he could track up north and turn east as most storms do.  He could be dropping huge amounts of rain from LA, MS, AR, TN, AL and then head toward the northeast.

Recent reports of oil raining down in parts of southern Louisiana have not been proved nor disapproved for that matter, but you can bet this stuff is in the atmosphere.  Air quality readings have shown higher levels of certain chemicals related to this spill.  Science only supports the ability of these chemicals to be picked up by a major storm and hitching a ride to places yet to be seen.  Some projected paths take this thing west after land fall and I hope that is what happens.  Not to wish any thing evil on anyone else, I just hope that it does.  My friends in Louisiana have had enough over the past few years.

All posts are opinions meant to foster comment, reporting, teaching & study under the “fair use doctrine” in Sec. 107 of U.S. Code Title 17. No statement of fact is made or should be implied. Ads appearing on this blog are solely the product of the advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BuehlahMan’s Redstate Revolt or

How About Some Relief?

On may 2nd and May 16th BP started drilling relief wells.

How do these things work?  You have to drill parallel  with the problem well and when you get below it you curve and intersect the well and deflect material into the new relief well.  Sounds great!  Lets do it!  Will it work?  On June 18th the first relief well is at 10,6777′ or about two miles down.  They should be turning it towards the original well very soon and get there in August.

The Montara accident off Australia’s coast was capped using this method.  It was an explosion similar to the Deepwater Horizon’s.  This happened August 21, 2009.  It took four attempts for them to cap this leak using this method.  It spewed 17,000 to 85,000 gallons per day for ten weeks.  It was finally capped using mud and cement on November 1, 2009.  This leak was in the Timor sea and as of November 3, 2009 no oil was leaking from the original leak.  PTT Exploration and Production are the well owners and operators and are  based in Thailand.  This casing at the Montara was ten inches in diameter and is a tricky thing to do with this much pipe.  The DH well is only seven inches in diameter.  They should have enough data and GPS technology to hit this the first time in my opinion!  Let’s hope they do!

The Montara

This is a diagram that shows how to cap a well. Something went wrong in this process with the BP explosion.  According to some reports the blowout preventer was not stong enough to handle the extra pressure that comes with deep water drilling.  Keep in mind these relief wells must have the same blowout preventers on them as well.  If the original casing is eroded away, this attempt is futile.  There is nothing left to cap but a hole in the earth.

I have been trying to find good news on this and this is all I got!  It’s a long shot, but I know they can do it.  Let’s get these guys that did do it (albeit four tries) and consult with them and show that we want to stop this!  It’s hard not to get all worked up over this thing when it is in your backyard!  But this is where we are.  Regardless of what happened this is what has to happen now!  Our Gulf has had enough, 11 lives have been lost, and millions have been  effected by this one way or another.

Give Liberty Or Give Me Death

Trucks in Texas

Are these trucks that are showing up in several states here for martial law?

Martial Law (n) : The rule of law established and maintained by the military in the absence of civil law.

Will there be an evacuation of the areas around the Gulf?  Could things get that bad?  Will air quality get so bad that it can’t sustain human life?   We need to consider this.  I know everybody thinks I am crazy but I can connect dots as good as anybody.   Reynolds air park in FL has some real nice white vehicles parked all along its runways (about 5,000). Vancouver, WA has some unmarked tanks and APC that have been seen in town.   Reports of the BP leak getting worse and a rupture of the sea floor maybe causing a tsunami, could just be what they need to start all of this.  (For the good of the people)  So how did this get to this?  B’man and I have had some discussions on this and have been  leaning on the idea that  a group of people knew of this  before hand.   Which is  a good argument.  If so, why?  I have been told and so has B’man that we are  screaming that the sky is falling.  Ok it is!  Our gulf is ruined.  OB said on TV that now is the time to get serious about a clean environmental future  (Or words to that effect).  Why not 18 months ago, why not years ago?   Just like after 911 was the time for more airport security?   Hind sight is 20/20 but fore sight is even better (If you plan it just right).  So what is the purpose of all of this?  Could it be a war of sorts between the Fed and the corporate ran white house?  Is it a power struggle for the dreaded NWO?  The Federal Reserve  and it’s cartel of banks are in jeopardy.  Ok redneck the fed and the white house are real cosey.  Why then the threat of martial law before the bail out money?  Doesn’t the prez appoint the fed chairman?  So what?  You think he will listen to the prez when his bosses threaten him?  Those guys that own and run the fed are evil.   Housing market collapse?  Hey give me your house back and I’ll sell it to some one else and loan them the money to do it.  The fed has let some politicians get too rich and now they have a taste for power.  Father and son have a lot of years in the white house and a lot of connections and own a lot of corporations with their ‘good buddies’.  What they need is an event for the government to be able to impose martial law and they can take the fed and have all the marbles.  Not unlike a mob war, exactly just like one.  But have they caused too much collateral damage in the old neighbor hood for their own good?  Will crops continue to grow in the Southeast?  Can they ever stop the leak?  There are a lot of questions!  There is a lot of bad news.  Usually something bad has a silver lining to it even if it’s a small one.   Where is the silver lining in all of this.  If you understand how the fed and the white house do business it makes sense that the government would be better off printing money out of nothing .  I am not saying this is what this all about, but in trying to figure it out it just feels evil and those two fighting are about as evil as it can get.  These two have been in bed a long time and now someone else wants on top.  Europe’s’ central bank is included in the new turf as well.

Vid explains what the Federal Reserve actually is


OK you have already seen this one.

This  one is classified but kinda funny

OK my thoughts are that  this is not an accident.  No way it’s an accident.  Everything that could go wrong did and it keeps getting worse!   Cleanup is  being done by Halliburton, who invested in oil spill clean-up companies just before the ‘accident’.  Tony Hayward the BP executive sells one-third of BP stock (223,288 shares @ $58.15 per) on March 17, this year.  Today at close the price of BP was 31.71 and has dropped ten cents or so in Asian markets.  B’man has already informed us about Goldman Sachs selling off interest in BP before the ‘accident’.  So why???  Only time will tell and I hope that all these doomsday scenarios are way off.  Today the MSM reports it may be Christmas before the relief wells being drilled can actually stop the leak.  Telling us now for the failure in August!  I hope I never have to ask myself Patrick Henry’s famous line “Give me liberty or give me death” for I  already know the answer!

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To Kill A Turkey

Big Tom

Benji Franklin wanted the Eastern Wild Turkey to be our national bird. (So I have heard)  He thought they were smart and majestic.  I know they are smart because I have hunted them for almost 25 years now.  This is not a post to advocate the turkey as our national bird!  This is the story of the bird I killed in the above pic.

The Eastern Wild Turkey: Facts & Pics

It was in May of this year and I had a Monday trip planned with myself.  I had been taking a rookie hunter just about every day I could go and he had missed a bird that past Thursday.  So I loaded up that morning and headed out about a 1/4 before 5:00 a.m.

I like to time it so I am getting into the woods as light is breaking, but the sun is about thirty or so minutes before busting through.  I’ve got a good half mile walk to get to what I call my “honey hole”.  At my first fence I have to cross I always stop and make and owl call.  This owl call makes a gobbler, well, gobble out of shock.  So I lean up against a tree across the fence and blow the words “who cooks for who” and one busts my ears and sounds like he is only fifty or so yards away on the roost.  He shocked me as much as I shocked him!  I carry a hen and jake (immature male) decoy to set up in front of me for a lil’ better advantage.  Since I’m not at the back of the property I hunt, it is darker than it is when I usually set up my hen and jake.  I am making a bunch of racket and maybe cussing under my breath a lil’ too loud.  I had backed away from him so I figured he was 100 yards out and finally got set up and waited.  This time of morning the woods are just starting to wake up except for the whipper wills that are fading out.  I wait till I can see enough to shoot and make a very low tree yelp and he gobbles and gobbles.  I feel good now (I thought he was spooked).  A car go downs the road and he shock gobbles to that.  I can hear him walking on the limb he roosted on but can’t see him for the massive sweet gum and the other undergrowth between us.  This goes on for about ten more minutes then he starts to cackle and flies off the roost and heads towards my spot I was heading too before he stopped me. This bird was actually in the tree I leaned on to owl hoot.   During this ten minutes of him walking back and forth on the limb I heard another bird gobble behind me.  He sounded like he was a half a mile away so I struck out thinking I had scared the first bird into the next county.  I got to where this second bird was there about and set up and made a loud call.  In front of me I heard a gobble at the top of the hill.  Hey this is that bird I scared off because he just made the second bird gobble and he was still several hundred yards off behind me.  So I sit tight and wait…….nothing I make another call and at the top of the hill he busts out four or five gobbles but he is not any closer.  Now I am trying to go against this birds natural instinct in which the hen goes to the gobbler in the woods.  After a few more calls I know he’s not coming so I bust a move toward him.  I know this is risky for I have spooked several birds trying to do this and really never have had any success doing this. But I  had this rookie hunter hit one in the chest after I called it up and I wanted a bird bad cause I got shut out last year! I know he is just over the hill and he gobbles a few times as I am creeping up on him.  I get about what I think is fifty yards right under the hill and set up the decoys and make a call.  He answers and so does another bird off to my right.  My heart is racing and I’m shaking just a lil’ (I just walked 400 yds…uphill).  I see the bird to my right and he has three brothers and they are all jakes.  Then out of the corner of my left eye I see this bird in full strut fast walking my way then he lunges at the jakes and runs them back a bit.  Now I am ready, the Mossberg 835 is pointed right at his head and I squeeze the trigger and the three and a half-inch mag. goes off and he hits the ground like a sack of sand.  Most of the time you need to get up fast and get to your downed bird quickly as possible because they are tough to bring down and keep down.  This boy wasn’t moving!  I had him!

It seemed like the walk was longer than usual back to the truck.  I think the 21.75 lb of extra weight had a lot to do with it.  It took me three set ups on this bad boy and he is the biggest bird I have taken.  I think my count on turkeys is at 19 for 25 years of hunting.  His beard was 11 inches long and was thick as a small paint brush!  His spurs were 7/8 inches long.  He might have been three and a half years old.  I just know he tasted better than any turkey I have ever bought at Kroger!

Video my wife took of me talking to this bird three days earlier

First time Beckie ever went with me hunting for turkey!

Tom and I

The Ocean Saratoga Deepwater Horizons Lil’ Brother Reports of Second Oil Spill

Click to enlarge

Another gulf oil spill:  Well near Deepwater Horizon has leaked since at least April 30

The Ocean Saratoga, has been leaking since at least the 30th of April according to a federal document. (platform#23051) first reported the leak on it’s website on May 15.  Skytruth monitors environmental problems using sat. imagery.

Federal officials first mentioned it in a May 1 trajectory map for the DH spill saying some of the oil washing up on the LA shoreline is from the Saratoga instead of the DH spill.  How did this get covered up?  The reports on the Ocean Saratoga is that it is small compared to the DH spill.

It also shows up in a May 17 transcript of a Coast Guard press conference in which Admiral Mary Landry denies any knowledge of another spill coming from the Ocean Saratoga.

I have no other details other than that. However this spill is only ten miles long and not very wide according to skytruth.  It is however only 12 miles off the tip of LA.  What else is going on out there in the big blue sea?  How many other spill, leaks, etc.. go unreported?  Is the Deepwater Horizon just too big not to report?

The Ocean Saratoga is owned by Taylor Energy and the rig owner is Diamond offshore.  Taylor was sold in 08′ to Korea national Oil in a joint offer with Samsung. The details of the sale are not public, but Taylor had 1.6 Billion in assets at the time of the deal.  Taylor still has an office in Lafayette, LA.

On a good note (maybe not) the wayward current that would take it around the tip of FL to the eastern seaboard is in an eddy phase right now.

RTOFS (Atlantic) graphic nowcast shows the animated current.  Pretty cool looking graphics. This eddy phase should keep most of the oil in the Gulf for now!  It should really stir into a good heap of crude by August.  O’course the eddy phase could play out and let the plug out and off we go.  I wonder where it will go?  Kinda like letting a balloon filled with helium go on a windy day.