America’s ObamaMania Explanation

Until Jonathon Turley posted the following, I could not understand how so many Americans could be so idiotically blind. This explains it all:

The True Obama High: Police Seize Obama Ecstasy Pills

This Explains It All

Mario Guadalupe Saenz, 22, was arrested in Palmview, Texas after police found a bag of ecstasy pills that seemed strikingly familiar: they are shaped in Obama’s image. Other pills featured Homer Simpson. It turns out that that euphoria that you feel with Obama may be more chemical than political.

Many conservative pundits have pushed for Barack Obama to identify the drugs that he used in his younger days. But it now turns out that Obama isn’t doing drugs, he is the drugs. He literally makes you high…

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Happy Belated Penis Day

This is so whatever! My daughter sent it to me. We have decided we must go and celebrate too, the big worship of Males. [NOT] Geeeeeece. Is there no Va-G-G- Day??

March 15 was Penis Day in Japan .  Here are the photos. The actual festival is called Honen Matsuri. Celebrated every March 15 in Komaki, a town about 45 minutes north of Nagoya, Japan , this is the time of year where folks haul out a large wooden penis to give three cheers to fertility and renewal. The custom is an old one that is connected to bringing about a good harvest and having babies.