Mixed race isn’t a race

At the risk of sharing obviousness, my favorite brilliant lady (an assumption) explains why a Labradoodle is less “pure” than a Lab or a Poodle.

Mixing races does NOT produce a more pure race. It doesn’t produce “another” race. All it does is water down genes and eliminates the purity of the two races it was derived from.


Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Must I really point this out?

1,000 words

They’d be scared to put me on trial because they’d be forced to admit I’m correct.

On court records for the next thousand years.

It felt churlish to point this out before, I considered it obvious.

We use the term race to be polite, technically they don’t have one.

However, circumstances compel me to explain.

They believe in superiority but not race (mixed isn’t a race).

That is irrational.

The rhetoric that “mixed race are superior” is absurd on many levels.
Here’s one, the most biological and side-stepping value judgements.

A few sharper ones claim to be raceless, this is true.

As updated for clarity:

A race evolves over millennia in precise environments and overcoming specific (natural) selection events, it’s like saying you invented a primary colour. A human group can’t evolve in ALL/NO environment, especially with no advantageous mutational benefit…

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The fake HoloHoax has nothing on the real ones done BY jews.


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There is growing concern at the number of Holocaust deniers known to infest mainstream media. A study reveals that just one newspaper of 37 studied carried a story on the genocide of up to 100 million Orthodox Christians by the Soviet Union.

Historian Michael Walsh, author of Trotsky’s White Negroes and Megacaust is horrified. The historian describes the hideous mind-set of Western journalists who dismiss Stalin’s industrial-scale genocide as being ‘unfortunately necessary due to the conditions of the time’.

He says, “A friend of mine studied law at a Melbourne University. As a social experiment, he used as his screen saver a photograph of Josef Stalin…

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Just Some SHIT

Rapparee O’Hogan said…

… a brilliant answer for the gender pronoun dilemma.
S for she,
H for he,
I for it
T for they

Now just refer to everyone as SHIT.

Respect Our Race

“You don’t see these killings in mass numbers like this in other races,” Tanisha Taylor Bell told KARE TV from her Atlanta office. “How can we expect someone else to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves? The black-on-black crime that is plaguing cities across the nation, you have to start at home. You have to make sure our young people respect our race.”

It isn’t that niggers (as opposed to blacks) disrespect their race. They simply have extremely low IQ’s, total lack of empathy and self control, and very little understanding of the consequences of their actions. This is what makes niggers dangerous and why white people find it almost impossible to trust black folks (we never know when you will ‘nig out’). It is why we don’t want to live anywhere around you.

It has nothing to do with supremacy. It is self preservation.

Old White Uncle Fred takes the Korean lesbo to task.

Look around you, Thistle Down. Take your time. Get some binoculars and look out the window. Unscrew the lid on your computer, if you can find a screwdriver with the instructions on the handle. Contemplate at leisure. Reflect. And tell me:

Do you see anything invented by a Korean feminist?

Now, Buckwheat, I don’t want to seem other than gallant and gracious. That’s just how I am. Urbane and mannered. No one can doubt it. So I would never suggest–even think of suggesting–that old white men have provided everything that keeps you fed and comfortable while you piss and moan.

I would never say that. My mother taught me to be considerate to women, or approximations. But in a minor vein–a capillary, so to speak–I will note that if it weren’t for us old white men, vile though we be, and patriarchal, and probably cannibals, you and the sisterhood would be in grass huts, picking lice out of each other’s hair.

You are welcome.

Further,  Moonflower, if I were a curmudgeon–which I assuredly am not–I might say rude, uncouth things such as that you seem to be a confection of mass-market drivel, elegant as a truss ad, and could be replaced by a DO-loop .This is true, but I won’t say it. It wouldn’t be gentlemanly.

But just out of curiosity: Have you ever flushed a toilet in plumbing that was not designed, built, and maintained by men? Been in a building that wasn’t built by men? Yes,  yes, we guys are a sorry lot, and dim, and sinners all, but when your car makes a funny  sort of,  you know, chinalank and then a grinding noise, and the light on the thingamajig starts flashing, who do you take it too? Gloria Steinem?

Just asking.

What I think, Maple Syrup, is live and let live. There’s a place in this big world for everybody. This may be a design flaw, but it is what we have.  Since consistency is a virtue, the New York Times would seem about right for you. Soul mates, sort of. Still, since you are a tech writer, I wonder what, without the inventions of men, mostly white, you would have to write about? Buffalo hides? Pointed sticks?

Sarah Jeong doesn’t represent all Asian women. As a matter of fact, she attacks some of them for her jewish pay masters.

It just so happens that I know several Asian women and NONE of them are anything like this crazy asshole. I don’t think its the “Asian” in her. She just needs a good dicking.

Let talk about the elephant in the Civil War history classroom

It is impossible to conclude that the resolutions of any of the six states even hint of a Northern holy war to free Southern slaves. Moreover, the vague abstractions for wanting to preserve the Union, such as the “freedom,” “prosperity,” and “happiness” presumably enabled by the Federal Union, suggest that they may be nothing more than obfuscations designed to camouflage the true goal of aborting the economic consequences of disunion. Even historian Gary Gallagher who accepts the platitudes at face value, concedes that the average Northerner was preoccupied “then, as now, [by] economic concerns.”[4] A truncated Union separated from its Southern states would likely face two significant economic problems.

First, it could not hope to maintain a favorable balance of payments. The South accounted for about 80% of America’s exports on the eve of the Civil War. Thus, without the South’s export economy, America would become a perpetual debtor nation forever at the mercy of its stronger trading partners that would deplete her gold supply in order to settle the persistent trade imbalances.

Second, since the Confederate constitution outlawed protective tariffs, her lower tariffs would confront the remaining states of the abridged Union with two consequences. First, since ninety percent of Federal taxes came from tariffs, the government’s revenue loss would be sizable. Articles imported into the Confederacy from Europe would divert tariff revenue from the North to the South. Second, and even more importantly, a low Confederate tariff would induce Southerners to buy manufactured goods from Europe as opposed to the Northern states where prices were inflated by protective tariffs.

In January 1861 The Philadelphia Press editorialized, “It is the enforcement of the revenue laws [tariffs], not the coercion of [South Carolina] that is the question of the hour. If those laws cannot be enforced, the Union is clearly gone.” In When in the Course of Human Events author Charles Adams reasons:

If trade were to shift to the Southern ports because of a free trade zone, or extremely low duties relative to the North, then [the] great cities [of the Northeast] would go into decline and suffer economic disaster. The image painted by these editorials [from newspapers of Northeastern cities] is one of massive unemployment, the closing of factories and businesses, followed by unrest, riots, and possibly revolution. The inland cities of the North would also go into decline, like Pittsburgh, where duty-free British steel and iron products would cripple the American steel industry.

Consider the iron-producing state of Pennsylvania, which was among the most vigorous advocates of protective tariffs. As the railroad industry boomed for decades after construction started on the transcontinental railroad during the Civil War, tariffs on imported steel rails sometimes approached 100%. Thus, while Pennsylvanians proclaimed that they did not want to interfere with the Southern slavery, they undeniably wanted generous tariff protection.[5]

The false equivalency between the reasons that the South seceded and the reasons that the North chose to fight a war rather than let the seven cotton states depart peaceably is the ignored elephant in the history classroom.

Frankly, I am tired of clueless assholes explaining to me what my heritage is all about. I have their letters, dumbasses. I know how they felt and what they believed. Slavery was a detriment to poor white people, yet you ignorant coloreds seem to think that we all owned slaves (and loved it).

You have no idea what you are talking about.

Follow the money, not the victim handlers. Look at the jew (he is the hidden slavery power you have never been told about).

White DOES NOT equal jew.

Understand that.


Every. Single. Time.

Wide Awake Gentile

Jacob Schiff was born in 1847 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to Moses and Clara (née Niederhofheim) Schiff, members of a distinguished Ashkenazi Jewish rabbinical family that traced its lineagein Frankfurt back to 1370. His father, Moses Schiff, was a broker for the Rothschilds. Jacob Schiff, was born in the Rothschild house at 148 Judengasse, Frankfort, which the Rothschilds shared with the Schiff family. In 1875, Jacob Schiff arrived from Frankfurt to join the firm Kuhn Loeb. He married Therese, the founder Solomon ’s daughter. He also brought a large amount of Rothschild capital into the firm, enabling it to expand tenfold. In 1885, Loeb retired; Jacob Schiff ran the firm from 1885 to 1920, when he died.

Jacob Schiff wasn’t just another Rothschild agent He was practically family

Although Jacob Schiff’s personal agent, George Kennan, had regularly toured Russia during the latter part…

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The Alt-Right Is Dead

According to Identity Dixie, that is.

But according to B’Man, the Alt-Right was never meant to live. It was a Frankenstein entity that allowed the enemy to infiltrate and control its message and practices.

What? Did you not know that the Seig Heils and raised arms were jews? That jews (as usual) were ushered in by their white knights like Jared Taylor. The alternate crackpots like Andre Anglin (controlled by jews) were given free reign to do any stupid assed thing that deteriorated any semblance of honesty and purpose.

The Alt-Right was a caricature of Republican Party wannabes, when it is obvious as the nose on a jews’ face that these “leaders” were jew hacks meant to divert from the real problem: JEWS.

JEW POWER is the problem, idiots. What does it take to get this through your thick skulls?

If anyone, including Trump, is surrounded and controlled by jews, you ignorant assholes, he is a jew hack. Nothing less.

Those that promote him are jew hacks (and its worse if you do it out of ignorance).

The stupid ass praise you give and these “feelings” you get about a New York Liberal, while telling everyone that you are a conservative, simply show you to be totally without discernment of the reality of who controls us.

In one side of your mouth you say jews are the problem, then the other side mouths that Trump is the Savior (even though he is totally controlled by jews).

WTF is wrong with you?