Omnibus Spending Bill: The Locusts are Winning

by Tom Mysiewicz

This massive investment is vital to the safety and security of Israel and will help save countless lives in the future.”   Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. quoted by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)

The Beginning of the End (1957) starring Peter Graves is considered one of the worst of the giant-insect flicks of that era. An agricultural scientist (Graves) uses radiation to grow gigantic vegetables not realizing that the locusts who feed on them will also grow to gigantic proportions. After eating the population of a small Illinois town, the locusts move on to Chicago. At the last minute Chicago is saved when the locusts are convinced by an audio signal that they must enter Lake Michigan to mate. They all drown.

If Americans don’t soon wake up, they may not be as fortunate as those imaginary Chicagoans. As evidenced by President Trump’s recent signing of the Omnibus Spending Bill, the locusts eating our national substance are growing ever bigger and bolder–much as those in the B-grade movie. The bill includes funds for departments that don’t exist and funds for border security in various countries in the Middle East close to Israel (!) but apparently NOT for a wall in the American Southwest as President Trump indicated at the signing ceremony.

Don’t get me wrong. There are many hogs at this trough. I’m referring to ALL of them and not just Israel and Jewish groups. However, because such matters are ignored in the general media, I’m going to focus here on what I consider their unwarranted special treatment in the bill that the President signed–and the House and Senate voted on–all sight unseen. Like why U.S. taxpayers must pay $1-million to fight “antisemitism” in foreign countries. Do we fund efforts to fight anti-Polish or anti-Chinese feelings in some countries? If not, why not?

For instance, what makes a Jewish “Holocaust” survivor of an alleged event that took place on foreign soil 75 years ago entitled to special funding that homeless Americans and American veterans do not get? Why are they so special—and so amazingly long lived? They must be special because the bill signed by Trump doubled the amount provided to the U.S. Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program.

There are approximately 100,000 Holocaust survivors living in the United States today, with an estimated 30,000 living in poverty,” William Daroff, the Washington director of Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), is quoted in a statement cited by the JTA, “By doubling funding levels to $5 million, the program now will be able to provide immediate support to ensure that Holocaust survivors are able to live in dignity and comfort for the remainder of their lives.”

This spending increase is dwarfed by others in the omnibus bill. At a time when many programs have been cut or frozen, for example, spending earmarked for the U.S.-Israeli missile defense programs soared $100-million to a new high of $700-million. According to the JTA, next year that missile defense will be rolled into the overall defense assistance package for Israel, part of a $38-billion spending program to be delivered to Israel over ten years. (BTW: that’s 38,000 million dollars—enough to make 38,000 Americans into millionaires. Is that MAGA or MIGA?)

This massive investment is vital to the safety and security of Israel and will help save countless lives in the future,” Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., the minority leader in the Senate, said of the missile defense spending.

Almost as if it had, unlike the President, read the spending bill in advance, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) quickly reported on the aspects of the spending bill beneficial to Jewry.(1)i

In the bill, security funds earmarked for Jewish entities in the U.S. more than doubled. Outrageously, this increase came despite the filing of hate-crime and other charges against an Israeli-American dual loyalist accused of falsifying many of the alleged threats to Jewish organizations the increase was based on.(2)ii He reportedly preformed his faux-hate services for money and cryptocoins.

According to the JTA the $1.3-trillion spending bill earmarked $60-million for the security grants, up from $25-million last year. More than 90% of such grants have been used to harden security at Jewish institutions since the nonprofit security grant program was launched in 2005, explains the JTA. The JTA does not say how much similar funds have been earmarked for Christian churches and schools that have been the targets of substantial amounts of arson and vandalism in the past several years. But it does cite Nathan Diament, the Washington director of the Orthodox Union, one of the lead advocates for the grants(3)iii saying that this increase was due to a “spike” in the threats on Jewish institutions over the last year!

Many of the incidents used by the ADL seem questionable to me—like counting the Charlottesville free-speech protest as hate. Or hyping the small number of assaults on Jews. There are tens of thousands of serious assaults on whites by blacks every year (to say nothing of multiple rapes daily) yet these are not similarly counted as hate incidents or race motivated. In other words, there is almost a presumption of hate if anything happens to a Jew but no comparison to the per-capita rate of assaults on other racial groups. I believe Jews suffer far less serious crime per capita than other groups if one excludes real and staged (as in the case of Kadar) threats and name calling.

(Here’s an illustration of this attitude: A number of years back I was waiting over half an hour for a Forest Service permit because an Israeli couple had killed a deer and totaled their rental car. This was costing me money. They fumed that they had seen the buck a way off and then he “threw himself right in front of us.” They didn’t slow down as they had fully expected the deer would wait until they had passed (because of their ethnicity?) and seemed to consider that the deer had been antisemitic. They were outraged at its impertinence.)

In the same vein, I recall an incident in 2016 that the ADL highlighted with a press release—a so-called hate attack on the Parkland Chabad Lubbavitcher center. There was some graffiti sprayed on the center’s sign—much like the nondescript kind covering trains, buses and buildings in most urban centers. And the words “Free Palestine” spray painted on a cargo container. In my book, this could be construed more as free speech and petty vandalism rather than hate.

JTA adds that the omnibus bill also included $175-million over the next 10 years to improve security at schools—public and private—based on the reported school shooting in Parkland, FL. Although not intended solely for Jewish entities, I take issue with the need for such monies. There was plenty of security at Parkland. Throwing money at a problem without accountability simply encourages malfeasance and misfeasance.

In the case of Parkland, the school deputy and other law enforcement simply did not do their jobs. The security cameras were set on a 26-29-minute delay. Why? The Chabad Lubbavitcher Sheriff of Broward Co.–Scott Israel—a big advocate of gun control, failed to supervise his department in dealing with multiple complaints regarding the alleged shooter Cruz. Israel also reportedly kept first-responders from entering the school to immediately render first aid. The alleged shooter, incidentally, apparently was Jewish by birth and lived with an ex-Army intelligence officer with a psychology degree only 300 yards from the Chabad Lubbavitcher HQ in that part of Florida. With a broken hand, the alleged shooter Cruz finished texting, donned body armor, loaded his weapon, got into a locked school past the security cameras and was done in 7 minutes and then made a successful escape. And this with NRA-funded U.S. Army training with a BB gun! (4)

Spending bills are notorious for riders attached for pet projects of legislators. Unsurprisingly, one group does get its budget cut in the bill signed by Trump: the Palestinians. The bill includes the Taylor Force Act, which slashes funding to the Palestinians until the Palestinian Authority stops payments to Palestinians killed or arrested during alleged attacks on Israelis. (JTA is fair in that it explains “Palestinian officials say that only a small portion of the targeted money goes to violent attackers, and that much of the money serves as a welfare program for Palestinians who are imprisoned by Israel, many without charges… None of the money targeted goes directly to the Palestinian Authority, instead funding programs run by NGOs that assist Palestinians.”)

About the only thing in the spending bill short of complete capitulation: the Trump administration has yet to name a promised anti-Semitism monitor to oversee “hate” speech and activities across the U.S. I suspect we won’t have long to wait for that one.



(1) “Spending Bill Includes Big Boost for Jewish Groups Seeking Security Money” Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) March 23rd, 2018







Know The Putin Puppet Masters (They Pull Trump’s Strings, too)

I recently had a very smart fellow write in a comment to me:

…the Lubavitchers are irrelevant. They aren’t a powerful faction of Jewry, they are a religious cult that is essentially an embarassment to the Jews that actually run things.

To minimize the religious controlling faction isn’t really smart. It is boneheadedly dumb. It is to ignore or discount a very powerful faction of jews and is a colossal mistake.  Not only do they have control over Trump, they have controlled every POTUS since Reagan (at least). Papa Bush signed in their Noahide Laws. The black hats are but one controlling faction of the jews, but they are an important faction.

Likewise with Putin. Putin also kow tows to them.

The Putin bots in America are just as clueless as the Drumpfter contingent (which are basically pretty much all the same people).

All of this is so obvious. WTF is wrong with people?


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A Time for Bolton 2.0


Tom Mysiewicz


With President Trump’s choice of John Bolton as National Security Adviser, the die is cast for war. Bolton is a man who apparently likes wars, as long as he does not have to fight in them himself. Like the Vietnam War, which he avoided serving in.

Bolton has quite a pedigree. He has been heavily involved with the formulation of Neocon policy and such documents as PNAC—Project for a New American Century. In 2005 in my essay “A Time for Bolton” I predicted he would be appointed U.N. Ambassador for the specific purpose of delaying a U.N. cease fire when Israel invaded Lebanon. (Most analysts said Israel would just invade Gaza at that time.)

In a 2007 BBC interview, Bolton confessed that he had done exactly what I predicted he would in 2005—delayed a cease fire in Lebanon until it became clear that Israel was losing. Bolton told the BBC an early ceasefire would have been “dangerous and misguided.” He said the U.S. decided to join efforts to end the conflict only when it was clear Israel’s campaign wasn’t working, i.e., when the Israelis were defeated.i

Bolton had been instrumental into formulating an anti-Syrian policy for the U.S. at a time when Syria had been attempting to cooperate with the U.S. to fight terrorism—an effort it finally gave up in the face of continued provocation. Bolton saw that it was necessary to neutralize Syria, which had been helping to keep order in Lebanon, in order for the Israeli invasion to succeed.

The Neocon policies promulgated by Bolton have wrecked the Mid East, led to a human-wave invasion of Europe, and bankrupted the U.S. $3-trillion has been squandered on the Iraq debacle alone! With the help of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., Syria is now destroyed to the point that it will be unable to help the Lebanese resist the next invasion. And, as in 2006, Bolton is back in place again to help his favorite nation conquer the Mid East. This time courtesy of Donald Trump, a man who filmed TV commercials for Bibi Netanyahu in the last Israeli elections. And he’s backstopped with a UN Ambassador—Nikki Haley–some have described as “John Bolton in drag.” Haley can be counted on to serve as a proxy for whatever mischief Bolton and Trump can involve the U.S. in.

“A Time for Bolton” (reproduced in full below) ran on the American Patriot Friends Network (APFN) on June 7th, 2005.ii



Tom Mysiewicz

Many in the U.S. have questioned the nomination of John Bolton to be UN Ambassador for the U.S. For the Neocons, however, this is the time for Bolton.

(Those of you who think the U.S. invaded Iraq “for the oil”, read no further. You obviously think it makes sense to pay more for crude oil than sperm-whale oil would cost, and that support of the Israeli state had nothing to do with the action.)

John Bolton has received the designation of “no nonsense” from JINSA (Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs)–this from a quasi-subversive organization that lobbies U.S. ranking military officers on behalf of pro-Israeli causes, such as Ahmed Chalabi and the invasion of Iraq. And this says it all. Bolton “made his bones” in 1991 by launching a major initiative against UN resolutions equating Zionism and racism. Of late, he has poured his efforts into the war with Iraq (stopping adequate UN arms inspections that might have stopped the agressive war) and promoting a strong front against Iran and Syria.

Once again, this is why it’s time for Bolton. Iran is obvious. The Israelis could launch an air attack at any time against that state’s nuclear installations. The plans have already reportedly been drawn up. Enter John Bolton to spike any meaningful U.N. retaliation or sanctions against Israel for such an action.

Then there’s the more-complex situation with Syria. While the (allegedly) spontaneous “Cedar Revolution” was quick to call for a Syrian pullout from Lebanon, it said nothing about the continuing Israeli occupation of a corner of the country. (Strange how the Syrian presence prevented “free elections” but the Israeli presence did not!)

Only 50 UNTSO (UN Truce Supervision Organization) troops stand between the Israeli outposts in the Shebaa Farms area and a reinvasion of Lebanon and potential surgical strike against Syria. Lebanese airspace is frequently violated by Israeli planes as well–something that’s often done in advance of an invasion so the initial move does not look particularly suspicious.

Apparently in response to this very real possibility, groups such as Hizbollah have refused to disarm in the face of repeated Israeli calls. On June 6th, Lebanese voters turned out to hand the pro-Israeli forces in Lebanon a stunning defeat with an alliance of Hizbollah and Amal taking some 80% of the votes.

“We will face any attempt to disarm the resistance,” commented Amal leader and parliamentary speaker Nabih Berry.

And thus, as events in Lebanon seemingly spiral toward Israeli (or UN) intervention, and the rhetoric against Syria (which recently halted anti-terrorism cooperation with the U.S. saying “why bother?”) is stepped up, it can be seen that John Bolton’s time may indeed be now, or fairly soon.


Dual Loyalist + Hate Charges = Precedent

Criticize Israel—cause distress to a Jew anywhere—and wind up in an Israeli prison…or executed?

by Tom Mysiewicz

To all the Jews in the United States, I want to convey an unequivocal message. We are very sorry, from the bottom of our hearts….We are good Jews, we do not hate you. There was no hatred here…He was motivated solely by the disease.”   Quote attributed to father of Michael Kadar.

Special protection is granted to the life, health, freedom and property of a Jew, because he is a Jew; and that this is without any other connection to the State of Israel.” Sec. 13 (b)(2) of the Israeli Penal Code (1994)

Max Boot and other Jewish neoconservatives have long argued that mere criticism of Israel, or anything Jewish, is anti-Semitism. Even the goyish George W. Bush gave his blessing to this theory at the May 18th, 2004 meeting of AIPAC. And now, it appears the Trump Justice Dept. is taking up where Bush left off and allowing the trial of a U.S. “hate” criminal in Israel—an accused Jewish provocateur said to have made hundreds (perhaps 2000) bomb and other threats to U.S. synagogues, legislators, organizations and individuals in 2016-17.i

On February 28th, 2018 the U.S. Department of Justice announced the indictment for hate crimes of Michael Ron David Kadar (19) a dual-loyalist U.S.-Israeli citizen. The indictment followed a joint FBI-Israeli National Police investigation, not long after Kadar’s loosened leg shackles allowed him to briefly escape custody following an Israeli court hearing. He almost got away.

“The indictment…is part of a broader nationwide fight against hate, terror, and threats in all of their forms,” explained Jessie K. Liu, U.S. Attorney for D.C. While not stated in the indictment, it’s my belief Kadar was betrayed by his large Bitcoin (BTC) wallet. Bitcoin transactions are easily traceable by national and international intelligence and police agencies despite the coin being resistant to tampering. (This may or may not be news to people like Richard Spencer, a reputed BTC millionaire who touted BTC as the cryptocoin of the Alt Right.)ii

Kadar is currently charged in three U.S. jurisdictions: Florida, Georgia and Washington, D.C. However only the indictment from the Middle District of Florida charges Kadar with hate crimes as a result of threatening calls to Jewish Community Centers in the state beginning on or about Jan. 4th, 2017, and continuing until Feb. 27th, 2017. The Feds allege Kadar made multiple calls involving bomb threats and active shooter threats. This Florida indictment charges Kadar with attempting to obstruct the free exercise of religion at the Jewish Community Centers when he made the bomb threats and active shooter threats.iii

The threats now attributed to Kadar were first blamed on so-called Neo-Nazis and white supremacists supposedly fired up by the victory of “Pepe” and Trump. These false-flag threats inspired new calls for expanded hate-crime legislation and censorship. While I do not generally subscribe to the views of Dennis Prager, he does make the slightly overstated (but generally valid) point that 90% of the post-election bomb threats to synagogues and Jewish organizations may have been from Kadar and the remaining 10% of these threats and attacks–blamed on whites–were by a disgruntled black journalist.iv

As yet, no apology has been made to the wrongly-accused white community. In fact, the ADL even doubled down on the hate-crime meme after the revelation the false-flag terrorist was Jewish—possibly taking a gamble that Americans are truly too stupid to notice. In a press release, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said “…these threats were acts of anti-Semitism and deserve to be treated as a hate crime…They targeted Jewish institutions in order to stoke fear and anxiety, and put the entire Jewish community on high alert.”

It is claimed this alleged paid Jewish provocateur and owner of a multimillion-shekel Bitcoin (BTC) walletvKadar–is a dual national with Israeli citizenship, allowing his trial in Israel for offenses within U.S. jurisdiction. Would that logic hold for a Russian accused of poisoning a double agent in the U.K.? Would Russia have a right to try such an individual by nature of his dual Russian-UK citizenship?

In any case, while Kadar may be guilty of many of the charged crimes, he is clearly not guilty of the hate crimes—which require proof he intended harm to the Jewish organizations because they were Jewish. Nor did his claimed autism and brain tumors stop him from accumulating substantial wealth in excess of $500,000 in the course of his alleged hate crimes. A quote attributed to Kadar’s father makes my point: “To all the Jews in the United States, I want to convey an unequivocal message. We are very sorry, from the bottom of our hearts….We are good Jews, we do not hate you. There was no hatred here…He was motivated solely by the

Kadar’s mother was quoted in the same source as stating: “When someone has a brain tumor, in the middle of their brain, there is no reason, there is no logic, there is a dysfunction.” This view echoes that of Kadar’s Israeli lawyer, Shira Nir, who apparently seeks to get her client medical treatment in Israel rather than jail time.vii

No disrespect intended but I disagree with his father (who reportedly also has brain tumors yet works in the Israeli advanced-electronics sector) and mother: Kadar was not motivated by insanity but by money. He may have hated ordinary Americans but he certainly did not hate American Jews. He reportedly even had a price schedule for bomb threats and other services, including framing up innocent individuals as the perpetrators.viii He was reportedly paid quite well for providing these services, hence my classification of him, if convicted, as a provocateur for hire.

Remember that Jewish organizations in the U.S. and overseas directly benefittedix in terms of increased funding resulting from Kadar’s alleged false-flag threats—they had been facing large Federal budget cuts to their security funding. In spite of this (or perhaps because of it?) organizations like the ADL curiously continue to insist he is a “hate criminal” and even demand Kadar’s extradition to the U.S. to face trial! It is virtually certain Israel will not do this as I believe their real goal is to try him for these crimes in Israel. And it is unlikely that the ADL would call for extraditionunless it was impossible—since the Jewish religion enjoins Jews from delivering fellow Jews to non-Jewish justice.x It might also be uncomfortable for some to have discovery in a U.S. court case that might connect the perfectly-timed rash of vandalism of Jewish cemetaries with Kadar’s alleged campaign of audio terror.

In response to the Justice Dept. hate charges, JCC (Jewish Community Center) Association of North America President and CEO Doron Krakow echoed the views of the ADL: “JCC …welcomes the announcement by the Department of Justice that hate crime charges have been filed against the individual responsible for the wave of threats made against our community centers last year.”

Case closed? An important question remains: with easy cases on a variety of ordinary criminal offenses, and knowing Kadar was Jewish and Israeli, why did the Trump Justice Dept. commence proceedings to begin prosecuting Kadar for U.S. hate crimes?

Some speculate this is a Trump “white hat” crackdown on false-flag Jewish terrorism. I disagree. The indictments were pursued with full knowledge that Israel will not extradite him to the U.S., even if he is convicted in absentia here. And why are Jewish organizations so supportive of prosecuting a fellow Jew instead of simply covering for the perpetrator as is commonly done in cases where the provocateur is careless enough to be caught? Almost always in such cases pleas are made for compassion and therapy for the poor guilty party. Not this time.

My alternative view is that someone is trying to set a precedent. Kadar didn’t take any physical action against U.S. Jews but only made threats. He’s a U.S. citizen who technically committed crimes in the U.S. and yet may be tried in Israel. Which should interest non-MSM bloggers considered “enemies” by Israel and Jewry. A harsh new law, proposed by Israeli Communications Minister Ayoub Kara, could even see reporters and journalists who criticize the Israeli government over their treatment of Palestinians, for instance, face the ultimate penalty: execution.xi

In 2014 Benjamin Netanyahu’s pushed through an official redefinition of the State of Israel—as the national home of the Jewish people worldwide—asserting the right of Israel to try any non-Jew it alleged had committed an offense (such as a so-called hate crime) against any Jew anywhere in the world.xii Ten years before thatin June 2004–I demonstrated this was already implied in Israeli law in my article “Bush & Annan Statements: New Threat To National Sovereignity.xiii I reported then that Sec. 7(a) of Basic Israeli Law defined Israel legally as “the state of the Jewish people worldwide.”

Israel is the only country in the world without a constitution or national boundaries making it a natural candidate for this type of despotism. Have you ever wondered about why there have been such hysterical efforts to implement ever more restrictive forms of censorship and hate-crime legislation in the West? And why the “crimes” used to justify such legislation are many times found to be the work of provocateurs (who, like Kadar, are often termed “insane” to explain their crimes.)

In a nutshell, thanks to the myriad of “hate crime” laws passed in Europe, Australia, Canada and the U.S.—and Sec. 13 (b)(2) of the Israeli Penal Code, which was ratified in 1994—the proposed official redefinition of Israel’s status paves the way for the extradition and trial of critics of Israel in Israel. By Israeli Sec. 13 definition, criticism of Israel, Zionists or any Jew anywhere in the world can be criminal if a Jew anywhere in the world claims such statements caused, say, emotional distress or mental problems. This law claims extra-national jurisdiction of Israeli courts over offenses committed against Jews anywhere. Sec. 13(b)(2) is straightforward:  “Special protection is granted to the life, health, freedom and property of a Jew, BECAUSE he is a Jew; and that this is without any other connection to the State of Israel.”

The Kadar bomb-threat case, which may set a precedent regarding future trials of foreign nationals in Israel, could not come a moment too soon for Netanyahu, who is himself facing prosecution for corruption. Nazi-era alleged criminals are becoming increasingly scarce for show trials—such as that of elderly auto worker John Demjanjuk, who was hounded to his death.xiv Without them, Israel may have difficulty finding the national unity necessary for the realization of Eretz (Greater) Israel—a planned megastate that is to include a large part of the Mid East. Then Netanyahu might have to start sending out resumes.

To date, there is one thing that has stopped such judicial kidnapping: the lack of “dual criminality” providing for diversity jurisdiction. In simple English, Israeli courts can’t extradite critics from other countries unless Israeli-equivalent statutes are first placed on the books of those countries criminalizing the actions. Thus, if a “hate crime” statute criminalizes otherwise noncriminal free speech on the basis that it causes “distress” to Jews, or leads to unrelated parties (such as provocateurs) committing a criminal act against a Jew, it can then open the door of extradition to Israel.

While the deck is stacked against defendants in U.S. courts, the system of Israeli jurisprudence is light years beyond that. The accused is guilty until proven innocent and much of the law is based on old British law as it existed in the Palestinian Mandate before 1948. Jewish religious teachings do not recognize the testimony of non-Jews as having any legal merit. Torture is frequently employed in Israeli prisons. Prisoners can spend several years waiting for trial. The defenders appointed for non-Jewish prisoners are often incompetent, intimidated or “suicidal.” Convictions can result in the death penalty for non-Jews–something anti-death-penalty advocates in the West don’t seem at all troubled by. And, even if acquitted by miracle in some higher Israeli appeals court, the defendant can be threatened and have the remainder of his life ruined by vindictiveness, as in the case of Demjanjuk. There is no protection against double jeopardy in Israel!

And, say you were someday railroaded into an Israeli court, would your unjust treatment get any media coverage? Well, not likely. Foreign reporters in Israel are virtually all Jewish—a clear conflict of interest—and their stories all must pass universal Israeli military censorship. (Strange that there are rarely, if ever, disclaimers about such censorship in news dispatches from Israel, a country claimed to be “the only democracy in the Mid East.”)xv

Knowing their probable fate, it’s doubtful selected Americans would be cooperative. It would be much easier to pull off such “extraordinary renditions” if they were fully disarmed. Events such as Las Vegas and Parkland seem intended to push us in that direction. And the “March for Our Lives” movement that has attempted to use Parkland to overturn the 2nd Amendment without the “unpleasant” amendment procedure has now cloaked itself in secrecy with formation of a 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization that protects the names of donors. By the children and for the children? I’ve written extensively on these events and parallels with disarmament in Australia and the UK.xvi


iii In addition, an indictment from D.C. charged Kadar with threatening the Israeli Embassy and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL.) A third indictment charged Kadar with cyberstalking and conveying false information to police dispatch regarding harm to private residents in Georgia. An investigation into numerous threats made to individuals and organizations throughout the United States in 2016 and early 2017 led to Kadar being charged initially in criminal complaints on April 21, 2017 in Florida and Georgia following his arrest in Israel. Kadar remains in custody in Israel. The hate crime charges each carry a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment, the bomb threats charges each carry a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment, and the interstate threats charge, the hoax charge, and the cyberstalking charge each carry a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment. If convicted, Kadar could also be subject to court ordered restitution.

ivLouis Jacobson, “Were Two People Responsible for Virtually All Antisemitic Incidents After the Election?” PolitiFact, May 22nd, 2017

viiiAuthorities allege that Kadar offered to sell threats-to-institutions: A single school could get an emailed bomb threat for $30; a school threat that also tried to frame someone else for the crime would cost $45; and multiple schools or a district could be threatened for $60 (with an increase to $90 if, again, someone else was framed for the online transmission). Further, the FBI alleges that Kadar was a vendor on AlphaBay, an online darknet marketplace that has since been shut down. There, Kadar sometimes operated under the username Darknet_Legend, the FBI says.

ixIn March 2017, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., demanded more funding for Jewish security on the basis of the alleged threats: “At a time where perpetrators are terrorizing the Jewish community across the country, even here in New York, it makes no sense to slash FEMA’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program; we should be putting more money in terrorism prevention for at-risk non-profits, not less.” Next came a bipartisan letter in April 2017 by House members (followed by a similar one in the Senate) called for increased funding for a program that funds security for Jewish sites. The letter, spearheaded by Reps. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., and Dan Donovan, R-N.Y., and signed by 112 lawmakers, called for more than doubling funding for FEMA’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program, to $50-million a year from $20-million on the basis of bomb threats and anti-Semitic acts committed against Jewish community centers, schools, museums and synagogues.

xAccording to the Alliance for Authentic Judaism, Jews may not sue fellow Jews in Gentile courts, or even call the police on another Jew. The Alliance cites a number of authoritative sources, including the Shulchan Aruch, the compilation of Jewish law written by sixteenth century rabbinic scholar Joseph Caro: “No Jew, even if he is a rabbi or leader, is allowed to permit other Jews to go to non-Jewish court before summoning the other party to Beis Din…A Jew or Jewess who says that they will take a fellow Jew to the non-Jewish courts, and they were warned of their sin and didn’t listen, mitzva laha’rog otam, and whoever acts first is worthy, as is the case of a rodeif (one who chasing a person to kill him). (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat.) “A Stern Warning,” Alliance for Authentic Judaism, cached at

xivDemjanjuk’s Israeli attorney, on the eve of a great victory in the Israeli Supreme Court, somehow threw himself off a high building in Tel Aviv. Israeli hard liners told Demjanjuk that, even though he was acquitted and not Ivan the Terrible they would “get him.” And they did, dragging the near-dead octogenarian into a puppet German court and leaving him to die in a German prison. The U.S. Congressman who’d gone to bat for Demjanjuk after becoming convinced of his innocence, James Trafficant, was railroaded for “racketeering” into a U.S. Federal prison and, relatively soon after his release, died in a suspicious tractor accident on his farm.

It Starts With You

I have been berated for my attempts at anonymity. People whom I respect have called me all sorts of names, even while they suffer the consequences of their coming out. Are they entirely stupid, brave, brash or sayanim? From the article (matches my perspective):

Our anonymity is not a weakness, and it’s not cowardice. It is a position of strength that allows us to hold these ideas while putting them into practice.

Identity Dixie

Always be improving your fighting position is an axiom that is commonplace amongst the combat arms and special operations communities. In the current stage of our struggle, improving your fighting position means improving your personal life. This means strengthen your body, mind, and advance your personal prosperity. It means having and taking care of a family. This specifically means being the Paterfamilias you were born to be.

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