I am no economist, but my job gives me keen insight into what manufacturing companies are doing. In this Bush era, I went from making 6 figures a year to much less (working harder as I go). May sound like a lot, but when one considers that $20-30K goes to health stuff alone and the cost of travel is growing faster than I can keep up.

It is normal circumstance for me to spend $100-200 on a day trip of travel to customers.

But it isn’t just my work related issue that worries me. Something that people aren’t hearing about (but will within a few weeks) are all the Mortgage Co Insurers who insured all of these bogus loans going in to default. Mark my words, within 1 month we are going to see a major drop in the Stock Market (2,000 -3,000 points) and this country is going to have a shit-fit.

LuckilyCoincedentally, I wouldn’t know what a stock really is… nor retirement… nor owning a home any more (I was forced to sell my last one before losing it).

And I am in better shape than most around here. Seriously.

Whomever reads this, remember my words in one month. Dow is 12099.30 this morning before the market opens. Within 4 weeks we’ll be around 10-11K.