McFlipFlop Does It Again

The Wall Street Journal records yet another flip-flop the esteemed ReTHUGlican asskisser blathered out of his untrustworthy, double-faced meal hole.

Q: On ABC’s “This Week” on Feb. 17, in response to a question, “Are you a ‘read my lips’ candidate, no new taxes?” you replied, “No new taxes.” Did you mean that literally?

A: I’m not making a “read my lips” statement in that I will not raise taxes. But I’m not saying I can envision a scenario where I would, OK? But I’m not making it a centerpiece in my campaign.

I want lower taxes. I want the family to keep more of their money.

Of course he didn’t mean it “literally”. He means NOTHING literally. Everything is open to flopping upon his whim and the gullibility of the idiot right-wing.