America’s Neverending Committment to Iraq (Promises Begin Today)

Today is the day that Ryan Crocker begins his tedious task of securing as much permanent (legal) control of the resources and country of Iraq, for the rest of our lives (and hopefully, at least, 100 years… according to McInsane). Today begins the arm twisting and pay-off negotiations to the puppet government we have set up in Iraq and the beginning of an untold multi-TRillion Dollar hemorrhage of your and my money that could be helping your and my AMERICA.

But, no. They will allow us to fall to the deepest depths that our oblivious citizenry will allow and then stride to lower the bar even more by matching what they have wrought on Iraqis.

US, Iraq start negotiating future relations


U.S. and Iraqi officials are to start talks on Saturday on agreements set to organize and govern future relations between the two countries, according to the Pentagon.

Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, will lead the American negotiating team in the talks in Baghdad, Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said.

The United States expects the talks to be the start of a “long process” to normalize relations between the two countries, Morrell said on Friday. “That begins in earnest tomorrow,” he added.

What do you think needs to be “negotiated” that hasn’t already been decided? Is this the point where they ask permission to build an embassy (the largest in the world… and from reports, one of the world’s worst built)? Perhaps this is the point where Iraqis joyfully give over control of their oil to US/UK interests, just like Venezuelans did many years ago… leading to the revolution we see today? Or perhaps this is when the Iraqi people give over full military control of their borders (you know, for their “protection”)?

The Bush administration’s intention to negotiate documents on the status of U.S. military forces in Iraq and a framework for diplomatic relations has prompted protests by members of the U.S. Congress, who say they should be consulted.

Democrats say the agreement on U.S. forces could lock the United States into a long-term military presence in Iraq. Bush’s Republican administration says it is a routine measure to govern the legal status of U.S. troops.

Until this week, attention had focused on the “status of forces” agreement.

Protests that will amount to NOTHING. Why, because both parties are complicit in this disaster and get their money (by and large) from the same interests. Yeah, there will be loud utterances from the peanut gallery… there will be some muscle flexing to appease those of us who seem to be paying attention… but, when it comes right down to it, they simply will not bite the hand that feeds them.

But David Satterfield, the State Department’s coordinator for Iraq, told Congress on Tuesday the administration also planned to negotiate a “strategic framework” document on U.S.-Iraqi relations.

Satterfield did not offer much detail on the document but said the administration did not see it as “legally binding.”

Surprise, surprise. Do they EVER find anything “legally binding”? Does it even matter when the people who are supposed to keep you in check are sucking your ass and giving you a reach-around at the same time? Strategic framework… what , are we now on “Plan BCDEFG”? After how many years?

U.S. officials have said the document on the status of U.S. forces should replace a U.N. Security Council resolution that expires at the end of this year and would be similar to agreements with many other countries.

One congressional critic, Rep. William Delahunt of Massachusetts, said this week it would contain an “authority to fight” that is not in most such deals, which tend to focus on issues like the criminal and tax liability of U.S. soldiers.

The United States has about 159,000 troops in Iraq, according to the Pentagon.

Bush believes that whatever he says goes and that there is nothing that anyone can do to stop him. The sad thing is that many rednecks agree.