Don Siegelman beaten in Prison

I saw this at C&L (one of the world’s 50 most powerful blogs and probably one of my very favorite), which got it from DailyKos

All roads lead to Rove.  That was the message scrawled as an afterthought in the lower left-hand corner of the envelope I received in yesterday’s mail.  It contained a letter from an old and dear friend of mine.  His name is Don Siegelman.  He is the former governor of Alabama and he is being held as a political prisoner of the Bush administration in a Federal prison in Louisiana.

They don’t allow Don the luxury of stationary so he must write his letters on whatever he can find.  He wrote me on a xeroxed article he wanted me to see. [..]

When I first heard of Don being prosecuted for corruption my heart sank.  I didn’t know what to think.  It had been years since we’d spoken and the press made it sound awful for Don (what else?).  Of course I had no idea what was really going on.  Now that I do I am horrified…and furious.

Don is a formidable force in Alabama politics.  His friends are loyal and his supporters enthusiastic.  They re-elected him Governor in the midst of a bogus corruption trial engineered by the Bush Justice Department at the behest of Karl Rove who takes orders from you-know-who.  Don campaigned for re-election throughout the early phases of the trial.  On election night he was declared the winner, but Karl Rove’s minions stole the election overnight by manipulating the ballots in Baldwin County.  It was classic Rovian/Republican election theft.  They did it with computers and electronic voting machines.  Don went to bed the re-elected Governor of Alabama, and woke up an unemployed defendant. [..]

Something that has not been reported is that they have been physically beating Don.  I don’t know the extent of his injuries or exactly how many times it has happened – but it has been multiple times.  

There are no words for the fury I feel.  This is an outrage.  And it is the most un-American thing I have ever heard.  I cry bitter tears of frustration and rage.

Please everyone.  We have to help Don, and we have to crush these thugs and put them out of the business of perverting our democracy.  We must investigate and prosecute the responsible parties, not for political reasons, but to actually serve the interest of justice.  The cause of justice calls upon us to hold these criminals accountable.  We must bring them to justice and stop such travesties from ever again happening in our United States of America.

You can contact Rep. John Conyers and Sen. Patrick Leahy, Judiciary committee chairmen, and ask them to appoint an Independent Investigator so the complicit Bush Justice Dept (his personal law firm, as it were) is forced to stay out of it.   To donate, go to Siegelman’s Defense Fund.

10 thoughts on “Don Siegelman beaten in Prison


    Tell me why top Alabama GOP operatives think that they are so deeply rooted in Washington that they are immune to prosecution?

    -Many have large government/military contracts and government grants magically been steered to Alabama to make Bob Riley and the GOP look good. Why?

    Why hasn’t the Alabama GOP been investigated or prosecuted?

    Why does high ranking GOP operatives act so bold?

    These are some of the methods that they use in Alabama to support running expensive media campaigns.
    – Campaign money for silence from contra drugs passing through Alabama.
    – Beginning in 1994, top Alabama GOP operatives assisted by Karl Christian Rove approached big business (tobacco, oil, etc) offering favorable court ruling for large GOP campaign contributions.
    – In 1996 the Alabama GOP was a major recipient of campaign money from what came know as the Triad Scandal.
    – From 1998 to 2006 millions came from the Abramoff and Scanlon Mississippi Indian Casino scam to defeat Siegelman’s lottery campaign, to elect Bob Riley and to prevent the Alabama Poarch Indians from getting a class 3 gambling license.
    – Major contributions from government contractors for steering large contracts to them.
    – PAC transfers without no accountability.

    Why is Newhouse Publications allowed to print half truths about political figures and at the same time run front page articles to calm and deceive citizens so that the largest illegal operations in the history of the United States can conduct illegal activities.



    Tell me why these elite Federal government officials have been allowed to evolve in congress to a number that they are destroying our county. They block impeachments of those who have committed treason and they block bills that would eliminate wrong doings. They interfere when they are on committees and insist on directing large contacts to substandard and even sham government contractors. It is at a point where congress can’t conduct business.

    Tell me why top state and federal officials who are members of this elite group have a greater alliance to the body of this group than they do to the constitution of the United States?


  3. Thanks for your comments Andress…

    I have a theory that the erpublicans have some self-styled superiority complex that allows them to actually believe they are doing honoroable things. That they honestly believe progressives and Democrats are evil and whatever they do to take them down is fair game (much like encouraging people to bomb or shoot abortion doctors).

    They have been brainwashed by the real evil (the neocon criminals) who play on this self-styled superiority and can make them do things that a man couldn’t get a monkey to do with a music box.

    The progressives and Dem leaders are too chickenshit and as desparate for power as they are, so little better.

    You want explanations for the same things I want. Maybe it is time we DEMAND them, as a nation?


  4. Omigod! Will they stop at nothing? Is there no one who will go after these brazen, degenerate thugs? What does it take, a dead body?


  5. Thanks for paying attention to the Don Siegelman Case. We need folks like you to spread the bad news and demand change. The good news is that Don does not seem to be the victim of prison beatings, and appears to be well liked and respected by the inmates. That does not make his situation any better, of course; if a guy can be derailed, have his career ruined, his family left financially vulnerable, then thrown in prison for being inconvient to the guys in power, well then…we all need to look over our shoulders.


  6. I believe he is innocent and with the fact that it is involving Rove and Bush, that assures me all the more in is innocence and their guilt.

    Thanks for the update on his “beating”. I was concerned.

    I would like to add you to my BlogRoll if ok.


  7. I have posted an alert on for people to send letters to their Congress members, demanding that something be done about this injustice. Please go to under Soapbox, “Red Flags in a Red State” and submit a message to Congress. I encourage others to start Soapbox alerts and keep Don Siegelman’s name on this site where thousands of people visit daily.


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  9. I think it’s hilarious that Don got beaten in [prison, I absolutely don’t believe a word of it to be true however considering how many innocent men he sent to prison, it would only be poetic justice if his butt got kicked every day


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