Flying Airplanes

9/11 Conspiracies and all the different organizations and websites centered around the 9/11 attacks can drive a person crazy with the detail that needs to be digested even to form a minor opinion on whether or not our government (some crazy group within that government, anyway) was complicit, if not the actual perpetrators. There are scientists, physicists and engineers (structural, demolitions, and many other areas of expertise) who disown the proposed “facts” as misleading or false. There are firemen, policemen and everyday citizens who heard and witnessed strange phenomena like extra explosions, etc that don’t add up to the findings in the 9/11 Commission Report.

As a matter of fact, the report itself is so ineffectual and lacking that it is deserving of another try through independent means. Luckily for the perpetrators, all the evidence was quickly hauled away without review and we have no evidence to examine except video shots, etc. (Can you imagine even a car wreck where such an examination were not conducted, yet the worst travesty ever perpetrated on America was not truly investigated?)

One of the most telling examples is all the published interviews with the flight instructors of the “terrorists” before they “hijacked” the planes. Basically, these “terrorist pilots” could barely fly single engine “learner” aircraft. In some cases the instructors were scared to death to even taxi, much less fly with these “pilots”.

Now a bit about old BuelahMan. I actually used to fly small planes with my adoptive dad. He was a pilot for many years and had several of these overwing planes before purchasing a Cherokee Lance (multi-passenger underwing, single engine plane… that ultimately took his and my 5 yo brother’s life in a crash at our local airport). I was actually set to make that flight with a buddy, but we decided not to at the very last minute. This crash is the reason I never pursued flying again.

Anyway, I spent a few summers flying often with him, taking the controls while flying and as the summer progressed, learned how to take off and land the plane. Now since I never flew a big jet, I can only compare an airline pilot’s testimony to my small plane experience, but from what I understand these jets are one hell-uv-a lot harder to navigate and control than a small Cessna (makes sense to me, as well).

A Cessna can do some fairly audacious manuevers, while a behemoth like a 737 cannot.

On one of my attempted landings we had some side winds (not much, but enough to cause the small plane to lurch and move sideways as we approached). It scared the hell out of me and I told my dad to take the controls (he did and brought us down as if there were no wind whatsoever). However, I have never forgotten that experience because it showed me how difficult it is to keep even a small aircraft on line.

Can you imagine trying this with a huge jet and little more experience than I had?

Now, one thing that is never talked about is the auto-pilot functionality of these jets and the fact that we have aircraft that are totally capable to be flown remotely (yes, even jets).

My point is that I cannot believe that these “pilots” who could barely fly small aircraft could not possible have done what was done. Some of the planes’ maneuvers were so radical that it is suggested that they could not have done it. I agree.

So, how did these piss-poor pilots fly these jets into buildings with such accuracy?

In my mind, they didn’t.

They Couldn’t.