UPDATE: “Blacked Out” Double Murder Trial

Here are the updates on what is happening with the ‘blacked out’ trial from the double murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

I have posted about this before; and also that I see Channon’s parents fairly often. Her father openly carries a gun; and has said that if any of the defendants get off for any reason, they are dead as soon as they hit the streets. At issue locally are the not-so-apparent blackout reasons. Jury selection?? they already drew 700 jurors. White Supremist issues? Well hell– they have been up in arms way before this! Pressure on the black community? I do not see this happening, considering they are just as upset the defendants did this and were even JUST OUT OF JAIL when they did commit this horror filled crime. They are asking why the murderers were even out of jail!! Refusal to make it a hate crime?? I again and again state that I do not define hate crime exclusively a crime that is racially motivated. Just plain hate will do!!
Let the games begin! Law games, that is.
The first state trial for the Knoxville Horror carjacking-kidnapping-gang-rape-torture-murders, which claimed the lives of Channon Christian, 21, and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, 23, was scheduled to begin on Monday, with defendant George Geovonni “Detroit” Thomas in the dock. Instead, it will begin on August 10—August 10, 2009, that is.

Thomas’ trial had originally been scheduled to be the last of the four state capital trials, in each of which, in the event of a murder conviction, Knox County (TN) State Attorney General Randy Nichols will be seeking the death penalty. However, the April federal trial of accessory Eric Boyd revealed that the state had no DNA evidence tying Thomas to either the anal gang-rape of Newsom, or to the oral, vaginal, and anal gang-rapes of Christian, and thus that the case against him was the weakest of the four. When the defense teams in the other three capital trials petitioned for and received postponements until 2009, reasoning that the prosecution would seek to use those trials to bolster its case against Thomas, his attorneys petitioned that his trial be moved up one year, back to its original date. The petition was granted by the court.

The prosecution retaliated by producing new evidence (which it had previously gotten permission from the court to delay providing the defense teams) by the cartload, which the defense had insufficient time to review for an August, 2008 trial, whereupon Thomas’ team cried uncle.

At present, the first state capital trial in the case, of Letalvis “Rome” Cobbins, is scheduled to begin on January 26, 2009. Co-defendants Vanessa Coleman and Cobbins’ half-brother, Lemaricus “Slim” Davidson, are scheduled to go on trial on April 13 and June 22, 2009, respectively.

By the way, Boyd was convicted on April 16 of being an accessory, after the fact, to the carjacking, for helping Davidson evade arrest. Federal prosecutors David Jennings and Tracy Stone implied that Boyd was guilty of the carjacking and murders, as well, and that he might yet be charged with those crimes. However, they and their state counterparts would do well to put their pants on one leg at a time. A potential problem which the April 16 conviction may raise on appeal is that, in presuming that Davidson was guilty of carjacking, which remains to be proven, Boyd’s trial was prejudicial. Davidson won’t be tried on the state charges prior to 2009, and if he is convicted in state court for murder and sentenced to die, that would moot any issue of punishment for carjacking, which is a federal crime.
Given the above-cited conditions, could a criminal attorney please weigh in on the validity of Boyd’s conviction? Thanks in advance.

It must be maddening for the families of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. I think it is important to NOT forget the young couple brutally murdered in a racially-charged case in Knoxville, TN. {I stated ‘charged’ not ‘motivated’}. This to me IS a Hate Crime. Someone must hate very much to do these things. Again I state– I actually don’t consider hate crime exclusively defined as racial.
So, what’s the latest?

Justice delayed in the trial of suspect George Thomas:
Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner today granted a request to drop the speedy trial for one of four suspects in the torture-slayings of a Knoxville couple more than a year ago.
Attorneys for George “Detroit” Thomas said they dropped the request after receiving new information from prosecutors last week.
Among the information were 260 pages of interviews by federal agents.
Thomas is charged in the January 2007 slayings of Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23. Prosecutors say the couple was carjacked and robbed and then taken to a Chipman Street residence where both were beaten, raped and slain.
Thomas originally was to be the last of the four to be tried, but his attorneys pressed for a speedy trial.
Baumgartner granted that request, and Thomas’ trial was to begin Aug. 11.
He now will be tried last, with a trial date set for Aug. 10, 2009.
Investigators say Newsom was shot and his body burned. Christian’s abuse lasted hours longer and she eventually was hog-tied and stuffed into a trash can where she suffocated.
Others charged with the brutal slayings are Letalvis Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson and Cobbins’ girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman.
All four face the death penalty if convicted.
Some 700 people had been tapped as potential jurors in the case.
The judge in the case had earlier ruled that prosecutors can use Thomas’s jailhouse conversations as incriminating evidence in the trial.

Maybe when the Washington Post’s massive staff gets through with its 12-part series on Chandra Levy’s murder, they can spare a reporter or two to cover the ongoing horror in Knoxville. This reminds me of last years ‘beating and torture’ in West Virginia of a young black woman, by 27 all white men and women, who also were holloring racial slurs while committing this crime– and the States Attorney REFUSING to even charge them with a Hate Crime. Hate is Hate– black on black or white on white.
I actually don’t understand a few issues, the evidence was also substantiated via detailed confessions from three defendants. Why haven’t they just gone to the penalty phase????

[warning: pretty gruesome]


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: “Blacked Out” Double Murder Trial

  1. I am sick & tired of this hate crime criteria.
    Anytime you brutally commit a crime against another human being, you are in a state of hate.
    I hate these 4 people for what they did.
    I think they should be raped by Hell’s Angels and killed as they killed.
    Arm yourself America and deffend yourself from evil.


  2. I agree, after watching this I have decided to finally get that 457 magnum I picked out. There truly are evil creatures in this world, but when evil comes in the form of mob mentality you have no other way to defend yourself but kill or be killed. Let someone try to hurt my family while I still have breath and bullets! I only wish these poor kids would have had a way to defend themselves!!! May peace grace these poor families where they can find it, and time bring forgiveness and mercy to their hearts! I know that this is horrible, but the heartless scum that committed these crimes are evil and I cannot help but want horror and treachery to follow them all of the days of their lives. Stories like this stick in my soul.


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