The $700 Billion Is NOT Enough

I received a response from my Congressman, Marsha Blackburn today. It was a canned response and I am sure many you may have received the exact same message.

She blames issues on anything and everything except what has caused the problem, so my initial kudos has now been replaced with total disdain. She was covering her ass from the outrage her constituents were showing here and she found a way to not vote and still make it political. Such is politics in America.

But, as I have expressed over and over, there will NEVER be enough. I mean, hell, it already grew from the $700B to $850B, anyway.

But only a few are discussing what the real concern is and that will be that all we have done is minimize the loss of the rich bastards who did this and haven’t done a god danged thing to help us. You aren’t getting help on your mortgage. You are getting any help in health coverage. You ain’t getting shit… AND you know it.

That is called being FUCKING STUPID, rednecks. It is fucking stupid that more of you aren’t outraged and scared to death that they will get more.

It is fucking stupid because the world’s financial markets are all tanking. Russia, European, South American and yes, the mighty Wall Street also has taken another huge hit, in lieu of the bail out that was supposed to “fix things”.

They “fixed” their pocketbooks, rednecks. That is all.

And they will come around asking for more… and you will be a bit more outraged, but not enough to stop the $Trillion dollar request around the corner.

Much less being outraged that they may damn well call martial Law and shut this whole country down, bringing devastation to us all.

Redneck: You Have Been Screwed

2 thoughts on “The $700 Billion Is NOT Enough

  1. You got that fk’in right.

    The only thing I can think of keeping folks passive is they are too busy with their Jobs, and stuff like this, the internet. When the jobs are gone and they have no money for luxuries, then we will have a bunch of restless pissed off people. OOPS…..Maybe then?……. don’t hold your breath.

    Believe me, I have NO Idea why folks aren’t in the streets. Well, one… BrAiNwAsHiNg

    Later, Ed

    How bout that there Stock Market. Down 800 points before recovering today.


  2. oh contraier’. This shit isn’t just coming up like a weed right now! So, you think folks excuse just may be that the American citizens have been busy working for 8 years?? so– no one had a chance to lick a stamp, make a call.. attend a meeting… a rallie… a march?? I sure a shit did, and shall until my elbows are knocking on wood!


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