Paulson Is A Crook Protecting Goldman Sachs

In follow up to Lynda’s post, I added and want to post here. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out and to see that Hank Paulson is a crooked bastard who is bringing along the New World Order, just as ordered.

Hank Paulson was Goldman Sachs CEO and made 100’s of Millions off of them. Their biggest competition was Lehman Brothers.

Their biggest client and debtholder was AIG.

This is no coincedence, and literally, is so obvious as to be a glaring spotlight.

Lehman Brothers was allowed to sink to eliminate them as competition. AIG was bailed out because had they not been, Paulson’s company, Goldman Sachs would go down due to AIG’s debt.

Let the competition bite the dust and bail out your biggest liability.

This is all about taking care of his own and forcing it into an even larger role in the New World Order.

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