Obama Wins: America Has Been Snookered Again

Is it true that no one remembered Ralph Nader or any of the third party candidates yesterday or could it be that the corporate MSM and the Corporately funded and dictatorial presidential debate committee basically kept the entire third party candidates out of the light of day? With 22 months of constant 2 Party brainwashing, I am not surprised that Ralph Nader didn’t achieve many votes (he got mine and my wife’s and several people around here).

This is my bitch. The only way to turn it around is for people like me (and I had hoped a few other rednecks) to get as verbal as I did to overcome the absolutely, purposeful silence the Big Money media clowns and elite made happen.

Surely you understand this very simple notion.

Even in my minor way, locally, I proved it. When I approach people, asking them what they need and desire for their lives as a Tennessean (and a few others) they always tell me… then I can show them the issues that all three were addressing and in each and every instance, Nader would have been the pick.

However, without very loud (and rich) voices helping me I can only reach so many people.

The fact is the the corporations own and run this country, including the media and people’s minds. You may not agree, but there is nothing else that can explain why so many people feel like they do in that video posted here yesterday. It takes a brain-washing to make people believe that bullshit they were spouting.

There are “hopes” that Obama will be the best president we have ever seen?


That takes an awful lot of “hope” in lieu of the things the man has said out of his own mouth. No, I’m not talking about the fuzzy warm nothingness of “hope” and “change”. I am talking about the real issues facing us. Most importantly the very basis for all the problems we have, our Imperialism. He will continue that and so the demise will continue. It is this very point that people lost sight of and it is this point that will likely cause the continued ruination of our wonderful country.

Like I have said countless times, Obama was a shoo in. It was always meant to be. McCain is an ignorant old flip-flopping, war-mongering, Bush-esque liar that no one in their right mind would want to elect, especially after picking Palin. Obama has been groomed for this position and if Americans were stupid enough, McCain would do. It is my opinion that Obama was the pick from the beginning (or Clinton, neither would be different except for owning a pussy).

The people in this country are so ignorant to truth.

We are so pissed off after 8 years of the neocon bullshit that either would beat out the neocon McCain (he ain’t no ‘Maverick”). But “they” knew this all along.

We are ready for “change” and the MSM gave us the image of it. Will Obama now change and do the shit that is truly needed? That, I doubt very seriously, but I will say it is possible. The difference with Nader is that he has spent 40 years getting shit done. He said very plainly and openly what he wanted to achieve, without the little fluffy bullshit words. And ending the Empire is Number 1.

But mark my words (and I have been right many more times in my life than wrong), the Empire will continue. The Corporate control will continue. We will not have Universal healthcare, unless it is ramrodded through Congress, for Obama is too much a corporate shill to endorse it (can’t give up that Insurance money). But you know that ain’t gonna happen, either.

Best president. Yeah, I “hope” so, but I sure as hell won’t hold my breath.

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