The Day Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga Became Irrelevant To REAL Progressives

oreillyandkosWas the day he could write something like this with a a straight face and insinuate that he somehow represents the Progressive movement:

I recently mocked Nader and his supporters, and claimed that would be the last I’d think of him. But then I got a bunch of whines like this one in my inbox:…

Ha ha, yeah, that won’t happen. Anyone who sails with the Nader crowd deserves nothing more than ridicule.

Fuck Ralph Nader, and fuck his supporters. If the past eight years hasn’t smacked any sense into their addled brains, then nothing will. This site caters to the reality-based community. No one else need apply.

Does the “reality-based community” bow to anything and everything that goes against its own interest? Does that community allow our representatives to lie and do anything against its own desires and needs, just so it can become a player in politics, truth and honor be damned?

Apparently so for Kos.

Well, I don’t read the fucked up rag to begin with and I hope that those who have considered themselves Progressives at that shit stain site to wake up to how conservative they are and are just too fucking stupid to understand it.

This isn’t about Nader. This is about Kos being a god damned liar and how fame turned him into another wannabe. This is about how a person has turned his back on the progressive Movement and that person certainly wasn’t Nader.

Fuck you, you whiney little bitch. Come to my stomping grounds and say shit like that to a real progressive’s face, you worthless, cowtowing, pussy.

After I bitchslap you out of your self-made supremacy, go back to the irrelevancy you had before becoming a shill for Big Money and Big Politics (certainly NOT for the Progressive movement). You wouldn’t know a Progressive if you moved Obama’s balls far enough out of your eyesight for you to see.

Piss Poor, Fuck Tard.

B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: The Holy War in Iraq

Sent to me from BrassCheckTV, the following German produced video shows what you will never see on American TV… the intentional conversion tactics of our “Christian Nation” to make Iraq and the entire Middle East another “Christian Nation” (I suppose, in our likeness).

Does this mean that the intent was conversion all along? Maybe not, but it does mean that American Christians feel like they must FORCE their belief upon an unreceptive population and they are willing to kill or die for their idiotic belief. History be damned. Atrocities be damned.

Its better to die or kill now than spend the rest of one’s life in hell?

As the cleric says at the end, mixing religion and politics reminds me of Al Qaeda.

The Southern Baptists are akin to Al Qaeda in their tactics and desires. Does this not bother any other rednecks?

The Iraq War lovers

You’ll never see anything like this on US TV.

The “news” outlets are too afraid of offending the treasonous religious whackos here who number in the millions.

Are there “good Christians” in the US? No doubt. Many of them.

But the banner of “Christianity” is also used to provide cover for subversive and treasonous activity.

If you’re interested in further research on this topic, try to find a copy of “Thy Will Be Done” by Gerard Colby.

The book shows that the Southern Baptist Convention, especially its “missionary” work in the Third World, has been heavily subsidized financially and logistically by the Rockefeller syndicate for over a century. It would not be an exaggeration to say they created and control it.

The real function of these “missionaries” is to soften up the Third World for the oil and mining companies and other members of the syndicate by turning the inhabitants into obedient “Christians” who are willing to sell out their own countrymen. They’ve performed this role throughout the Third World – and they’re ready to do it here.

100 more years in Iraq?

These folks would just love that and then on to Iran and Pakistan too. It doesn’t matter how many people are killed.

This is the madness that lives at the core of the remaining US support for the War in Iraq.