m_39bb5d44b295952cda2374bb55fa5fe6I recently had a wonderful woman add some commentary here that struck a chord with me. As I responded to her very informative post, I clicked on her name and low and behold, I found a Myspace page for a family group (3 very beautiful women, I might add) that perform in and around the Reno area (primarily at fine resorts and casinos). They are called Turquoise.

As I perused the site, I found some music they had recorded (I liked it all… sort of a Rock and Roll, R&B/Soul sound), but found two songs of particular note that really caught my attention. One is a very soulful and sexy song named All Right Here and worth the quick listen.

However, the one that meant the most to me was called, Freedom (On a Firm Foundation).

What really drew me to Tricia, the lead singer and Mama, is her knowledge about cannabis and how it is proved to help many ailments. She understands and shared things that I was unaware of that have helped me and my family, so I owe her a small bit of thanks.

So, please visit her site and if around Reno any time soon, go see them in action.

I know so many people who are taking prescription meds for things that this could easily and side affect free help with that I still come to the conclusion that MONEY is the reason it is still illegal. I know others who due to stigma and fear of government intervention and imprisonment suffered horribly through cancer when they could, at the very least, gotten some pain and nausea relief.

The laws must be changed for a multitude of reasons, but human suffering is the very top reason.

One thought on “Turquoise

  1. Thank you Raymond for your kind words! Our mysapce link is myspace.com/turquoiseband
    I’m really enjoying your site here…very informative! Dr Dean Edell http://www.healthcentral.com/default.html is a very reputable man in the field of medicine and is a strong Medical Marijuana expert…please check him out for further info on the subject. He also has a daily radio broadcast.
    No more reason to feel guilty folks…This has been around since before Man! It has more right to be here than we do! and was given for us to use…every beast and every plant! It was probably rampant in the garden of Eden! The Natives used it for their ceremonies and it is DEFINITELY a case of Govt. Control and taking away our rights and freedoms that we should be born with in this “free” country. Hopefully Barack O’bama will listen to the advice of Pamela Anderson and Legalize it once and for all…that and castrating or otherwise disabling child molesters! anyway…peace to all…


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