For Those Of You Who Eat Testicles And Get Sick… Fugu!


Let me explain something to you rednecks. Testicles are not something that normal human being ingest (altho a lick every now and then never hurt anyone… hint, hint). If you find some sudden urge to eat testicles of any sort, especially the testicles of the poisonous blowfish, then your problem isn’t your diet… its your mind. You have gone freaking nuts. From At least in this case they were grilled, not raw. Makes all the difference in the world, huh?

Poisonous Testicles Leave 7 Sickened

via Daily Rotten Forum Experience.


TOKYO —  Seven diners in northern Japan fell ill and three remained hospitalized Tuesday after eating blowfish testicles prepared in a restaurant not authorized to serve the poisonous delicacy.

The owner of the restaurant in Tsuruoka city, who is also the chef, had no license to serve blowfish and was being questioned on suspicion of professional negligence, police official Yoshihito Iwase said.

Blowfish, while extremely poisonous if not prepared properly, is considered a delicacy in Japan and is consumed by thrill-seeking gourmets.

Iwase said the seven men ordered sashimi and grilled blowfish testicles at the restaurant Monday night.

Shortly after, they developed limb paralysis and breathing trouble and started to lose consciousness — typical signs of blowfish poisoning — and were rushed to a hospital for treatment, Iwase said.

A 68-year-old diner remained hospitalized in critical condition with respiratory failure and two others, aged 55 and 69, were in serious condition, he said.

“It’s scary. If you go to a decent-looking restaurant that serves fugu, you would assume a cook has a proper fugu license,” Iwase said, using the Japanese term for blowfish.

Blowfish poison, called tetrodotoxin, is nearly 100 times more poisonous than potassium cyanide, according to the Ishikawa Health Service Association. It can cause death within an hour and a half after consumption.

Three people died and 44 others were sickened by blowfish poisoning in 2007 — most of them after catching the fish and cooking it at home — according to the Health Ministry.

13948_512On another note: Here, in my small hometown, I saw a place called “Kelly’s Katch”. When I saw it, I finally understood what Derrick (our young friend) explained about the work he does part time… extracting “caviar” from catfish (Spoonbill).

Yes, rednecks, you didn’t realize that all those catfish you cleaned over the years and the yellow egg sack that you pull out with your fingers and throw away as fast as humanly possible is now being eaten in this country… even in Tennessee. But mostly by those high falutin’ idiots in NJ (wink, wink, GrandAmVixen and Mr G-Man)… I can almost see Z Man dining with the Italians and in his rich, pompous way, feed them paddlefish1this shit.

(No, really I cannot see Mr Z Man doing that…)

I mean, truly, WTF? Fish eggs? Bottom dweller babies?

So, I had to learn more and found that it is a specific kind of catfish-like creature, the Spoonbill. I have actually caught a few of these in my time, but never knew that the eggs (which I heard could be used for pig slop) could be used for anything… much less eating. Leave it to a Tn redneck to come up with something that now adorns the shelves of the most hooty tooty gourmet stores in this country. From Tennessee Home and Farm:

Tucked away in the West Tennessee town of Savannah, Kelly’s Katch Caviar is making quite a name for itself – and the Tennessee River.phpthumb_generated_thumbnailjpg

Co-owned by Mike and Vickie Kelley, Kelley’s Katch was one of the first small caviar producers in the nation to begin labeling its own product. And it’s been a big hit – in fact, the Wall Street Journal raved about Tennessee’s paddlefish product, naming the salty gray eggs the best caviar value in America. Today, it’s proudly displayed on the shelves of New York’s legendary Dean & DeLuca food emporium, and is snapped up by fish-egg connoisseurs looking for a more moderately priced alternative to the belugas and sevrugas.

New this year: black U.S. sturgeon roe, described as having a “rich, nutty taste.”

All of the caviar either comes from the Kelleys’ own fishing boats or is bought from local commercial fishermen, giving proof to its marketing slogan:”The Freshest in the Nation.”

For more information, visit, or call 731-925-7360.

Now, I used to work for a Japanese company and traveled to Japan and traveled with Japanese here on many occasions. After 7 years, one has eaten virtually anything that walks (or swims) if you are really hanging with them. On one trip, after work, around 8 engineers (only one spoke very broken English) took me to a very small mom and pop sushi shop right on the ocean in the small town of Kishikawa. We sat at a huge tatami table, all 9 of us, and the mom and pop team went to work.

I remember the Japanese guys looking at me, talking to each other, then ordering. The translator would laugh and say, they are trying to find what you will NOT like, as a joke. They brought out a soup as an appetizer that was known to be very spicy hot. The Japanese didn’t use a spoon, they just sipped the soup. I quickly finished mine and asked for a second… then noticed the approving grins from my friends… then the deviousness starter.

uniUni, or Sea Urchin eggs, raw, is one of the worst things I ever put into my mouth. It is akin to shoving shit filtered sand into your mouth and trying to chew the grit. Roe (fish eggs) is almost as bad, especially the Salmon Roe (Ikura). These damn things are big, like a pile of mini marbles stacked up on a bed of rice. When you bite into a mouthful of Salmon eggs, they pop with a salty thick snot-like fluid that I almost want to barf writing this. And someikura people like that shit???

I was not going to relent. I was going to eat any damned thing they put in front of me, just to proove a point and to garner their trust and admiration.

Let me tell you, when you can sit with a bunch of Japanese guys and eat the shit they won’t eat… you impress the hell out of them.

Don’t get me started on the Karaoke and my Elvis imitation.

I was a star!

5 thoughts on “For Those Of You Who Eat Testicles And Get Sick… Fugu!

  1. LMFAO
    I’m glad to read that you’ve finally come to your senses and realized that I’m a “high society” lady BMan!
    Hopefully my unborn daughter will follow in my footsteps………. 😉


  2. I stole your picture of the Ikura to explain to some one how much I love GOOD sushi… Eating a live lobster though (after catching it)… probably a bit much.


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