America’s Drug Policy Is Idiotic

The header are words that David Sirota penned about the Phelps issue and marijuana prohibition, in general.

Now, I am not a big fan of David’s (it just so happens that I believe him to be a crony of Big Money, and certainly the Dem Party). I believe he is totally misguided, or complicit, in his 9/11 coverup (whether or not he knows he is covering for criminals, I am not sure). But one reason I want to illuminate his work, even though I have penned similar things over and over again, is that he is considered by some to be “Main Stream” and has a fairly large audience (and is seen on TV quite often, etc).

People like David need to say these things. It NEEDS to be out in the open and the lies squashed for the bullshit they are. We need people to stand up and tell the truth about this substance and use it for good, instead of the faux boogey man it has become.

He goes on:

Doctors can hand out morphine to anyone for anything beyond a headache, but they can’t prescribe marijuana to terminal cancer patients. Madison Avenue encourages a population plagued by heart disease to choke down as many artery-clogging Big Macs and Dunkin’ Donuts as it can, but it’s illegal to consume cannabis, “a weed that has been known to kill approximately no one,” as even the archconservative Colorado Springs Gazette admitted in its editorial slamming Phelps. Indeed, it would be perfectly acceptable — even artistically admirable in some quarters — if I told you that I drank myself into a blind stupor while writing this column, but it would be considered “outrageous” if I told you I was instead smoking a joint (FYI — I wasn’t doing either).

Personally, I could care less what David does in “his” time, with “his” life, just as I am pleased that he appears not too concerned about what I might or might not do with mine (regarding weed). But this is much deeper than any “pothead” desires (David quickly paints the usage of “every pothead” as escapism… just proving that he understands about half of what he “thinks” he understands), but I’m willing to cut him some slack on his enveloping every “pothead” as having the same motivation.

The fact is that when I used during college, I made better scores and retained more. I went from average to President’s list in one semester, for my first I swallowed the koolaid and believed the rhetoric (and did not partake). The next semester, I started using regularly and suddenly my grades sky rocketed to a 4.0 for 3 staright semesters.

The ONLY time I enjoyed pot and TV was perhaps some old movie, but I certainly didn’t care for much anything else that is on there. So weed never made me want to watch TV.

Let me just say that there are a myriad of reasons why people want and/or NEED to partake of that substance. My biggest bitch is losing my friend Dog and Lil Sis when they COULD have done something to perhaps help themselves, but at the very least they could have minimized the sickness, etc.

As Mr Sirota wrote,

I’m just going to throw editorial caution to the wind and write what lots of us thought — but were afraid to say — when we heard about Phelps.”

I agree. We need more people joining in and saying something. People should boycott Kellogg’s for their hypocritical behavior (not just removing Phelps’ endorsements). When Michael Phelps was arrested (pulled over) for alcohol related issues and Kellogg’s didn’t say a thing, then it is truly the height of hypocrisy at work.

David points out this hypocrisy nicely:

America is a place where you can destroy millions of lives as a Wall Street executive and still get invited for photo-ops at the White House; a land where the everyman icon — Joe Sixpack — is named for his love of shotgunning two quarts of beer at holiday gatherings; a “shining city on a hill” where presidential candidates’ previous abuse of alcohol and cocaine is portrayed as positive proof of grittiness and character. And yet, somehow, Phelps is the evildoer of the hour because he went to a party and took a hit off someone’s bong.

People should understand that they have been lied to for decades. Just because the lie is ancient, doesn’t make it true. It just makes it an old lie and easier to brainwash people with.

I challenge anyone to a debate on this subject, for I know precisely what I am talking about.

You can read Mr Sirota’s entire article here.

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