Rednecks: What Is Your Problem?

“Even though all men desire knowledge, still not all devote themselves to the pursuit of it because they are held back by other things, either by pleasures or the needs of the present life; or they may even avoid the effort that learning demands because they are lazy.”


It takes a couple of things to make a redneck a clueless redneck. Most of us have a pretty hard life, as a redneck. Many of us know and understand farm life, if not country life. Many of us grew up poor and with certain breaks in life were able to succeed in a limited fashion (some moreso than others).

But we are led around by fools like Bredesen, Jindal and Barbour, thinking that they know best and are doing the right thing, no matter how badly we end up in the long run. We are basically a stupid bunch, a lazy bunch or just too busy to take notice. We vote for the very idiots who get their money from the people who want to keep us down the most, yet we are too ignorant to realize it, much less actually DO something about it.

Since in my line of work I deal mostly with educated engineers and the like, I doubt that it is stupidity. Generally, compared to most down here, they make more money. That leaves laziness.

Are you too lazy to read something other than Rush’s reading list? How did you make it through school without reading?

As an American patriot, I am embarrassed by you, if you are still touting the same old tired and totally bullshit right-wing talking points. I am embarrassed that you will still follow the piper to your demise and not give a shit that you are also herding many others with you to their death and doom.

What IS your problem, exactly, that you have this insatiable desire to ruin my country with your ignorant and sheople-like complicity?