WTF Thursday: When Patriots Are Imprisoned

Iraq shoe-thrower sentenced to three years jail

BAGHDAD (, Agencies)

A Baghdad court sentenced an Iraqi reporter who hurled his shoes at former U.S. president George W. Bush to three years in prison on Thursday.

Muntazer al-Zaidi worked for al-Baghdadiya television, and earned instant worldwide fame when he threw his shoes at Bush at a news conference in December, calling him a dog.

“This sentence is harsh and is not in harmony with the law, and eventually the defense team will contest this in the appeals court,” said Dhiaa al-Saadi, the head of Zaidi’s defence team.

Zaidi’s sister Ruqaiya burst into tears, shouting “Down with Maliki, the agent of the Americans,” referring to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Zaidi’s brother, Uday, said the verdict was politically motivated.

Not Guilty

Zaidi had pleaded not guilty at the hearing in the Iraq Central Criminal Court to assaulting Bush during his farewell visit to Iraq last year.

“He was sentenced to three years in jail,” defense lawyer Yahia Attabi told reporters outside the Baghdad court.

“We expected the decision because under the Iraqi criminal code he was charged with assaulting a foreign leader on an official visit,” Attabi said, adding: “We will appeal this decision.”

Zaidi, whose shoe-hurling gesture is considered a grave insult in the Arab and Muslim world, had risked up to 15 years in jail on the charge of aggression against a foreign head of state during an official visit.

The former U.S. president, deeply unpopular in the Arab world for ordering the 2003 invasion of Iraq, had been at a globally-televised media conference with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki when Zaidi let rip with his shoes, zinging them at Bush, who managed to duck just in time.

When Judge Abdulamir Hassan al-Rubaie asked Zaidi if he was innocent, the journalist responded: “Yes, my reaction was natural, just like any Iraqi (would have done).”

After the verdict, his 25-strong defense team emerged to scenes of chaos outside the court, where several family members screamed: “It’s an American court… sons of dogs.”

Popular way of expression

Wearing a light-brown suit, brown sweatshirt and thin-framed glasses, Zaidi had been brought into the packed courtroom under a heavy police escort.

Chief defense lawyer Ehiya al-Sadi had argued that his client’s motives were “honorable.”

“He was only expressing his feelings. What he could see was the blood of Iraqis at his feet when he watched the U.S. president speaking about his achievements in Iraq.”

He also argued that although Iraqi law considered it an attack on a visiting head of state, “his throwing of the shoe did not cause any injury or damage.”

The trial first opened on Feb. 19 but was adjourned to determine the nature of Bush’s Dec. 14 visit. The judge told the court that government ministers had declared it official.

Throwing shoes became a popular way of expressing anger and discontent, with public figures ranging from the Israeli ambassador in Sweden to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao targeted in protest and symbolic shoe-throwing events held throughout the world.

Found at Al Arabiya News Channel

Of course you don’t normally treat a foreign head of state in such a manner by throwing shoes. But in this case, the man had my permission and should be let go and paraded throughout the streets of Iraq as a hero, even if only a hero to many Americans. It just so happens that my mother threw a thousand shoes at me, so the significance of “offense” eludes me, therefore I recommend a big stinking, hot turd for the next patriot that tries. If close enough, a good hocker to the face will do.

Now THAT would be offensive and deserved.

8 thoughts on “WTF Thursday: When Patriots Are Imprisoned

  1. The bravest thing done by any person during the hellish Bush gets 3 years in prison. The crimes Bush committed against the people and country of Iraq were of the most heinous and personal nature, yet the man who was courageous enough to react in a personal way is the one who gets punished.


  2. I understand that it is wrong to attack a head of state (even with a shoe). But I also understand this man’s feelings and I also am convinced W is a War Criminal.

    Perhaps there will come a day that Mr Zaidi will be free and treated as a hero for the rest of his life. Perhaps there will be a day when it is a jail cell, or maybe even a firing Squad’s bullet headed at W.


      • Extraordinary rendition, establishing and endorsing torture, illegal wiretapping of American citizens, illegal invasion of a Sovereign country that had done nothing to us, lies and deceit to lead us into that bogus and financially debilitating disaster and the murder of each and every Iraqi and American serviceman lost in this idiotic “war for profit”. He and his ilk are instrumental in the financial fleecing and banker’s bailout. His multitude of illegal “signing statements”, and if I were to guess, his part in the 9/11 attack/coverup.

        Should I go on?


        • How is illegal wiretapping ANYWHERE close to a war crime?
          Bush couldn’t have been more CALM during 9/11.
          Terrorists were tortured…now they are released and doing their killing again. I don’t advocate torture on anyone, but it was better than releasing them.
          Illegal invasion? Congress voted on a resolution! Iraq gassed so many Kurds! Saddam was a tyrant! He had his sons rape
          newlywedded wives and forced the husbands to watch!
          The financial crisis? Blame the banks that loaned to those who could not pay!
          Nearly all of Congress knew Iraq had WMDs.
          Ask Ted Kennedy about that.


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  4. Conservatives don’t defend people just because they call themselves conservative.

    I notice that you can only agrue with the one point, then go into blabbing about other people, changing the subject.

    I take it you are no defense attorney, for your client would have just been put before the firing squad for his war crimes.

    Ted Kennedy? You fucking moron.

    Are all fake conservatives morons? Sure seems that way.

    Be gone you dumb fucker.


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