Hoping For Eideh Shoma Mobrak

Mr Obama lies so much and with a smile and straight face that I am unsure what to make of this. As Kelso’s Nuts pointed out in these comments, “Was there one thing Obama said during the campaign that wasn’t a lie?” Which can be extended to post election, as well.

I know you defenders of the Savior don’t think he “lied” per se, but said things that we “strategic” or had to “change” his philosophy because things on the ground changed, or that he had to say certain things to get elected, but he would be better than McCain and that it is all part of a “special plan”.

But an untruth is still a lie, intentional or not, purposeful or not, reactionary or not.

So, when I hear the words like in that video, yes, I have hope. But I also know that the man has lied a multitude of times about other issues (including foreign relations related issues) so, frankly, I don’t trust him to be telling me the truth totally in this video. There are a variety of reasons why he would make this video, but I must admit that I am intrigued by it and have to wonder if this will give “hope”, REAL hope to Iranians, Americans and all the rest of the world.

I don’t hold a lot of faith in him and this could simply be something that is a sleight of hand move to appease the likes of me (and other war on terror dissenters). But I “hope” it is a real outreaching to Iran and its leaders. A good indication would be for President Obama to admit that the Iranian president never threatened to wipe Israel off the map… that he has been made a monster because that is what the American leadership needs to keep their fear-mongering going. Did you pick up on that?

If Mr Obama is truly pursuing other avenues to this decades long assault, then he must admit the lies and deceit previously used. IF he were to do that, I believe that “hope” might be real. The fact is that we have been instigating shit like a school yard bully, but favoring one of the kids much more than the other. Even stepping in to train them and arm them.

So, there is a hypocritical ring to his description of Iran, since he basically described us and our actions when describing them. Maybe he could give America a history lesson on our meddling in their affairs for many decades and how, if the shoe were on the other foot, we would be pissed and yes, might revolt against the Empire’s aggression.

But other than that, this was an amazing change in procedure and had a ring of truth to it (but that is what makes Mr Obama so good: his ability to lie and smile you into believing it). It offers some hope, I just “hope” it is sincere. The next step is to take Israel and their neocon crazy war mongering fools who use our weapons and spy on us relentlessly (and may have been instrumental in the 9/11 attacks) to task and to stop the preferential treatment.

THEN we would have real hope. But are there any suckers out there willing to bet that is going to happen?a

Glenn Greenwald sums up all of this quite nicely:

It’s easy to dismiss and mock if that’s what one really wants to do.  And the caveats and causes for skepticism are obvious (it’s just a video; there was nothing done about the war in Gaza; he just signed this last week, etc. etc.).  But it’s inconceivable that anything like this video would have been possible at any point during the last eight years or even the couple of decades prior to that.  The protests that the video will inevitably provoke by itself demonstrates that it is a political risk.  Genuine expressions of respect, symbolic though they might be, can transform relations between previously hostile people and countries.  Politically-motivated demonization (of the U.S. by Iranian hard-liners and of Iran by American and Israeli hard-liners) becomes more difficult when this is the tone that prevails and this is the face that is shown.  And rapprochement, if it’s to happen, can only begin with steps like this.

It may be that the Obama administration wants a diplomatic solution with Iran out of necessity and it may be that this is just a fig leaf designed to placate various factions.  Only time — and subsequent actions — will tell.  But whatever else is true, it is a weak, decaying and insecure nation that beats its chest and relies on ugly threats to establish its “toughness” and “credibility” with the world, while the mark of a strong and confident nation is the willingness to take a first step like this one towards its adversaries:

Hohenwald, TN Murderer Deathbed Confesses…

Then figures out he will live, but in prison for the rest of his life. h/t Daily Rotten

SHAWNEE — A man who thought he was going to die confessed last week to a decades-old slaying.

James Brewer, 58, didn’t die. Instead, he found himself Monday in a Tennessee courtroom facing a murder charge. Authorities say he killed a man he thought was involved with his wife in 1977.

Brewer, a Shawnee resident, was in an Oklahoma City hospital early last week when his wife called the Shawnee Police Department, saying her husband wanted to confess to a murder.

“He wanted to cleanse his soul, because he thought he was going to the great beyond,” Shawnee police detective Tony Grasso said.

Grasso interviewed Brewer at the hospital, but Brewer had trouble communicating because of the stroke he suffered. In the beginning, his wife agreed to translate for him but decided partway through the interview that they needed an attorney, Grasso said.

Grasso photographed and fingerprinted Brewer and contacted authorities in Tennessee.

Brewer surrendered to Tennessee authorities on Thursday. He appeared in court Monday with the same lawyer he had almost 32 years ago. He is being held in lieu of bail. A bail hearing is set for March 30.

For almost three decades, James and Dorothy Brewer had been living in Shawnee under the name of Michael and Dorothy Anderson, authorities said. Dorothy was sometimes referred to as “Dolly” or “Dot.”

The couple lived in a modest home on the south side of Shawnee. Brewer had worked at Central Plastics, a manufacturing plant, until a previous stroke about three years ago.

Brewer was arrested after the April 27, 1977, shooting death of Jimmy Carroll and charged with first-degree murder. His $50,000 bail was reduced to $10,000. When he was released on bail, Brewer legally changed his name, and the couple left for Nashville, Tenn. They later moved to Texas and then to Shawnee, where Brewer worked as a machinist for 17 years and where they raised their daughter.

“It was easy to legally change your name in 1977,” Lewis County, Tenn., Sheriff Dwayne Kilpatrick said.

Brenda Buie, Carroll’s younger sister, said she hopes this is the beginning of the end.

“I never thought this day would come,” she said.

Buie was at the hearing Monday and said James Brewer and his wife didn’t show any remorse or speak to the Carroll family.

Buie said Dorothy Brewer was at the center of the dispute between the two men.

There were rumors that James wanted to kill Jimmy, rumors that Jimmy never took seriously, she said.

Buie said the Carroll family will meet with the district attorney’s office this week about charges against Dorothy Brewer.

Carroll was a divorced father of twin 5-year-old boys at the time of his death.

“They don’t hardly remember their daddy,” Buie said, referring to her nephews. “I was 20 at the time — it’s imprinted in my mind.”

What happened?

About 4 p.m. on April 27, 1977, James and Dorothy Brewer pulled up in front of a service station in Hohenwald, Tenn. Carroll was inside the store waiting for his mother to pick him up, Buie said.Carroll learned Brewer wanted to talk to him, but friends warned the man as he approached Brewer’s vehicle, she said.

Carroll was shot twice — once in the abdomen and once below the left shoulder — with a handgun. After the shooting, Carroll walked back into store, fell down and died at the scene, Buie said.

“He left him (Carroll) lying in a pool of blood,” said Kilpatrick, the Lewis County, Tenn., sheriff.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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