Do we really need to know?

I do understand the scientific and biological tracking of these monster folks… but… is there really more to learn that would matter??
Do we really have to know why???

Let’s chat about the trial of Josef Fritzl in Austria. He’s been labeled a monster but his lawyer says he’s a human being, and Fritzl blames his mother for bullying him.
Does Josef Fritzl deserve some understanding? Can there be any justification for what he did or is he simply evil?
It’s an issue that often comes up when terrible crimes are committed – if we label these people monsters, do we lose the opportunity to learn from these crimes and try to stop them happening again? Are we avoiding the question of whether society is to some degree responsible? Can they be rehabilitated? Or should we lock them up and forget about them?

[I think I understand just fine… the guy is a monster, period. I don’t care what he and his lawyer say, the guy’s a psycho monster. He can blame his mother all he wants, lots of people have horrible parents, but not all of them do what he did. 24 years his poor daughter was locked in a windowless cellar being raped repeatedly by her own father, bore children by him, and one died. I hope they find him guilty of everything and that he rots in jail if that‘s all the punishment they can dole out.]josef-fritzi-the-monster

One thought on “Do we really need to know?

  1. The fact that he did what he did must go accounted for. And punished, in my estimation.

    However, I think it is key to understand the “why’s” of his actions, to try to help fight against or see it in the future.

    I wonder what his daughter wants as far as punishment is concerned? That would be interesting to know.


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