The Barbarism of Haley Barbour

I hope you Mississippians are proud of your lobbyist Governor who must be considering a run for the Whitehouse (and the scary thing is that there are actually a few ignorant rednecks who would vote for this piece of shit):

Barbour vetoes furniture manufacturing tax credits

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Gov. Haley Barbour has vetoed a bill that would’ve given tax credits to furniture manufacturers in Mississippi.

Please read the thumb in Mississippians’ eye from the AP source.

Essentially, motion furniture had its heyday in North Mississippi for many years, until manufacturers started sending the cut & build operations overseas. I have witnessed so many companies shut down or lay off so many people over the past 4 or 5 years that it is amazing that the rednecks I know haven’t gone after a few heads.

Now this idiot Haley Barbour (he must be acting out his retribution towards his parents for naming him Haley… I mean, really. WTF?) has vetoed the only sound way to keep the Chinese honest.

Can you feel Haley’s love for his home state and the lives of working Mississippians?

I wonder if he and Bobby Jindal plan this ignorant, constituency back-stabbing shit together? Is that the new reTHUGlican ticket for Pres and VP?


3 thoughts on “The Barbarism of Haley Barbour

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