“If He Is A Decent and Honorable Person, He Will Resign”

Said Senator Patrick Leahy in regards to Judge Bybee’s involvement with American torture. h/t Jonathon Turley

Now, I don’t know about you, but the fact that Leahy even questions whether or not Bybee is a “decent and honorable” person, in light of the amazingly callous, even evil, memos protecting and lying about torture, tells me that Sen Leahy is no judge of decency or honor.

The political correctness and the two party protectionism MUST stop.

But will it?

Yeah, on Mars, maybe:

In the meantime, former Judiciary Chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) rejected calls for the impeachment and said that Bybee was “one of the most honorable people you’ll ever meet.” Well, as long as you do not meet him in a CIA interrogation room or near a waterboard.

I touched on this at Stop The US Empire and my old “friend” conservative09 dropped in to explain away his talking point regurgitation of War Criminality and his protectionism (apologetics) for George W Bush’s administration (especially the washing away of Yoo’s memos, as if they are unimportant or irrelevant).

I simply cannot grasp the separation of morals and decency from the “right” and their hypocritical defense of all things immoral and evil. It is truly amazing that people can protect and defend these actions and claim to be decent, moral, law abiding or a Constitutionalists.

11 thoughts on ““If He Is A Decent and Honorable Person, He Will Resign”

    • Why just two sides? And why does someone “gotta” take the other side? This is the meme you feed from, con, but that is just bogus brainwashing working at its finest. You are living precisely what The Elite want you to live. You are a pawn and don’t even know it.

      As plainly put as I can possible muster, there is no “other side” to the torture debate.

      If Bybee wrote those memos (I trust you have read them, for I have) then he is an evil asshole intent on causing harm and torture to those he writes about. There simply is no real debate to that. There is no glossing over that. It IS what it IS. Legally proved to be torture and a war crime. PERIOD.

      Please stop kowtowing to the two party system and I guarantee you will see change in this country. If you haven’t understood this simple idea from our few interactions yet, I don’t hold much hope for you.


  1. to quote buelahman… “there is no ‘other side’ on the torture issue”… besides being grossly immoral and inhumane, torture has REPEATEDLY been shown to be an inefficient method of gathering intel….

    i can’t ppl are actually standing up FOR this guy… and Hatch out of all people? Oh yeah… really love HIS credibility


    • “i can’t ppl are actually standing up FOR this guy…”


      “I can’t believe ppl are actually standing up for this guy”


      • Hey Rev,

        Thanks for dropping in my friend.

        As you said, neither can I believe ppl are standing up for that guy or torture, in the first place. It takes a sick mind to do the mental gymnastics needed to reconcile torturing ppl with acceptability and morality in the back of their mind.


  2. Someone has to take the other side, or it doesn’t exist. That is what a debate is. People with different views “argue” over an issue. One side against the other.

    I admit I’m a stranger to the torture issue. I tend to focus on issues like abortion, universal health care, capital punishment, international affairs, illegal immigration, taxes, and others.

    I’ll try my best to locate some of these memos, but if you had links that would be better.


    • I tend to focus on issues like abortion, universal health care, capital punishment, international affairs, illegal immigration, taxes, and others.

      Just like any good water carrying O’Reilly sycophant. You have their arguments down like any good puppet. As erroneous as they may be.

      So that I can understand your point, my not linking to the “Bybee Memos”, “Yoo memos” (or “torture memos”) is the reason you don’t know much about torture, all the while you have voraciously defended against it? (Here is a hint: google any of that shit in parenthesis and see what you find)

      I wonder why you even bother to “debate” or “argue” if you don’t know a damned thing about the subject?

      The answer: because that is what fake conservatives do. They regurgitate the wedge issues just as instructed from their leaders like Rush and Sean (or Palin and McCain), without bothering to spend any time actually studying the fucking subject.

      Jesus Christ and a whole bunch of By-Gods, you just made my point for me, but are oblivious to telling off on yourself.

      Con09, what, exactly, does it feel like to be their pawn? To do their bidding with such uneducated vehemence and adherence to their directives?

      Do you want to debate torture as our first go around? It fits nicely with the war crime thing we began with.


  3. Why is it so hard to give me a link or two? You are just giving me what you already have read. Some big link like a torture memo is bookmark worthy, isn’t it?

    Not knowing a damned thing =/= not knowing much.

    I already told you I don’t listen to Sean or Rush.I was pissed when Palin was VP nominee. If Romney was VP nominee, McCain would have been elected president.
    …I don’t take anyone’s arguments. Don’t peg me as a
    plagiarist. If you want to debate any issue, we can. Then you can compare my arguments with those bozos and see if they match up. Hell, why don’t I just list some political figures I’ve studied

    Barry Goldwater-Mr Conservative would’ve been a great president
    John Locke-Liberalism at its best
    Edmund Burke-Conservatism at its best
    FDR-Great president, but had some bad decisions


    • Its not hard to give you a link, con. Why are you so lazy as to not Google the words I told you to Google?

      My gripe, con, is that you came here arguing and protecting Bush from my criticism and calling him and his administration war criminals.

      Yoo memo’s and the torture issue was one, if not the primary rationale in my indictment (many indictments).

      You have been very cavalier about Yoo and the accusations I make and then began defending the administration from my accusations.

      All the while, you have not even read the goddamned memos?

      Are you serious? Do you think I should take you seriously?

      Are you 12 years old or what?

      When it comes to torture and these memos, con, you don’t know a god damned thing. That is plainly evident, so don’t get your panties in a wad. Read it, study it and then come back, but to begin your “debate” from a standpoint of total ignorance gives you ZERO credibility.

      You see, a good debate is not simply two or more differing opinions, but the ability to to prove your opinion with data and fact. Having not read the memos that I have said several times is the smoking gun of their agenda of torture, but still wanting to defend against my accusation is ludicrous. Its the same old right-wing, knee-jerk defensive apologist behavior we came to understand during the last 8 years.

      Sean, Rush, O’Reilly, anything on Fox = idiocy. For that matter, anything on TV is suspect, period. Especially anything on Fox.

      Romney would have never gotten the religious vote, which was Palin’s main drag (not to mention all the idiot right-wingers who thought she was gorgeous enough to be President). (rolling eyes)

      McCain never stood a chance. Why? Not because of the vote count, but because The Elite wanted Barack Hussein Obama as president.

      You need to get the two party system shit out of your head. It isn’t real. It is a tool of division and a tool to create the winner they want.


  4. Alright I’ll study this torture issue and then reply. But don’t bitch about my sources. I only wanted to use the same sources you were using so we could be looking at the same thing.


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