True Progressivism (Not The Fake Obama Kind You Were Fooled By)

One of the most open and honest discussion about progressive values concerning Single Payer Universal healthcare.

A real majority of the “Two Party System” (may be 60 now with Spector) has the numbers to do what is right for this country, but as Ed lays it out, the Dems are in the pocket of Big Insurance.

BTW: Bernie Sanders is a Patriot.

There is a chance to make this happen, but you must get loud in your own back yard. It isn’t enough to just post this shit on a blog. Get out in your community and start talking to people and asking them specific questions about their healthcare and it is easy to show them where their brainwashed ideas of “socialized medicine” are wrong headed and that there is a far better solution.

There is no reason why this country spends twice as much for health care as any industrialized country in the world, yet we have poorer health and health care as a result.

It is the Insurance Companies, idiot. Wake Up! Get them out of your health care and watch it improve for less money.

Will you get it from Barack Obama? No, because he is NOT a progressive and never has been. Also look at where he got his campaign finances from and your answer is obvious as to “why” he won’t push for it, even though he has the political clout to do so.

You Obama Maniacs are gullible fools. Just as gullible and foolish as any Bushie alive.

h/t AfterDowningStreet

6 thoughts on “True Progressivism (Not The Fake Obama Kind You Were Fooled By)

  1. The supermajority does sound cool in theory, but you’re right. The Democratic party probably just got more Republicany.


  2. There were three very fine progressive Democrats who could have won this thing in Pennsylvania over (the Republican) Specter and Toomey: BRADY, FATTAH and SESTAK. But no…Obama get another Obama in there.

    As far as I’m concerned here are THE WORLD’S US SENATORS: Boxer, Sherrod Brown, Feingold, Merkeley, Jack Reed, Sanders, the Udalls, and Whitehouse. That’s it. The others including Durbin, Kennedy and Leahy are a joke.

    Alan Garcia, Far Right Wing President Of Peru and former Reagan era death squad leader, has Single Payer Health Care.



    • Hey,

      Alan Garcia, Far Right Wing President Of Peru and former Reagan era death squad leader, has Single Payer Health Care.

      I am very interested in this particular sentence.

      I am considering a series of posts that are called “Where In The World Is Single Payer Health Care?” In doing so, I would focus on certain individual countries and the American hypocrisy, such as you list.

      I can Google, but is there a key source of info you recommend?


  3. I think that the WorldBank/IMF and the CIA Factbook both have all the info on government policy around the world that you need. For you, those would be especially good sources because you’ll see a lot of what you suspect to be true verified by two sources which are anything but biased in your direction (lol).


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