Conservative09 (The Fake Conservative) Has Lost His Mind

You may have remembered the dude calling himself Conservative09 who rears his head every now and again. Well, I tried to reach out and discuss something with the guy, especially about torture and it led to various posts at his place and comments here where he was challenged (I guess) to look into water boarding and to determine if it was torture and thus, war crimes.

He sent me this today in an email (with his letter to a newspaper attached: read it at his blog, if you like) and either this dude has totally succumbed to some mental deficiency or he is “getting my goat“. For I simply cannot believe that any rational person could write such idiocy and expect any serious consideration.

By the way, I had the chance to be waterboarded.  I could say it isn’t torture after that experience, and I will.  I coughed a lot, but it felt like coming up for air after wrestling with someone under water.  Hell, I did it at home.  That is how available it is.  Sure, it isn’t exactly the same thing, but it’s close, for now.  I did not use the cloth or plastic wrap; I don’t understand why it is even there.  I would think pouring water directly onto the face is worse, right? I know how hard it is to believe someone else on a political issue until you’ve seen what they’ve seen, and in this situation it’s hard unless you’ve experienced what the other person has experienced.  If you do get the chance to be waterboarded under controlled conditions, go for it.  Seriously.

I replied and asked him if he actually wrote that and said…

Because if you did, you are a mindless idiot.

It MUST be a joke or something, but it shows you have no idea of the brevity of torture.

Do you seriously believe that you experienced “water boarding” in your experiment? Will you say or imagine any sort of crazy assed bullshit to defend something? Or are you really an insane asshole who has evaded mental help who’s family and neighbors are in danger?

Do you think anyone, even a person who has actually conducted real water boarding (or even Dick Cheney, himself) would say what you did to yourself, at home, was water boarding?

When finished, did you have a glass of wine and slice of cheese?

You imbecile: Let me explain something. IF you were ever actually a prisoner who had experienced whatever goes on in interragation and harsh treatment via stress positions, cold and 11 sleepless nights (who knows what)… and you were the “ticking timebomb” person being water boarded, there is not a chance in hell you would say that what you “did at home” (God, I cannot believe that someone could actually write such shit) would be remotely the same as water boarding. Incredible naivety and stupidity.

I am seriously amazed that you sent this to me, if this is serious.

I can’t wait to post about this.

(LOL: you fucking nutcase)

A little blunt, maybe, but if this is the mindset of “conservatism”, then the wasting away of that fake movement is obviously understood by this interaction. I am incredulous that anyone has the audacity to pen such words. It cannot be real.

What do you think?

Where In The World Is Universal HealthCare?

Perhaps the most accurate way to ask this question is,

“Where In The World Is NOT Universal HealthCare?”

For that is an easier question to answer. A cursory look at Universal Healthcare in Wikipedia has a very blunt answer:

Universal health care is implemented in all but one of the wealthy, industrialized countries, with the exception being the United States.[1][2] It is also provided in many developing countries and is the trend worldwide.

The very healthcare system enjoyed by EVERY wealthy, industrialized nation EXCEPT the United States.

Please let that sink in. Let the fact that the “greatest country in the world” is the ONLY ONE that doesn’t make Universal healthcare the system of choice. How can it be that we have allowed ourselves to be last in anything? We are America, right?

My buddy Kelso replied to a comment and had this single sentence that touched off this rant and rationale for a series of posts showing the extremes of hypocrisy that the American people have been duped into believing:

Alan Garcia, Far Right Wing President Of Peru and former Reagan era death squad leader, has Single Payer Health Care.

I admit my ignorance to many things on the world stage, especially the politics involved with countries like Peru. It is simply a case of where I, too, have fallen for the screaming meme of “America is the greatest country”, even in light of the horrific and dubious roles we play in South Americans lives (not to mentioned everywhere else in the world we don’t belong). Why care about those “little brown people” if I live in the “greatest country in America”? I mean, surely those backwoods little brown people don’t know shit from shinola, right?

I have to admit that while studying President Garcia’s history, it did cause me to question just how intelligent these people may be if they re-elect a man who’s policies help usher in a devestating financial breakdown. But politics are truly local and when you review how the election was set up, you see how it could be made possible.

From a BBC News Profile on Alan Garcia:

Under his rule, inflation multiplied, reaching four figures; the Shining Path guerrilla insurgency had surged unchecked; corruption was rampant.

Mr Garcia fled the country in 1992, facing corruption charges and with troops despatched to arrest him.

Nine years later he returned to Peru to stand in presidential elections.

He lost to Alejandro Toledo – but only by a slender margin. Mr Garcia had signalled that he was back.

And in 2006, to the astonishment of many onlookers, Mr Garcia triumphantly regained the presidency.

But, again, I digress. Peruvians elected the man and they get what they pay for and when he said the following, it must have changed their minds somehow:

Do you think I want my tombstone to read: ‘He was so stupid that he made the same mistakes twice’?

And believe me, all us big fat white people are no smarter than those little brown people… we DID re-elect W, didn’t we? As a matter of fact, it just proves a point that any electorate can be fooled with fear and almost any shiny little object to sway our attention from prescient matters to those of nothingness and fear.

Now back to my point. This year, as Kelso points out, President Garcia helped usher in a Universal, single payer healthcare system in Peru. From wiki:


On April 9, 2009 the Government of Peru published the Law on Health Insurance to enable all Peruvians to access quality health services, and contribute to regulate the financing and supervision of these services. The law enables all population to access diverse health services to prevent illnesses, and promote and rehabilitate people, under a Health Basic Plan (PEAS). [14][15]

Not only that, but yesterday, they actually took it a step farther by implementing this (from LivinginPeru):

The Peruvian government has extended public health insurance coverage to laid-off workers for an additional  period of six months, according to a decree published today in El Peruano official gazette.

This decision is intended to help families to overcome the effects of the global financial crisis.

The ones who can make use of this benefits are those who get laid off between January 1st, 2009 and July 31st, 2010.

The decree sets up a temporary special regime of coverage for the unemployed and their families, which will allow them to access to Essalud (the National Social Security System) complete health services, provided they had already been included in the  Essalud system during at least five months.

Think about that and then consider your Blue Cross Blue Shield Cobra plan since you lost your job.

Is there any “real” American in this country that can stand against healthcare for all? How can you be “Christian” and do so? How can you have a moral bone in your body and deny others? How can you mimic Christ in any realistic way when supporting large scale murder and carnage (via our military), yet deny the very basic healthcare to any person alive? How do you live with yourself and the blatant hypocrisy?

As an American, are you embarrased that we are the ONLY freaking industrialized country that won’t do it? The “Greatest Country?”

As Bro’ kelso stated (and Brother Jeremiah Wright once said):


Let me just say to all you faux Christians out there, running around immersed in hate and reproach for others, when the Christ was noted saying:

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy

Do you think he had your merciless ass in mind? Do you think that when He healed someone, he asked if they were “covered” or needed their “co-pay”? Do you think you should be “happy” or be “shown favor” by God (that is what “blessed” means) if you believe that people should not be healed if they can’t pay for it?

American people: It is high time you stop your idiotic head burying and begin to force these medical and insurance company backed politicians into doing what the REST OF THE WORLD is doing and get rid of the profit in healthcare and make sure our people are cared for and well-treated.

If you don’t, don’t call yourself a Christian. Just call yourself a uncaring scumbag.

The hypocrisy is making me puke.

Richard Noggin’ Saturday: America’s Own Torture Doctors- Bruce Jessen and Jim Mitchell

Jonathon Turley posts about how lucrative it is in the Torture Business for the “Doctors” involved.

I mean, shit: why would anyone ever want a regular physician’s practice when you can make money like this and still get your rocks off as people are tortured before your very eyes? Think about it: no insurance to deal with, all your paperwork is handled by the Government, surely pretty decent hours and only the occasional death to deal with.

Winner all around, right?

According to ABCNews, either Jessen or Mitchell were previously involved in interrogations and had simply been used in the training of pilots to prepare them for capture and interrogation. They were reportedly paid $1000 a day to lend their endorsement to the torture program — that comes to a rate of roughly $360,000 a year as torture consultants, not bad wages in the world torture market.