Jesus Loves The Little Children… Some Of The Children Of The World

Dead Palestinian Children

Americans stand back and allow the children of the world to die mercilessly… in the name of democracy or freedom. It is as if we have lost all morality as a nation when we would turn our heads and act as if nothing is wrong with our collective disregard.

Palestinian Children Go To School

I saw a post of pictures at AttendingTheWorld called Israeli Children vs Palestinian Children that made me pause to consider the mindset of people who bring their children up in a world that is primarily focused on raising them to be killers (America is guilty, as well, but maybe not quite as “in-your-face” militarism as the Israelis are). Sure, we have Armed Forces gatherings where our fly overs are rejoiced as some sort of thrill gathering. Yes, we have gun shows and I am sure there are the radicals who bring up their children with guns made solely for killing people (I, myself have never owned an assault weapon and I have one weapon designed solely for killing people, a 9mm pistol… otherwise, I own hunting weapons). But when I see such pictures as these, I can’t help but think that they are intentionally bringing their own very children up to kill other human beings… what other reason is there for this?


or this?


or this?

Israeli Children Post Love Notes On Bombs

Can you imagine letting your daughter sign a bomb that you know is heading to kill other people, especially children in a closed up barrel shoot scenario as the Israelis had the Gazans? Can you imagine the touchy feely of your son or daughter as he feels up a machine gun or a sniper’s weapon that may be used to take out a pregnant Palestinian woman and child. I have never even allowed my daughter to see any gun I have, much less handle them in any way.


Can you imagine the hatred associated with a picture like this below, where school kids are harassing and terrorizing a woman? Can you imagine YOUR child acting in this behavior (my Mom would slap the piss out of me if I didn’t say “Yes, Ma’am” or “No, Ma’am” or not hold the door open for a lady). If my daughter so much as has a cross word with an adult, she is punished (she responds quite well to “time outs” at this point, so hitting her is unnecessary and foolish).


I can tell you this about my household, I teach my daughter to respect any person, regardless of religion, color or whatever “funny” head gear they have on. If I were to ever catch my daughter treating ANYONE like this, time out wouldn’t be enough and I would wear her ass out and seek some sort of mental help in all likelihood, for this simply ain’t right. (I would note that these children’s parents are the ones that need mental help)


There is no end to photos of Palestinian kids being splattered across school yards and even in their homes. If not killed outright, they lose their homes and families and are left to fend for themselves in many cases (can you imagine a 6 or 8 year old being forced to deal with his dead parents and then try to live going forward)? Can you imagine what this does to their mind? How the murderous activity of the Jewish hatred towards a Muslim is only causing even more enemies?


What is really ironic is that neither of these folks will be “saved” and “go to heaven” (according to the mainstream Christian tenants) so to many torture loving “Christians”, it is all canon fodder that matters nothing. A dead Jew or Muslim is hardly worth a tear or sympathy, right?

America has lost her morality. The past 8 years of complicity and lackadaisical attitude towards these “rag heads” proves this beyond any shadow of a doubt, but it is much older and sadder than  that. We have, ourselves, been inundated with war cries and got our Patriotic juices flowing from lies and deceit. We ok’d the very same killings of Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere, but here, we seem to like to keep the death at a distance (preferring to use drones and missiles and keep the personal nature of murder at arm’s length… at least until they are teens).

We should be ashamed, but the truth is that we are just like them in many ways.

I am ashamed that we allow it, that we furnish the weapons and money for them to carry it out and that we are not American enough anymore (but more Zionist than American) to stand for what is just and decent in the world.

I am ashamed that you are NOT ashamed.

12 thoughts on “Jesus Loves The Little Children… Some Of The Children Of The World

    • I am not ashamed because I am NOT providing ANY of the things aiding the destruction and killings of two different groups sharing that particular ratio of land. The government where I live and I’m a citizen of is doing so without my particular approval. “We are” or “We are not” does not include me. Shameful is the fact that it doesn’t matter how much I puff I will never blow the house down because my approval or disapproval of such matters isn’t considered at all when the decisions regarding foreign issues are made. George Carlin said it best “Conservatives want live babies so they can train them to be dead soldiers “. So as shameful as those atrocities are I had no part in the decision making to provide or retrieve assault weapons to anyone at home let along to the civilian population of foreign countries.


      • If enough “puffed” maybe something would change. But the insouciant (the ones like you that seem to carry no guilt or shame due to the murderous countrymen you have and just get along) will never allow that to happen.

        Indifference is as bad or worse than shame for what your fellow countrymen are doing.


  1. This is garbage…I am a US citizen, and someone who looks at the whole story. For you to make such wild alligations with no understanding is just plain ignorance. There are some real issues to solve here, and understanding is needed from both sides. The US support of Israel is critical now more than ever.


  2. iam israelian??? Last time I checked Zio land thieves called themselves “Israeli’s”. What sort of nonsense is Israelian?? Are you a militant Christian from Texas perhaps?


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