Pip, Pip… Tut, Tut… Squash Anyone?

Traveling with work today. Please wish me luck in selling something (over $3Million quoted and cannot get anyone to spend the money).

War and Crashes

I noticed the phenomena at the end of last week. I am not as hip to finance as people like Kelso, but I have been saying for quite some time that the dollar’s value cannot go unimpeded with all this debt and The Fed continually pumping out Dollar Bills that are backed by nothing more than hope.

The dollar (and most of the rest of the world’s currency) MUST devalue for it isn’t worth what people claim they are worth.

How long can it go on? If this video below is representative, then we don’t have much longer. The perfect storm is brewing (Commercial Real estate is bust, manufacturing is down, unemployment is up and the only people getting relief are the rich bastards that got us in to this mess to begin with).

Add to that the aggressive stance Israel is taking in that region (I expect war to begin next Sunday, the 31st of May). We will be drug in to that conflict with Iran and the other Arab states who despise Israel and it will be the catalyst that brings the entire world’s financial systems to a final crash (not to mention the death and carnage of perhaps millions of innocent people).

h/t DeProgram