Would We Or Wouldn’t We?

They Never Bomb Women And Kids

Are Americans blind? Do we consciously filter out the information about our bombs that kill little innocent children… innocent families just trying to make it in their world (a world so much harder than most of us are likely to understand or imagine)?

“Casualties of War”, they say, as if it is only a chalk mark on the blackboard (at least when referencing adults and “insurgents”). But let children be killed mercilessly and you would think that we would be outraged: screaming from the top of our lungs to stop. I mean just look at the crazyassed religious nuts and/or “newsources” who are taking advantage of the latest killing of an “abortion Doctor”, as pointed out by Redeye at Left in Alabama (yes, still a fav of mine, even though I drop a pile in on them every now and then).

Think about the outrageous things these people do to protect the children, yet when we are bombing the little dirty brown kids with no shoes on, then its just a mistake or casualty. A “my bad” “we’ll do better next time” sorta response.

Certainly no outrage.

h/t AfterDowningStreet