Lab Rat- Waterboarding

And no, I ain’t talking about having your friends come over with cookies and pouring water over your face (without the rag and tying oneself to an inclined board). Conservative09 thinks that by allowing his 5 year old daughter to pour water on his face, he has experienced water boarding…Clueless chump.

The Lab Rat was prepped… training in Yoga and was ready to go 15 seconds. But the reality is that this IS torture (no matter what the man in the hood or any fool like Conservative09 says).

What these people don’t seem to understand is that torture can be nothing more than a mind game. It does not have to be physical pain or bringing blood, etc. But, in this case, I believe that it is, in fact, torture. Any rational person without a protectorate plan for the torturers would have to agree.

Let me ask a simple question regarding torture: If a person showed you a movie of your torturer (or anyone else for that matter) inflicting pain or killing your 5 year old daughter, would that be torture? It didn’t bring blood or pain to you, so it can’t be torture, right?

“Invoking an Existing Fear Of Drowning” is torture, you idiots, whether or not it “hurts”.

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