1st Wicked Garden Dinner


The fresh squash I picked 5 minutes before cooking is stewed (not my favorite, but BuelahLady’s Mom is in the hospital and asked for it… I like it fried).


But never fear, I did have some fresh green tomato to fry up.

(If you never tried ’em, you should. Cut thin and covered in cornmeal… Ummm Mmmm)


The green beans are frozen from last year (but delish, nonetheless). Got my own planted this year…

(Lest I forget all seasoned with an onion pulled up today and a piece of fatback)


Some grilled pork chops and grilled Texas Toast

And you have a nice, cheap, redneck-country dinner for 3/4 (3, if you are a lard-ass like me). I also have the satisfaction of knowing I grew things my family and I consume*

(*My best cabbage was attacked by a dog’s turd one day. The next day he pissed on it)

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