One thought on “Jobs!!!! ?????

  1. I keep reading at the liberal Big Blogs (like C&L) that Obama is creating 600,000 jobs (they left out the enigmatic “saved” part). If I didn’t know better, I would think that those people intentionally are misleading people. But I doubt it. They are so enamoured with the man and their personal emotional investment into that man with their vote that they cannot/will not see the truth.

    Create or saved is bogus and it is just more of his “purty talk”.

    Here is an eye opener, we need to create 120,000/month just to keep up with the population expansion in America. Even if he saved 600,000 in 100 days (forget creating them), he is still in the hole 400,000 jobs (there about).

    They are speaking sweet nothingness into America’s ears and the left is giddy like a 16 yo girl going on her first date.


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