Obama On Single Payer Healthcare Program

Something in the water “over there”. But now that Mr Obama is “over there” it is obvious he has now swallowed gallons of that very tainted water. In fact, they seem to have water boarded his ass with that nasty water.

Methinks that it has absoultely NOTHING, whatsoever, to do with water. It has everything to do with political expediency, deceit and speakers who will say anything they need to say to a particular audience to convince them that he is on their side and wants the same thing as they do.

In Mississippi we call people like that, “Damned Liars”.

Isn’t it amazing to you Obamaphobes that you can listen to this man, on those two past occasions, then consider him today and still support him without being so damned angry it makes you want to spit nails? It makes me feel like you are as stupid as you appear.

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6 thoughts on “Obama On Single Payer Healthcare Program

  1. if we want to pay for health care and every other program that benefits the hoi polloi we must cut the defense budget in half,
    leave Iraq and Afghanistan alone and put all the neocons who made up the Project For A New Century on trial for murder and torture.
    We must also have real 9/11 hearings and make Bush/Cheney testify under oath in public. This would just be the starting point at making
    this country quasi whole again. Not that it ever was. It was mostly a myth propogated by the “American Exceptionalists”
    But we can change things…perhaps, who knows..probably never happen. We’d have to take to the streets millions strong
    and the MSM would probably not cover it to even make ourselves noticed.


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