B’Man’s Patriot Watch: Ian Barry

19672990_640X361There was a young man who stood for principle and did what many patriots have done… broken the law in protest.

Now the kneejerk reaction is to ask what this has to do with being a patriot. You must understand that Patriotism is not always meant as being nationalistic (or worse, jingoistic). Patriotism can be defined as devotion to humanity and beneficence.

As he was presenting an essay (click the link and read it… very nicely done) to an assembly at South Sound High School in Gig Harbor, WA, he fired up a doob, took a few hits as he spoke then ate it. He knew precisely what was going to happen and was prepared for the consequences. He said later, “Whether you agree with me or not that marijuana should be legal, I hope you see and respect that I stood on principle and stood up for something I believe in.”

If you bother to read his essay (it is fairly long, but precise and chock full of historical and scientific data) you will note that he is extremely well informed on the subject and isn’t simply a “couch sitting pot head” (whatever that may mean).

BTW: whether or not the other kids in school agreed with his stance, many look to him as a hero.

You can see him fire up here.

Speaking of fired up: I have been traveling very heavy the last two days with limited posting time or time to follow up with comments (and people, I appreciate them very, very much). Another long day today, but my hopes are to close some big accounts. We are dying on the vine (as I told a friend recently).