B’Man’s Patriot Watch: Ian Barry

19672990_640X361There was a young man who stood for principle and did what many patriots have done… broken the law in protest.

Now the kneejerk reaction is to ask what this has to do with being a patriot. You must understand that Patriotism is not always meant as being nationalistic (or worse, jingoistic). Patriotism can be defined as devotion to humanity and beneficence.

As he was presenting an essay (click the link and read it… very nicely done) to an assembly at South Sound High School in Gig Harbor, WA, he fired up a doob, took a few hits as he spoke then ate it. He knew precisely what was going to happen and was prepared for the consequences. He said later, “Whether you agree with me or not that marijuana should be legal, I hope you see and respect that I stood on principle and stood up for something I believe in.”

If you bother to read his essay (it is fairly long, but precise and chock full of historical and scientific data) you will note that he is extremely well informed on the subject and isn’t simply a “couch sitting pot head” (whatever that may mean).

BTW: whether or not the other kids in school agreed with his stance, many look to him as a hero.

You can see him fire up here.

Speaking of fired up: I have been traveling very heavy the last two days with limited posting time or time to follow up with comments (and people, I appreciate them very, very much). Another long day today, but my hopes are to close some big accounts. We are dying on the vine (as I told a friend recently).

4 thoughts on “B’Man’s Patriot Watch: Ian Barry

  1. OK guys…I’m sorry, but I guess I AGREE with this guy (to some degree).
    I tend to believe the reason that MJ is illegal is simply because it is difficult to regulate.
    ANBODY with a few seeds can grow a decent crop!
    We have legalized many things in this country that are MUCH more harmful than MJ….alcohol for example. You’ll find it in about 1/3 of the homes around the country (whether they live in a “dry county” or not).
    MANY more people have been killed by alcohol…both the drinker AND innocent folks who just happened to be in the wrong place when a drunk driver came thru.
    IN FACT, it would be almost impossible to be killed by a driver smoking a doobie…they THINK they’re driving 85 mph, when they’re really doing 5 mph! YOU CAN OUTRUN THEM!
    My mom was with me a few months ago when we got behind a carload of kids driving 15 mph in a 65 mph zone. She said “they MUST be drunk”. I said, no Mom, if they were drunk…they’d be doing 102. These guys are smoking marajuana.
    But, the only reason it leads to OTHER DRUG USE is because kids are forced to buy it from dealers who want to get them HOOKED on something! I’ve known 1000’s of people who smoked MJ thru the years…unlike cigarettes or alcohol or other ILLEGAL DRUGS, they can all put it down and walk around.
    The only reason the stuff isn’t legal is because the government hasn’t found a way to make BIG BUCKS out of it!


    • Hey MSGal,

      I am glad you chimed in.

      As I just posted in response to Kelso, of all the people who visit here, you two will disagree the most (I am willing to wager). But remember that Kelso is a good guy with a unique past (far from our redneck upbringing & no, your mom is NOT a redneck in the traditional sense). Remember that in my eyes, a redneck can be beautiful.

      The thing I like about young Master Barry (not to be confused with Master Bation) is that he had the balls to stand up for what he believed in, especially in the cause he chose to defend.

      I will disagree with you that being difficult to regulate is the reason it is still illegal. To legalize weed is to break down a Prison Industrial Complex that is making huge sums of money from arresting and housing marijuana smokers. Over 800,000 last year alone.

      I do not agree with the comparative dangers and health risks. Even all the old myths we grew up with, like marijuana being worse for you than cigarettes have all been proved false. As a matter of fact, THC can shrink tumors, much less cause them.

      You knew me in high school and you knew what a head I was. I never studied and made all A’s and a few B’s. Hell, people would sit around me to cheat off me (even if I wreaked from the weed I smoked before going in).

      In college, I did even more and was #1 in my class, President’s List (4.0). Daily and several times per day.

      I am a walking test subject and believe me when I say that most of the propaganda is bullshit.

      I agree that it CAN de-motivate people from certain activities. I am not so sure about the sperm count (I am 47 with 4.5 year old). I sure ain’t shootin’ blanks and MSGal, I was the biggest head I ever knew for decades.

      I, too, have put it down for years at a time and other than the first night or two of a slight “Jonesing”, there isn’t much to it.

      One other clear cut reason we don’t have it legal is the medical aspect. Big Pharma will fight anything that is a natural medicine. They can’t patent it. Even Marinol isn’t worth a shit. I’ve tried it and do not like it. It is 100% THC (whereas weed has many constituents). Many people cannot stand Marinol. It simply is NOT the same. So, if Big Meds can’t profit from it, they fight it tooth and nail.

      Another example of Big Business fighting weed is the petrochemical (gasoline) companies. The earliest automobiles were meant to run of biofuels and Ford and Diesel, both, envisioned using a biofuel alcohol. Ford wanted to use Hemp to make the alcohol to run his new automobile.

      Alcohol prohibition was instrumental in the hemp prohibition for it worked to take the alcohol biofuel option away and force the era of gasoline.

      And you can’t get high off of hemp. A headache, maybe.

      We don’t have weed here primarily due to the fact that it is a Big Money business to keep it out. NOT the other way around as you suggest.

      Taxing it could make a windfall. Why? Not everyone can grow it (and many would rather just buy it…). How many people do you know making moonshine now that you can buy relatively safe alcohol in stores?

      Me being the Connoisseur that I am, I would be one who would relish growing different strains and strengths, etc (this also brings about my rant on the Kush bill being brought up in Illinois.

      A pot head’s mission is to find the very best weed he can find. Believe me when I say this, the weed today is NOT any stronger than what it was when I was in high school. They are lying out their asses. Hydroponics have been around a long time. But, the best I ever experenced was grown outside in full sun (once in MS and the very best was in Jamaica).

      You don’t need hydroponic kush to have access to high potency weed.

      Hell, I spent countless hours trying to find the “killer” in the 70’s and in some cases it is as good or better than the “kush” of today.


    • Kelso,

      Meet my dear friend from high school, MSGal.

      I know you won’t agree on a lot, but this may be one agreeable area. I am looking forward to her adding her commentary and since I know who she is, I know that even if I disagree, I know her to be one of the sweetest people of my past.

      People change, tho????



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