Get Your Head Out of Your Ass and Start Being Honest With Yourself


So says a person who describes himself as: 50% Motherfucker. 50% Son Of A Bitch.

And I like it.

Here we have a person who says what I say, but one hell of a lot more eloquently (which is not difficult, in and of itself). But to do so with the same basic understanding is exhilarating to me (of course I have kelso, Lynda and a few others who do this same regular upgrade to my bullshit… its just nice seeing it elsewhere). I recommend highly visiting and reading the article at The Black Sun Gazette, but essentially what the author is saying is that if you haven’t figured out that Obama is a smiling and sophisticated Bush, you aren’t paying attention and you need to get your head out of your ass and be honest for a change. Stop lying to yourself, fake Progressive. Stop wishing that all the lies he said to convince your gullible ass to vote for his corrupt ass didn’t happen, or worse just ignore them:

There are a number of issues which I will ignore for now, at least in terms of making the case. I would, however, like to state that if you do not agree with me that Barack Obama is a hatchet  man for the American ruling class you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the state. Further, I would suggest that you are engaged in a serious and concerted effort at remaining ignorant of the goals and tactics of the current administration both domestically and abroad. Since a number of people engaged in such self-delusion are intelligent friends of mine I would like to say quite simply: get your head out of your ass and start being honest with yourself. The differences between the Obama administration and the Bush administration are largely cultural and tactical. They pursue the same course of action, albeit one is smarter than another. The problem with America isn’t that we need a smarter ruler.

That’s right. We don’t need someone smarter, if they are just as corrupt as the previous ones for the last 30 years or more. It has become commonplace for the man to lie with abandon now, since the election. He has had zero problems with totally denying his campaign promises and various lies before and as a Senator. It is obvious as the hair on your ass that he is a liar and thief of the trust of Americans everywhere.

In this vein, I am not impressed with Mr Obama’s message to us today posted at Earth2Obama and below:



He tells us that the Recovery Act has stopped the country’s economic free fall and states a couple of statistics as fodder. The problem is that we are still in a free fall and anyone with half a braincell left sees it and knows it. We are still losing jobs close to the 1/2 Million mark per month, when we need over 200K every month added just to keep up with population growth. I am not impressed with the man’s continuous pointing out the previous Administration’s culpability in the current disaster, when he voted for it (conveniently NOT telling you that) and has exasperated it ten fold since taking over. I am not impressed that he has only continued the previous criminal’s behavior, yet still thinks you dumbass rednecks will still fall for his bullshit.

We aren’t all imbeciles or brainwashed sycophants, Mr Obama.  Some of us ARE paying attention and are not corralled by your fake paradigm. We understand bullshit when we smell it and see it and hear it, dude. People paying attention have access to the numbers, dumbass, but you must count on the mass of folks who would rather “trust” your lying ass than their own judgment and reasoning abilities. This is your strength… it is the only thing you have left after revealing the true you… your ability to hold on to the brainwashed fools who still believe you are “different” or want something other than what the oligarchy wants.

But back to the article called, “Final Word: The Fake Left“, that Nick Hate penned: he examines the paradox of the tired old “Left/Right” paradigm, explaining how those on “The Left” who are trying to soften Capitalism (in its form) and make it more maleable and conducive to normal poor folks is a massive failure and can end up with many dead in uprisings as the working class get pissed and the ruling class uses force to put them down. It happens often in this country, but our collective recall abilities usually only are accessable if we are trying to remember when Michael Jackson had a broad nose last.

IMO, He is correct in the following:

It’s an oft-stated fact on the left that “radical” comes from some ancient language’s word meaning “to get to the root of.” What this means, simply, is that radicalization is important. But it’s not nearly enough. Radicalization can be led in many directions- toward fascism, toward conciliation with the ruling class, toward a revolutionary organization of society along the lines of social equality. I know which I’ll fight for. Those of you continuing to attempt to find common ground with those who would perpetuate this system are either severely deluded or active agents of reaction.

Again: we do not seek the same goal at a more moderate pace. You seek to shore up capitalism and make it “nicer.” I seek to smash it and replace it with the rule of those who produce wealth. The difference could not be any starker.


7 thoughts on “Get Your Head Out of Your Ass and Start Being Honest With Yourself

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  2. Yeah, its astounding. Anybody who actually bothered to look at and critically evaluate the facts – on economic and foreign policy alike, could clearly see that there is very little difference between Obama and Bush – besides the fact that one is clever and one is a bonehead.

    Lets see, Obama voted for Bush’s Bank Bailout and is perpetuating it; Obama supports Bush’s criminal secrecy and spying, and Obama follows Bush’s foreign policies. Heck, Obama even kept Bush’s Defense Secretary (a new President from the other party, keeping the old ones’ Defense Secretary, that is absolutely unprecedented)!

    Yeah, I too have intelligent friends who still really believe Obama is the answer to Bush and “Change we can believe in”. I try to show the facts, and some of them get very angry at me.

    You know it reminds me of – they are like Christian Fundamentalists. No matter how many millions of pages of facts about evolution you show them, no matter all the rigorous work of science over the last 150 years – the Earth is still only 6,000 years old to them. No real evidence is ever good enough – the fundamentalist delusion is so deep, they can not free their minds.

    Democrats like this I call them “Democrat Fundamentalists”. To them, all Democrats are on the side of God, and can do no wrong, and all Republicans are Evil. No matter how much factual evidence you show them that proves that Obama is similar to Bush, that he is on the side of Wall Street and Corporate America, and that Geithner is nothing but a Wall Street lackey, no matter how strong the evidence, they just reject it out of hand, or simply refuse to look at it.


    I don’t know, hopefully we can wake a few people like this up – we must, for the sake of the country, try. But many will go on believing in their Jim Jones world, while Obama, Geithner, and Wall Street keep giving them the purple Kool-aid.

    Getting long-winded. I put the rest over at


    • Hey Tarheel88,

      Thanks for the “wind”. Much appreciated.

      I am doing my best to reach out to folks who appear deluded by the Corptocracy Lie that has enveloped us as a nation. I try to find mutual ground of which I can communicate and if I don’t get too radical, many times I get my point across.

      My problem is that I am angry that so many are oblivious to what they are doing that I cuss and tell them how fucking stupid they are. I have grown to this point, btw and it isn’t the real me in person (I can communicate with almost anyone face to face). This medium lacks because people don’t see my facial expressions (nothing like seeing the snark as it is said to counter the anger).

      I can snark someone to their face with a smile and they understand that the joke is more a wake up call.

      You guys are doing a good job at your place. Please keep it up.


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