What Will Ass-Kissing Sycophants Do If Single Payer Is Implemented?

Hell, he don’t mind browbeating a nincompoop like Billy Boy Kristol, but my question is, “where the hell have YOU been, Johnny Boy Amato“?

I’ll tell you where he has been: sucking up to the power elite in the Dem Party and complicit MSM by bowing down to snuggle his little nose in the ass crack of the wealthiest thieves in American Political history.

Yeah, Johnny Boy, what happens if Single Payer actually gains ground and people start pushing their congressmen for it, while this entire time you have been awash in the bullshit “Public Option” (which is dead) and NOT using you “Mighty” blog to push these criminals into doing the right thing?

Let me tell you what he will do: he will say he was for it all along, but…

The “but” is that you are a sycophantic pussy, Johnny Boy. You should have been a man… a Patriot. But you are a coward that will try to take some credit for something I hope comes, when in truth you are a part of the problem that has caused this thing to be beaten down thus far.

I am working as hard as possible at this little puny blog to make the right choice for America.

Again, where the hell have you been (and wipe that shit off your nose)?

Can You Say Posse Comitatus?

My friend and Patriot, David Fleetwood, gives us another history lesson in his ongoing series, “This Day In The USA”. This is my favorite “social network” (I am not the most active member, admittedly). Check out Operation Itch and join, if you feel kindred attachment.

BONUS ARMY ♦ This Day in the USA ♦ July 29
It was the summer of 32, the great depression was tightening is group on the nation, and veterans of War World I took up residence in a shanty town on the coast of the Anacostia river with a beautiful view of downtown Washington DC.
But by the morning of July 29, Gen. MacArthur and the US ARMY would have set the shanty town ablaze.

Can you say Posse Comitatus?

Health “Care” Reform Vs Health “Insurance” Reform: Red Herrings For The Gullible Americans

What will it take for all you lemmings to get full of the herrings being forced fed you. Do you like the taste so much or are you truly that stupid? Do you consider those elected into office to be more deserving of good, quality Single Payer healthcare than you? Did you know that those fighting against this, use it, even tho “Socialized medicine” (read as “Devil’s Healthcare” in the mind of fools) is Sooooo bad? Or are you aware that the brainwashing is so deep that the elderly and others on Medicare are being brainwashed into thinking that their beloved Medicare is actually “Socialized Medicine”?

When will you think for yourself? Ever?

These criminals, with the exception of a very few, use the Devil’s healthcare and don’t want you to have it… all the while lining their campaign pockets with the very ones that cause your bankruptcy or sickness and death due to limiting or denying your care when the worst comes? Ask your old Mama to give her “Socialized Medicine” up and see what happens. She’ll slap the shit out of you. Ask a vet to give up his VA healthcare for the private plans and watch out for the M16. ask a Congressman to give his up and watch out for the… (crickets chirping).

Single Payer: Listen to the Doctors!

What a concept! Listening to the people who work in our broken healthcare system every day and can tell you exactly what needs to be done from a first hand perspective!

h/t JohnPerryOnline

And please watch John’s Homework assignment in a RealNews segment down below highlighting Glen Ford as he explains how they are pulling off Health “Insurance” Reform, when what we need Health “Care” Reform. We do not need health “insurance” reform, unless you call cutting the head off of health insurance companies all together, “reform”. THAT is what is needed and any sane person knows this.

For you “conservatives” out there that keep insisting Obama is “liberal”, consider that he has played to the conservatives at each and every turn in this debate (and virtually every other debate). This man is no more a liberal than YOU are. You fall for the Kabuki Dance and look very stupid doing so, for the most fiscally conservative way to health “CARE” is Single payer. For you “liberals” or “progressives” out there, when will you begin to understand what those terms are and actually mimic their meaning? I’m just asking, because otherwise you are just as foolish and ignorant as your despised two-party headed counterparts in the dance.

Health reform: dead or alive?

Ford: By excluding single payer plan, Obama allowed the right to dominate the reform debate

Maybe all you need, Mr Conservative, is for one of your very own heroes to admit the truth. Is Jon Stewart really this brilliant or is Billy Boy Kristol as stupid as I think he is? Maybe Billy has come to his lying senses, or maybe he just got caught in a trap. Either way, watch some truth come out and explain why the Armed Services “deserve” superior treatment and other Americans don’t. I mean, don’t they say that your reward is the “adventure”, not the job (including benefits)?

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I wonder if the following segment from Countdown (guest hosted by Governor Dean) interviewing Wendell Potter, the CIGNA insider who has been forthcoming with the truth about healthcare, would help you understand why the Kabuki Dance moves on and how, if the congress is allowed to carry forward, we will see an even worse situation arise.

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