B’Man’s Wicked Garden Stuff

My day was boogered when we received the call asking for help with BuelahLady’s Mother (who has recently broke her hip). I had to stay here with BuelahGirl, but didn’t get to go to the rally (which I understand was good).

I took a few pics of a few of the “different” items we planted:



It Won't Stop Producing

It Won't Stop Producing

Peanuts Drying

Peanuts Drying

The GREAT Pumpkin

The GREAT Pumpkin

There was one other pumpkin on this massive plant (two vines that were over 25′ long each). My mother, BuelahMeMe (don’t ask) took it upon herself to pick the “squash” when it was the size of a baseball. This plant is supposed to bear 400# pumpkins and she cut it off at 1#. I will admit that it tasted superb.

We also have another friend near the garden that we have been watching for a couple months. She likes the old kids toys we have junked in the back yard and finds dinner there. One of these pics was as she was dining (hard to tell from the back):

Special Stuff_0208

Special Stuff_0207

Special Stuff_0206

Special Stuff_0204

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