B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Redstate


I subscribe to Erick Erickson’s Redstate Morning Briefing (which is amazing in its amount of hypocrisy on a daily basis). I never add comment to their site, but I read it daily (it is my way of keeping tabs on the mental ward).

Hypocrisy being a daily occurrence there, this morning I was taken aback by their attitude towards Afghanistan, after 7 years of Bush’s idiotic forays into killing innocents and our troops. The author, a certain “haystack” penned what I consider blatant and total hypocrisy called, “Obama Lied, Soldiers Died” (not only are they the epitome of hypocrites, but they have no original thought).

To the detriment of us all, while Obama waffles and flips and flops (like the fish out of water we all knew he WOULD be in trying to fake it as a legitimate Commander in Chief) between all these strategies he can’t seem to make up his mind about, 317 MORE Soldiers have died fighting in defense of Operation Enduring Freedom which is more than 30% of the total lives lost during the entire 8 years of the conflict.

This is a record no man should ever be proud of. Barack Obama’s incompetence is directly and solely to blame for the flag-draped coffins of grief that have been delivered upon hundreds of American families and shame to the office he should never have been allowed to hold.

ist2_1833598-lobotomyWhy is it that these fools do a self-inflicted lobotomy when the tide changes in politics? I mean, is it not unbelievable that they can so easily forget who took us into the place and then turned his back on it? Does it not cause them to even think about what they write before they write it… because any sane person reading this shit will immediately recognize what appears to be a total lack of awareness to fact and proves that the place is nothing but a propaganda arm of the right to keep their obliviously out of tune readers as stupid as ever?

Of course Barack Obama is a liar and a horrible CiC. But he is just a black Bush, in that they all are owned and controlled by the same Elitist group.

The true shame is that the idiots that listen to “haystack” and Erick are as gullible as they are. They don’t understand that they are led like lemmings by propagandists who are so easily seen for the cranks they are. Yet, these idiots flock there and chime in (just read the comments) with some of the most ignorant ramblings imaginable.

Let me explain something to all you Sheople that subscribe to the left vs right paradigm, you are fools who apparently couldn’t hold your own thought in your head if you believe that shit coming from that crank site.

This country needs to understand the truth about American politics. Both the “left” and the “right”, when deciding to fall into one of these lemming camps, proves how ignorant and clueless they are. This is a detriment to our country, but somehow, I feel it is too late for you and for us to change it.

Haystack said,

I admit to not being a Military strategy expert…

Yeah, no shit? So when you write this afterwards

For all that can be fairly said about the mistakes of the Bush Administration in Iraq and Afghanistan, one thing has become quite apparent; Obama has not learned from any of them. He may be interested in success, but sadly the success Obama seeks appears to be in the voting booth and not on the battlefield. In the meantime, Soldiers die as they await a strategy and a plan…and the resources necessary…to accomplish them.

Don’t stop there Mr Military Expert. Where, exactly, did Mr Bush make a mistake?

Perhaps it was the fact that we invaded and occupied two countries for bogus rationale. That the man who made a mistake, as you describe, did EXACTLY what he so desired, with YOU and the likes of you championing him on all the way.

There is but a very small contingent that aligns itself with this group, but it is loud. Being loud and wrong can still get you message across and cause the type of damage to this country that your undying dedication to Herr Bush allowed.

I hold you imbeciles responsible and the fact that you NOW bitch about these engagements just proves what imbecilic hypocrites you all are.


Yeah, so does Obama. There ain’t but a shade of skin color different between them.

Wake up, dumbasses.