Zionist War Criminals Run Scared

Not that I actually believe anyone will ever hold these murderous bastards to account for their crimes:

Fearing arrest, Israeli official cancels UK trip


Israeli vice Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon recently cancelled a planned trip to London over fears that he could be put on trial for alleged war crimes, his spokesman said on Monday.

He called off the trip for fear pro-Palestinian groups in London might seek his arrest for his role, as military chief-of-staff at the time, in the 2002 deaths of 15 people, among them a Hamas leader and eight children.

Yaalon, who is also strategic affairs minister, had been invited to attend a fund-raising dinner hosted by the British branch of the Jewish National Fund, but the foreign ministry’s legal team advised against it.

Universal jurisdiction

Yaalon was military chief-of-staff when an Israeli warplane dropped a one-ton bomb in Gaza City which killed Salah Shehadeh, the head of the armed wing of Hamas, and 14 civilians, including his wife, in July 2002.

Some Israeli officials had been threatened before with legal action in Britain under its “Universal jurisdiction” which allows the prosecution of the perpetrators of crimes against humanity wherever they were found.

Pro-Palestinian groups have used the principle in Spain and Britain to sue Israeli officials involved in mass killings of civilians inside Palestinian territories.

Israel has consistently rejected accusations of targeted killings of Palestinian civilians, but repeating threats of legal action against its official in Britain has been worrying enough to prompt Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to raise the issue with the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown last August.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, last Tuesday, branded a bid to have him arrested in Britain “absurd” as he attended the governing Labour party’s annual conference.

Lawyers for 16 Palestinians sought an arrest warrant for Barak at a British court over alleged war crimes in Gaza but a district judge at the City of Westminster magistrates court rejected their demands. The Solicitors sought the warrant under the 1988 Criminal Justice Act giving courts in England and Wales universal jurisdiction in war crimes cases.

Now, if those Canucks would grab Bush, Cheney and Blair.

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