The Hunt: And Other Miscellaneous B’Man Babblings


It is high time for the nut cuttin’.

Many people who visit here don’t really know how to take the place. Supposedly a redneck from the south who is anti-corporate, anti-Republican (and anti-Democrat, for that matter) and who cannot idly accept what the minions in government tell us, when it is obvious that their purpose is money and protecting those that give it to them.

I have had links (on the side over there ——->) for various places that are truly Progressive (“Progressive” Does NOT Equal Democratic party, btw) and also linked to some Conservative blogs (“Conservative” Does NOT equal Republican party).

I also have linked and appreciate as much or more than any others, blogs that are written by Black folk, Latinos, Europeans, Canadians, Afghanis, Iraqis, and even by an American in Seoul. The reason for this (other than appreciating their work) is that it is my opinion that these “fringe” groups (as some would describe) are being played against each other and against the white establishment (which the establishment wants me and other rednecks to think we are a part of).

Fat, rich white people against the rest of humanity, to a certain degree and they don’t care what color you are.

Any sane, thinking redneck must understand that we aren’t any part of that elitist group. It is simply the divide and conquer game that the richest of the rich use to control us: keeping us attacking, even killing each other over bullshit that means so little in perspective of the truth, that it astonishes me that we still fall for it.

My buddy (and contributer here), kelso’s nuts, says often that it will be the Black Power activists, the Socialist Parties, and the Southern Christian libertarians and Town Hallers that will make change happen. Rednecks, black folk and other minorities must be able to connect, make amends, and devise a way forward that will eliminate the Corporate Control of the majority of politicians. It is truly these few groups that recognize that American Exceptionalism is BS. It will be the people that are raising the most hell about Obama’s lies and deceit that will eventually hold him (them) accountable.

I like this that Kelso commented once:

There are but two sides: those who favor peace and freedom and those who don’t. The serious White Southern monetarists are very committed. The militant Black Power movement is really committed. The (real) socialist activist left is really committed. The world Green Parties are really committed.

It is this dance of the Republicrats and their blind hate and fear and perversion of Christianity and patriotism and the wealthy, indifferent, Big Government Liberals who are in lock-step to oppress.

It will NOT be those at the Huff Po, C&L, Daily Kos, etc. They are too invested in the system and Obama’s Ass (as in tonguing his ass). Too much clout, too much ability to rub elbows with power, and monetary gain from the very ones who perpetuate the shackling of us “peons”.

Nor will it be the Tea-baggers and the ravenous right-wing freaks whom only consider defeat of the “other party” as the goal. They are playing into and are likely a part of the mind games played on an American public who is scared to death about the future of this country and for their families.

I already know places that I want to highlight and you should get to know these folks, for truth is rampant at their blogs:

Losing The War on Humor

One of my newer Favs. 2truthy’s blog that addresses my favorite topics and is damned funny, as well. They, “are dedicated to drop-kicking truth and justice, laughers and screamers, strange and terribly real stories about living out the death of American civility and the hubris soaked perps who profit from it.”

Organizing Notes

Bruce Gagnon’s blog that addresses America’s Empire and organizing against it. Powerful stuff from a dedicated Patriot.

Jay Midnyte

Jay is a young black man who has his shit all together regarding the financial crisis we are in. His knowledge is impressive. Also note that if you are a redneck (like me), this may be a good place to begin to learn about Hip Hop (whether you like it or not isn’t the point). Understanding a culture that you have been brainwashed to fear is paramount to making this work. As an example, Hip Hop sells more to white folk than black folk.

Steve Lendman’s Blog

Powerful writer and radio host that focuses much time on the Empire and many other like-minded subjects.

The Disbrimstone Daily Pitchfork

Excellent assembly of writers (where I first read Kelso’s writing). The site is definitely NSFW (not suitable for work) and for some who have an aversion to porn, you may want to avoid it. However, the information presented here is well reported by quality, professional writers.


This man is a freaking genius. He posts about math (which goes over my head, at times), but posts even more about politics and the empire that reigns. Marijuana legalization is one of his key interests and is about to embark on a Sabbatical to help Marc emory’s case in Canada. One of my favorite sites on the entire web.

Raw Dawg Buffalo

Torrance is absolutely brilliant. Depending on the particular post, he speaks in different voices (he can speak with a redneck, a politician, black folk or a king). He is one of the most insightful Professors, Authors, THINKERS that I have encountered. Well worth the visit.

Operation Itch

Davis Fleetwood’s Social Networking Site for progressives. It is “in-your-face” and REAL.

The Black Agenda Report

Glen Ford, Margaret Kimberly and Bruce Dixon (among others, I believe) lay out the truth about African American politics, thought and action. A must read for any American.

One of the most impressive interviews I have seen lately was a Real News interview with Glen Ford:

The Black Sun Gazette

I have featured Nick’s work here several times. Well worth the visit and RSS feed.

The Largest Minority

Manila Ryce’s blog of unadulterated gob-smacking of the idiocy we call American politics (not as active as usual, lately).

Once Upon A Time

Arthur Silber’s Blog. One of the better writers I have encountered on the web. Whether or not you agree with his point of view (I do, by and large), his posts are extremely well prepared, organized and informative.

Mock, Paper, Scissors

Tengrain’s blog who is slowly coming around to my way of thinking (wink). Funny, smart and a great writer.

Washington’s Blog

Last, but not least featured today is a blog that has been very informative for me on a variety of topics, especially the financial mess. But all things “Imperialization” are addressed in a brilliant and well thought out manner. Great Blog!

This is just a small sampling of truly progressive sites that see the overall picture, much like I do (I link and visit many others, but they are not necessarily political in nature, so I haven’t featured them in this post… like one of my favorite women bloggers that addresses blogging in general, Roschelle at Inconsequential Logic). There are many others that you should visit, like, “After Downing Street;  “A Tiny Revolution“; Sam Smith’s UnderNews (the blog for the Progressive Review); Glen Greenwald’s Blog (just a few among several you can click on over on the right panel). I have not formally set up Blog link exchanges with these, but they are a part of my daily read.

So here is what I am looking for. I want to expand on this by having you suggest similar sites, especially those that focus on the southern white portion that I have been discussing (I have a hard time finding them). I want to find sites that I can link to and share their ideas here that will help make this connection that is needed NOW, especially from that southern, white perspective.

It boils down to this: We MUST come together and fix this shit. We will never be whole until we take back the control. We will never be able to do that unless we work things out between us, without the diversions and horseshit divisional tactics that have worked for so very long.

And don’t be fooled by the name of a blog (like the “Pine Belt Progressive”, as an example). There is nothing “Progressive” about a site dedicated to ass-kissing the status quo and continuing the fake two-party divide.

And please don’t blow smoke up my ass. I can do that on my own:

Tobacco Enema

Tobacco Enema

h/t Vital Signs and their article called, “20 Scary Old School Surgical Tools

13 thoughts on “The Hunt: And Other Miscellaneous B’Man Babblings

  1. I’m honored that you would include my little contrarian bit of the innernet in your list, B-man.

    Kelso once said that I am like that small dog that races in and bites the ankles and races out, which I took as being a high compliment. I get a load of crap for biting the Dims’ ankles as much as the Wingnuts’ ankles, but like that kid in Natchez, when I itchez, I scratchez… and they all make me itch all over.




    • Hey,

      We have to be able to work thru unimportant differences and distinctions that only cause the goal and purpose to be fulfilled: our division.

      You and I don’t always see perfectly eye to eye, but my respect for your view is immense, even when we don’t agree.

      On the crucial issues, we do agree, I believe.

      (I’ve felt the nip)



    • Tengrain:

      I really did mean it as a compliment. You know your Scissorheads ™ very well and you know how to persuade gently. There are also very few with a better sense of humor on the Telegraph Wire ™ than you. Maybe none!

      As you´ve noted we see things the same way but employ different means. I am a fully-committed non-American activist, and I have a verbally-brawling style.

      When I started the original Kelso´s Nuts site in June of 2005, it was to protest against the wars, but more specifically the USA PATRIOT ACT because it was making my working life hell. If you go back into the Kelso archives you´ll find some pretty hard slams against both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2005.

      Also, a business partner in the finance world encouraged me to do it because he thought I could teach finance to “liberals” and had a good “voice.”

      To be fair, I was also “encouraged” to do it by a former fuck-buddy (at least I admit to being a dog!) — she was a reporter for the SF Chronicle at the time — who was sick of hearing my rants!

      Our discussion on some thread about Barbara Lee, Ron Dellums, and George P. Shultz of all people showed me that we were EXACTLY on the same side. We still are. And the world needs both of us more than ever right now. And B´Man, Torrance, Jay, Cindy, the BAR, Campaign For Liberty, and paradoxically ALL of the neo-Austrians, to lend a hand against great odds everywhere.




      • Gentlemen –

        In substance, I think we are more aligned than not; tactics we differ greatly. But this I will tell you: I’d rather have the two of you cover my back than just about anyone else on the ‘wire.

        Many thanks, as always,



  2. You done good Buelah! I love this post and beginning to realize more and more every day…just where you’re coming from. I may not blog about the political bull anymore but I’m still watching with both eyes open. Thanks for always telling it like it absolutely IS.


  3. “It will NOT be those at the Huff Po, C&L, Daily Kos, etc. They are too invested in the system and Obama’s Ass (as in tonguing his ass). Too much clout, too much ability to rub elbows with power, and monetary gain from the very ones who perpetuate the shackling of us “peons”.
    Nor will it be the Tea-baggers and the ravenous right-wing freaks whom only consider defeat of the “other party” as the goal. They are playing into and are likely a part of the mind games played on an American public who is scared to death about the future of this country and for their families.” -B’Man

    Thanks for the plug, B’Man and these great blog links. For the reasons you mention above, thanks for keeping it real. I have to say that I think the Left is doing itself a great disservice by not uniting the teabaggers. The dwindling middle class from both parties can no longer afford to play footsie with each other’s ideological wranglings while the One Big Money Party elites rob the rest of us blind. It’s a class war now, baby, and the smarter (supposedly) Left ought to be picking up these people, not putting them off.

    BTW, you’d love one of Silber’s recent posts where he called out Digby for some mumbo-jumbo about wanting her readers to donate money to a Congress critter whose ass he also (rightly) ripped. He said, to paraphrase “Don’t send that guy who is part of the problem money. Send me the money, instead. I need it more than he does.”

    p.s. did the RSS feed, thanks for the heads up.


    • Hey,

      After rereading what I wrote, I see what you are saying about Tea-baggers. I didn’t really mean to disclude them, but to suggest that they, with their various agendas driven by from somewhere on high will not be able to do this themselves.

      It is time for true Progressives (whether or not conservative or liberal, for I do not see any mutually disagreeable reason why either type person could be deemed a Progressive) to step up and not allow tea baggers or anyone else to scream unintelligibles, as if that were going to fix anything, without setting the record straight (in a nice way, if possible).

      To me a Progressive wants progress, not regression.

      Tea baggers (those worried about the financial system and auditing the Fed, as an example) are wanting progress and to stop the status quo.

      It is the others who use the tea bagger movement to question Obama’s birth and keep yelling Socialism (when what we have is actually fascism) or follow Glen Beck, as if his Shtick didn’t change as he moved networks. It is the mixed message we need to unite and make clear to the world (and especially our elected officials).

      And since my Shtick is basically going for the right wing “rednecks”, I am trying to persuade those that still have their own thinking brain cells to re-evaluate their political objects of worship and step away from the bogus two party paradigm.

      I wish I had worded it better. Thanks for the head’s up.


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