B’Man’s Patriot Watch: US Rep. Marcy Kaptur

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She is the longest term congresswoman in office right now. That means that her peeps like her. I can see why.

She said the following in an interview with Bill Moyers on Friday night:

* The Federal Housing Agency used to insure 1 in 50 mortgages. But FHA now insures 1 in 4 mortgages, as the debt for bad mortgages has been dumped on the American people

* “Banks have the power to create money”. This again confirms and verifies that banks create money out of thin air, not based on the amount of reserve deposits on hand. See this and this

* While – on paper – there are reserve requirements, banks have gone from 10 to 1 leverage (where they could lend out 10 times their reserves) to – in the case of JP Morgan – 100 to 1 leverage. But with derivatives, leverage might be much higher

* Instead of holding hearings on the core problems with the financial system, Congress is holding hearings solely on arcane, peripheral issues

Let me explain this to those who believe that their particular congressperson cares about their constituents: they would act like this woman does, if they actually gave a rat’s ass about you. If you rdnecks think that Marsha Blackburn gives even half a rat’s ass, you are sadly (and stupidly) mistaken. Goes for 97% of them.

h/t Washington’s Blog

If They Did It, Wouldn’t They Be Proud?

Seems like if the “crazy little brown people” were anxious to kill Americans and were able to pull off such an unbelievable attack as occurred on 9/11 that they would be proud of that and would brag, endlessly about their “success”. But there is a problem. These wacko religious nuts who would seemingly strap a bomb to themselves for a donut are telling us they didn’t have anything to do with it. (This should come as no surprise for many of you thinking people):

No Afghan Involved In 9/11 Attacks: Afghan Warlord

(RTTNews) – On the eve of the eighth anniversary of the Afghan war, a Pashtun regional commander and former prime minister has said that no Afghan was involved in the 9/11 attacks on the United States and accused Washington of using a false pretext to launch its war on the the south-west Asian country.

In a video address released Tuesday, top Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar said the war launched against the Taliban and al-Qaida by Americans in 2001 was unjustified as the September 11 attacks were not carried out by Afghans.

He said the attacks were planned in Europe and the U.S. and not in Afghanistan or Iraq and that no Afghan has taken part in any attack against the American nation.

Hekmatyar said the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were planned on U.S. soil and were carried out by people born in the U.S. and Europe who were trained there. He said everyone knew the pilot training was done in the U.S. and the plan of the operation was hatched there…

h/t Prison Planet, originally published at RTTNews