You can read the official firing of me and Diane Valencen at THE PITCHFORK blog along with my diplomatic comments to Cav. Those remarks were true insofar as I´d be happy to continue running the sports contests. It certainly had nothing to do with my writing ability. My style and phraseology was copied by EVERYONE there.

All that really happened was nothing! Diane got angry with me and stupidly challenged me to a physical fight. I don´t hit women. Never have, never will. Silliness.

Furthermore, I believe in non-violence except for self-defense. I grew up in a working class neighborhood into a family which was loving, but Old School. My father used to be very violent as a profession almost when he was a young adult. I was exposed to things that are not really appropriate for a young age. I was mature enough to PASS on doing that shit except in rare cases of self-defense. I pride myself in my belief in non violence to the point that when I noticed a violent streak in my son, I discussed it with him and got him into a boxing program here in Panama so he could learn self-discipline and sportsmanship and forget about violence as a “solution.” (NB: thanks Jay Midnyte for the Bobby Seale lecture you tube. His decription of the image and reality of the Panthers fit very well in an adult way with what I´ve stressed with my son).

People are supposed to have arguments from time to time and then shake hands and forget what happened. If anything, I think my worst crime was to agree with No_slappz on an arcane but significant point with regard to the drift THE PITCHFORK took since Obama got elected.

Three malign strains evolved (1) The blog accepted everything, especially war and exploitation, that the Democrat Party was about. They excused errors and violence. I was the only writer there to damn not cheerlead Israel´s ethnic-cleansing of Gazans in December. Ironically, I was only one of three Jews on the staff. Fred Schwartz came around to my way of thinking. Rebekkah Rubenstein never did

(2) The blog took on and expanded what is sometimes called “WHITE MAN´S BURDEN.” In my understanding of the phrase it means a knee-jerk liberalism which involves useless big government hand-outs and rules which take the position that black Americans are incapable of evil or error and that all fault lies with White Southern Christians among politicians and electorate without ever ASKING both sides what their grievances are. Moreover, THE PITCHFORK neglected entirely such iconoclast pacifists as Rep Dr Ron Paul and Rep Walter Jones, Jr, who have the best anti-war voting record among all Republicans and most Democrats. I mentioned this as a news story. Nothing.

If Cavalor ever bothered to check the Black Agenda Report, his eyes would have been opened to a whole other way of radical African-American thought on the problems in the White Southern community. They expect all White Americans and Black Americans to be somewhat to very racist in their thinking but that doesn´t change the legitimate economic plight that the Town and Tea people were expressing perhaps in undiplomatic language but real nonetheless. Meanwhile, rich liberal Democrats who already had corporate health plans poured praise on Baucus and Obama as they engineered more corporate theft. I don´t know what liberal Democrats even believe in anymore, but it sure wasn´t Conyers and Kucinich´s HR 676 which was tied with Paul/Kucinich´s HR 1207 for being as close to perfect as any American piece of legislatiion in the past 30 years. They claim to be a “news organization”. I mentioned that these were big stories. Nothing.

In fact, other than myself and Schwartz, no writer at the PITCHFORK had anything but silence or opprobrium for some of the stronger voices for peace,freedom and justice like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, John Conyers, Jim McGovern, Jared Polis, Alan Grayson (before he got famous), Jim McDermott, Maurice Hinchey, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Steve Cohen, Tammy Baldwin, Don Payne, Keith Ellison, Donna Edwards, Bobby Rush, Luis Gutierrez, Raul Grijalva, Nydia Velasquez, Marcy Kaptur, Dianne Watson, Bill Delahunt, pr CYNTHIA McKINNEY,etc…If the name wasn´t Obama, Emanuel, or a retrograde Democrat or Republican “centrist,” nobody there could be bothered.

I´m not sure if my worst crime at the PITCHFORK was agreeing with No_slappz that the PITCHFORK was laughably “knee jerk,” my praise for Cynthia McKinney, Piedad Codoba, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, or BarryScheck and Peter Neufeld of THE INNOCENCE PROJECT. In reviewing criminal cases which hung on DNA evidence, Scheck and Neufeld´s record in appeals court was 240-0! The PITCHFORK is now very strict on ¨law and order” because Obama and Holder are.

(3) The PITCHFORK is now a shy neo-conservative and semi-proud neo-liberal blog. They have no criticism of any note for the governments of ISRAEL, COLOMBIA, PERU, COSTA RICA, RWANDA, THE DARFUR REGION, THE SOMALI bloodthirsty RIGHT, NIGERIA, EGYPT, SYRIA, LIBYA, ZIMBABWE, MEXICO, CANADA, PAKISTAN´s MILITARY JUNTA, pre Kevin RUDD AUSTRALIA or of course the neo-liberal governments of SPAIN, ITALY, FRANCE, THE NETHERLANDS, nor of couse the UNITED KINGDMOM.

They lend no support to new democracies like VENEZUELA, ECUADOR, BOLIVIA, PARAGUAY, URUGUAY, ARGENTINA, CHILE, BRAZIL EL SALVADOR or LIBERIA. They jumped on a “sexy” issue like HONDURAS but got off quick when t became clear the coup was authored by OBAMA, CLINTON, KISSINGER, BRZESINSKI, NEGROPONTE, COLIN POWELL, OSCAR ARIAS and OTTO REICH. When BlackwaterXe and Colombian Army and paramilitary forces crossed the Venezuela border and a battle ensued, I was the only one to report it there and was fired not long after. THE PITCHFORK has a PIEDAD CORDOBA link but support the Uribe/Bermudez governmnent because OBAMA does and because an honorable Conservative, ATTORNEY GENERAL MARIO IRGURAN would have enough evidence to indict ERIC HOLDER for conspiracy to commit murder as well as aiding and abbetting in the CHIQUITA massacre, should IRGURAN introduce the DELAHUNT SUB-COMMITTEE MINUTES. OR 60 MINUTES, if W and O´s William Brownfield didn´t have a gun to Irguran´s head!

It´s all a seamless fake pro-blackism web as HOLDER, like OBAMA, is the kind of Negro Whites like: compliant and all about neo-liberal IMF theft. THE PITCHFORK´s record on LGBTQ issues is equally pathetic even from erstwhile EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Diane Valencen. I presume that they continue to take their cues from Obama and the DEMOCRAT MAINSTREAM ON THAT CRIME.

In the end, it was the RON PAUL THIRD PARTY CONFERENCE youtube and an amazing truth which was out there but missed by all of us in SEPTEMBER of 2008. Paul explains at one point that Green Party nominee Cythnia McKinney had contacted Ron Paul and gave Paul a great case for why he should endorse JOHN McCAIN instead of her, Nader, Barr and Baldwin. She said that she firmly believed that McCAIN would never be as violent, Zionist, and expansionist as Barack Obama would be. Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney are beyond THE PITCHFORK´s understanding because of Paul and McKinney´s anti-Zionism anti-War anti-American Black Holocaust/Privatized concentration camp policies. I was furious with she said that she was only interested in “winners” and that Paul, Kucinich, McKinney, McGovern, and even Pope John Paul II would be more corrupt than Obama in the office of the presidency. I offered the opinion that I was friendly with a number of McKinney supportes in Buckhead and had Diane given a shit, I would have explained that they believed McKinney best BECAUSE OF HER PEACEABLE ANTI-ZIONISM AND THAT THEY WERE SICK OF HAVING ISRAEL´S ATROCITIES IN THEIR NAMES. FURTHERMORE, MS McKINNEY´S FATHER WAS A GOOD MAN AND ALWAYS GOOD TO GEORGIA´s JEWISH COMMUNITY.

The most revealing aspect of THE PITCHFORK´s indifferent attitude to news and change, was when they were off on Joe Wilson´s “mean name” for Obama being the greatest sin against humanity even and at the same time were all overthemselves for giving Jay Midnyte a link. I asked editor why this business of Wilson he had acually become something of a Black Power cult figure and the censure vote featured “nays” by pacfists Delahunt and Kucinich, but missed WHY giving Jay a big link was important. The color of Jay´s skin is relevant to those who focus on such stuff, but Jay´s having a link was important because HE´S AN ECONOMICS AND FINANCE PRODIGY! I am known as one of the better emerging markets quants around, but Im embarassed to say that once Jay has prob/stat, calculus, and operation research down, he´ll be better than me at the game.

If I didn´t believe that I would not have written Dr Faber a personalized letter on FB on Jay´s behalf and I would not have offered him a part-time job analyzing Brazilian and Venezuelan corporate debt for me. The latter offer was postponed and scratched by Obama´s PLAN COLOMBIA. As the BLACK AGENDA REPORT said of Van Jones and David Paterson: “Is that anyway to treat a brother?” I don´t know about any of that, but I know Obama fucked real lives up and a chance for Jay and I to make some money.

Yes, I am furious with Barack Obama having put me in a series of interlocking problems having to do with my partner´s adolscent children´s safety and education, with my money, and with my own safety for the rest of my life. The pre-cursor of all of this: the 1-party system´s fascist insistence on seeing groups not individuals.

Kelso´s Nuts love you

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  1. I saw much of this shit coming over there and for the life of me I cannot understand why thinking people are so entrenched in the Obama Mania. Diane has many good points and I like her, but something tells me that she and I may not get along personally, in real life. Why? Because of the anti-white Christianist agenda. Because of the never ending blame on southern white people, when I am a shining example of how wrong she can be on the subject. Its beating a dead horse, when I hope to prove that the horse is not dead or even as sick as she supposes the horse may be.

    But, in regards to the Fork being a “news organization”, they lose most credibility (imo) because of all the porn. I am not against porn and have seen my share.

    But to call oneself a news organization and then splatter all sorts of pornography certainly limits the readership to those that will be like-minded (not necessarily “open- minded”).

    I have been linked to, so some there must respect something that is done here. But I never got the Big Tag that others get (and that is not a point of contention for me, just a fact). So, if being black gets a big wink, from a “quota” standpoint, then I will never get the Big Tag.

    And honestly, this doesn’t bother me all that much because of the porn thing. Most people I know (whether or not they would admit to viewing porn) would not read their site. Most of my intended readership would not dare visit them, or if they did, would immediately be turned off. Methinks this is the purpose, actually.

    Its bad enough when I am cussing the stupid rednecks out for being so gullible. Its another to show them Scat movies, etc.

    But, to each his own…

    • I put up that Ron Paul video EXACTLY to get at what you wrote. I don´t see people as part of fixed groups. I always see individuals and my friendships are always based on common interests, hobbies, senses of humor,causes, or the personality of someone just hits you right. I have White Southern relatives and many friends, most not Jewish, most either leftwing or libertarian in world view but I´ve liked hanging out with a few full-on bigots so long as they were cool with taking the shit I dished out, too.

      My girlfriend is a practicing Revolution Theologist Catholic who usually reads the bible ever day and writes a short essay or two when she does. She belongs to a social action group from her church which has done remarkable things in labor organizing and rape crisis response. I must have written those words 10 times this year and I often felt it put distance between me and the other blog. Just because she´s relgious. In Revolution Theology one gets closer to Jesus by interpreting Jesus their own way and getting out there and proving it. Her church takes no position on anything sexual incluing gay sex…only if a lie is involved will they hear a confession on sex.

      I am a multiethnic, anti-Zionist, pro-humanist atheist Jew. Big deal. None of those things ever limit me. I have no idea how the tag thing works. When I had the old Kelso´s Nuts site I never bothered about it. I just wrote my posts at the other spot and published them. I have no idea what inspired the porn. Magda and I like it for grins on a Sunday!

      I did explain to them that even if hypocritical the porn would be an issue with your friends and potential fans and so what? Differences make the world interesting. I believe their flaw outside knee-jerk liberalism is a desire to be mainstream and avant-garde at the same time. Only HUSTLER and early PLAYBOY ever pulled that off. It´s tough to do. I don´t do much with Davis Fleetwood for example because I think he too is falling into the BLAME THE SOUTHERNER trap. Look, I love CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY and ANTIWAR.COM…those are White and Southern, so what gives? They kick ass not kiss ass. I have allsorts of new Southern Christian friends who share my politics and hobbies and music. Just like my Latino friendss online and Black friends. It´s all about normal friendship.

  2. Kelso –

    OK, that sort of backs up my own take on the Dis, which frankly, lost me on the porn Sunday stuff. Maybe I’m too white bread, or knee jerk liberal (hopefully not Whole Foods Liberal), but it made me really uncomfortable. I know that was the point, but I got it, couldn’t they?

    All that aside, it baffled me why the Dis was not more focused on issues. I think personalities make for fun snark, but at the end of the day, it comes down to the record: who did what. Obama’s record is pathetic for someone who clearly was voted in with a mandate for change. The new boss is the same as the old boss. I really don’t understand the complete forgiveness to the Carebear from the Dis. I don’t see how they can give him a pass.

    I really do not understand Plan Columbia — which is why I turn to you, with your boots on the ground in the region to understand what is going on. I’ve never doubted your word (I’d be a fool to do so), but I don’t always get it. Partly I think that’s because it is a) so far away physically, and b) so completely unreported here.

    At any rate, as you know you are aces with me, and I think you have found a better platform here at the excellent Redstate Revolt. You and BeulahMan are like bookends (NY moxie and southern good ol’ boy clear thinking, gets me every time). I also want to thank you for turning me on to Jay Midnyte. I’m learning a lot from him, too.

    I’m really sorry it turned out so bad there, but I’m glad you are still putting out excellent work here.



    • TENGRAIN: Wikipedia will give you a more complete overview of Plan Colombia but I´ll know the players and the interests and the meaning of certain events. Basically, it was a kind of Bill Clinton triangulation that went very bad. He had apologized to Daniel Ortega for the inconvience of having the contras kill everybody and then stuff Violeta Chamorro as president down everybody´s throats.

      That went over badly, so to even it up, he gave Colombian president at the time Andres Pastrana a few billion dollars to win the drug war…which it did: it gave the Conservative Party, the para¡militaries, the secret police and the regular army control of the full 25% of processe cccaine to move along to the USA. With the left over money, the paramilitaries killed every trade unionist it could fine. That´s the short version.

      As for THE FORK, I´m not angry at all. I just feel dumb that I didn´t quit on Father´s Day when I was furious at them for gushing about what a great father Obama was and what a sinner Newt Gingrich was for having has 2 divorces to Obama´s 0. Well, as a man who has been divorced twice myself and have been kind of a womanizer at times, I was pissed at their sudden prudery. PAIN explained that they were just readying a defense of Obama that was likely to come from some Repubican, whatever.

      Considering that plans for the FED to take over Panama´s banking system and up Plan Colombia to a psycho degree and Obama was giddy about it, I wasn´t exactly so cool with that. Diane wrote a missive saying that she didn´t want it to be an Obama paper because he had the whole world to defend him. But that´s what it was. The point was that outside of CAV, FRED, DIANE and PAIN Obama was and remains a God around there. I think the problem was that I had alot of fans who would send emails about me but not comments. By that time, I had started crossposting here, participating a lot with Cindy, doing the show, and commenting at BLACK AGENDA REPORT. Those are all progressive-libetarian-radial hybrids so even though I hadn´t been a Democrat for years, I really HATED the Demcratic Party because it is the party of tyranny now.

      I think you have a great blog and you are the quip King but I agree with B´Man on the stuff he gets on you for — the Palin stuff, the making time stop on 11/4/08, etc,, when it was clear to me that Obama was Bush or worse even. I was not shy about expressing that and they didn´t like it but it was a weird situation. Of all my avenues, my home base was the one I couldn´t communicate at. That the show began to pick up a lot of listeners was probably what kept me around. Nice as they are, they have a knee-jerk anti-White guilt thing which you know I sure don´t have. So, as I became a known quanity in this corner of the black public affairs world they knew they´d look like jacksasses for booting me.

      I don´t think it was coincidental at all that the problems intensified the three weeks we were looking for a replacement for Babz. And during that same period, Magda and I agreed to get the kids out of Bogota and the US was trying to reestablish power in Panama and I waa furious. So, there was no way to resolve my personal live which is very stressful and their thing as a neo-liberal Obama luv blog.

      Other than Fred, Diane, and Baton Rouge, they froze me out and Gabby had somebody call me a racist because i thought that Jimmy Carter and Hank Johnson things were disgusting and creepy and fraudulent when I knew from BLACK AGENDA REPORT that Joe Wilson was a cult hero in the radical Black community because he dissented and they didn´t think it was racial or more to the point they think every person has racism in him or her but this wasn´tit.

      At some point last week, Diane felt terribly about how I´d been treated but they turned it around into her fault as an editor and my fault for demanding they deal with issues hey didn´t care about: PEACE, HR 676, HR 1207.

      I care about those issues intensely, PEACE being #1 and you know what Cindy and B´Man think about that! I´m not upset because I admire the taak both Cindy and B´Man have taken on. Both are fucking hard man and you do lose friends who are Obama-bots in Cindy´s case and Republicans in B´Man´s case. Cindy, of cours, has a huge classical conservative and libertarian support, the conservatives love her patriotism and how hard she is on Obama and the libertarians and radicals are closer and closer now seeing the great work Kucinich and Paul have done together. THE FORK is cool in its way but they are Democratic neo-libs and other than the people who have served in the armed forces — Fred, Baton and Canthardian — everyone else pretended there were no wars.

      You must get the same thing from your readers. It´s all Pslin´s or Limbaugh´s fault. Whatever. I gave up DISTRIBUTOR CAP for that reason. And I´m glad Lisa and Johnny have switched to family stuff which as a dad I love much more than half-baked politics.

      But over the period I felt attacked from all angles: the actual occupation of Panama and the two murders of friends in Bogota. With no sympathy from THE FORK. So, naturally, I turned to Torrance, B´Man and Cindy offline because I needed some cheering up from Americans because I was on the verge of HATING America and my son had taken that attitude really far.

      I love working with all three and I´m furious at Obama for pushing this anti-Chavez thing just as I had hired Jay Midnyte part-time to do South American corporate bond analysis for me. But Jay´s a sick talent and I´m sure we´ll get a chance to work together or maybe one of my ex partners like Marc Faber or Harvey Sawikin will hirehim fulltime who knows?

      At any rate, it worked out for the best. I have three activist spots. I´ll get to see the development ofa true prodigy´s talent and I have no hard feelings over there. I´ll still do the sports contests with them and Fred and I will always be friends. I had a big following among corporations, brokerages, K-street, and universities but so what? I was vounteering and all money was going to charity and I had no contact with like Halliburtnn (my biggest fans, no lie). I was once famous in finance and it´s not that great after awile. But with the show, B´Man and Cindy I can be part of something IMPORTANT.

      • I really wish that what I did was important, but that may be a tad over statement. I am simply desperate for peace and rational thought controlling the actions of this country that I love.

        If I were doing this blog because I loved blogging, it would be more fun stuff and humor based. And sometimes I try to slip some of that in. BUT, the truth is (in my mind) that it is all culminating in a horrific ending, if someone (even this ignorant redneck) does SOMETHING. Even bitch (which is what I do best).

        • There was a time that I loved it and even thought I was good at it. I don´t love it anymore. This may be ego talking but I KNOW my voice is necessary and I know your voice is necessary. People have said I should do a Spanish-language one and do an indy Spanish radio show. I think those would be a huge waste of time. Talk about preaching to the choir!

          When Bush fucked up my family and I was settled here I revived the old Kelso´s Nuts site which I´d abandoned as I was dealing with my fears with workaholism, drug abuse, compulsive sex-aholism, and hoping what I knew to be my last days with my son on a regular basis would be the time of his life.

          What was happening on the legal front was so scary, I was spending five hours a week easily at my attorney´s office reading case law, statutes and basically developing their gambling law practice for them, for which they were very grateful on fees. In other words I was being pro-active but using that pro-activity to narcotize myself from how angry I felt.

          Some US attorney told my lawyer that because of both K-Street and the religious base the best they could offer was “we´d settle for him (me) and every other asshole like him just to leave OUR country.” When we got into overtime on that one, my attorney said “if you love your freedom and family accept that your days as an “Ámerican” are over…I´m giving you two weeks to find somewhere to go and if you´re still here, I´m´carrying you to the airport and stuffing you on a plane.¨”

          Fair enough. Panama was easy because I´d had a Panamanian lover before and she basically made me “Panameño” when I was 19. My friends had tons of connecctions here, so it was very easy to live as a Panamanian very quickly. Plus, the laws are excellent, society is cohesive and coherent, and my son adapted quickly.

          I was so relaxed once again that I resumed blogging with the same attitude I always had. I was a daily commenter at THE FORK and Cav, Diane and Freddy invited me to join when I had a very bad experience with a troll at Fairlane´s.

          The election and subsequent Regency of Barack Obama changed everything. I found out things about the Democrat party that shocked me because I knew people in the PRD which before Obama was always a friend to the Democrats. Jimmy Carter signed Carter/O Torrijos in 1977. Clinton signed WJ Clinton/Perez-Balladares in 1999 making Panamá completely independent.

          The Clintons and Jesse Jackson, I suppose, were the most popular American politicians here. For obvious reasons Hillary Clinton was the choice here and Obama was never really accepted. McCain like everywhere else but here especially was not trusted by a 94-6 margin. The only opinion I ever heard expressd about Obama was from a couple of Arab friends who dug his middle named.

          I think almost all American politician are liars but I believe with no evidence that Hillary Clinton would have been less bellicose.

          I was close enough with both the PRD and PP leadership (I´m non partisan and don´t vote) that I got internal polls on New Hampshire and Texas.

          The Barack Obama campaign, I still believe, cost Balbina Herrera votes but probably not the presidecy. I believe that the Obama apparatus cost Bobby Velasquez, whom I know in a passing way, the mayoralty of La CdP.

          As president, Barack Obama has been the worst for Latin America since Nixon, Teddy Roosevelt and McKinley. He is currently sparking off 5 wars in South America: Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay and Ecuador. Bolivia will follow. He´s “bloodlessly” reconquering Panama. He destabilized the Colom government of Guatemala and the Calderon government of Mexico. You know what he did in Honduras. Obama yielded to Chavez on that because if he hadn´t he would have faced censure in the UN and big problems with the World Court, plus Colombia´s AG Mario Irguron and Spanish judge, Baltasar Garzón.

          When the “tax haven” thing surfaced, I knew trouble was coming to all of Latin America. What else could I write about other than the three American issues of import C/K´s HR676, the FED, and the other wars? I know what´s real and what´s trivial because I fucking belonged to one of those economic clubs (not the famous ones)when I was in my mid-30s.

          And so was Eric Jackson my closest friend at it. He was Ron Brown´s chief of staff and had a huge job at the IMF. If there was any reason I held back on Bilderberg, etc., it was my memories of him (he died in Croatia on Brown´s jet) and the sense I had that the club wasn´t actively oppressing anybody or rubbing their hands like MOntgomery Burns. We´d eat a great meal in Belgravia and have a contest of stock, bond, currency and commodity picks. And talk economics and shit. Eric was a liberal who had drunk the corporatist Kool-Aid and my other close friend George was a libertarian pacificiist. I had such a close relationship with a non-ideological, leaning European socialist, with a publisher of the RISK MAGAZINE and a reputation for being the asshole communist at invetment conferences in London and Paris that the founder of the club WANTED ME to be “Kelso” to shake things up. Just like James Wolfensohn did at the IMF.

          I´ve met many of the “sort-of” villains in the corporatist world today. I´d never break any confidences but that´s why I felt extra stupid that it took so long for B´Man, Torrance and Jay to let me see anew what I knew from years ago to be true. It´s not that these guys are particularly sadistic, though some are. It´s that they don´t give a shit so long as there´s stability. That makes them worlds better than Obama, Kissinger, Negroponte, Bolten, Powell, Otto Reich,Poindexter, Elliot Abrams, Madeliene Albright, Richard Holbrooke, and the entire fascist gang. At least toward South America.

          For a few months, Bill Clinton and Hugo Chavez got along fine and then Bush arrived. Despite it all, I believe he was one of the LEAST WORST. I´d put George H W Bush, George P. Shultz, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Brent Scowcroft, Richard Thornburgh, James Baker III, and Robert Mosbacher into the “least worst” group as well. I can even make a tortured (haha) case for Rumsfeld.


          Or maybe not, because I would have been booted from the FORK months earlier. I also believe my slow acceptance of myself as an Independent Civil Libertarian And Anarcho-Syndicalist has made me focus more on getting sharper at those things I don´t know. Had I come back to seeing class consciouness and anti-war earlier, I´d have been gone from there earlier. It was a problem unspoken I think that I had become a regular in black public affairs circles because Torrance and I had formed such a quick friendship (FAIRLANE´S DEVIOUS BLOG PLAN!). There are a couple of libertarians there, Freddy and PAIN, but they went down the wrong path of fuzzy White Big Government Nanny State liberalism even when the touchstone of today´s peace movement is that neo-liberals use a seductive racial White Man´s Burden to try to shut black people up about the Jena 6, Hurricane Katrina, the privatized prison holocaust, fraudulent gerrymandering via privatized prison, actuarial tables of disease and life expectancty, the very big problem of ATHSMA which because of some perception of boredom never gets proper public attention, No Child Left Behind and the Obama-Duncan-Sharpton public school privatzation plan, and I can go on…

          You can always fine a White person who called a Black person a “mean name.” And vice versa. Systemic racism which perversely become elitist PROFIT CENTER is a tougher sell. I tried over at THE FORK with no success. Torrance and I RAILED about it on the show and I hope we opened some minds.

          Im in a war zone now, literally. I don´t know what´s going to happen from day to day and my social life once full has become limited as we are subject to new rules, police checkpoints, and a private and international bank exodus. Writing about these issues helps me psychologically and I the new peace and freedom movement break through its small numbers, just as I hope I can do something for BUELAHMAN´S RED STATE REVOLT, CINDY SHEEHAN´S PEACE OF THE ACTION, BLACK IS BACK!, CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY, ANTIWAR.COM, BLACK AGENDA REPORT, CHRIS FLOYD, ROSA CLEMENTE, and so on….there are plenty of dissident voices… and it doesn´t have to be modelled on US 1967 or PRAGUE 1968. It´ll find it own identity and power.

  3. coetsee says really do not understand Plan Columbia — which is why I turn to you, with your boots on the ground in the region to understand what is going on. I’ve never doubted your word (I’d be a fool to do so), but I don’t always get it. Partly I think that’s because it is a) so far away physically, and b) so completely unreported here


  4. I’m Tom and I cannot, for the life of me, remember how I found you guys. I think it was from a PC Mag, but then it might not…..

    Although UK born and bred (N. Yorkshire Dales), I enjoy following the US politics and comparing the similarities with our UK mob of politicians.

    My political views and tendencies are mostly sceptical tending to unclassifiable. Some things I’m conservative about, other things, I agree with ‘The Left’. The rest, I’m either sorta Centrist’ about, or I disagree with all of ‘em… Whatever way I see it, I treat politicians with the deepest distrust, until they prove otherwise I’m new.

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