To All My Online Friends: A Desperate Plea For Help to Find Missing Kids

17 year old Kristina Branum and 21 year old Christopher Mittendorf (at the time of disappearance)

I have a buddy I graduated high school with that I just found out has a missing child. There was a small write-up in a local online source (, but according to William, little else has been done. At this point, even the TBI (TN Bureau of Investigation) or local Sheriff’s Department won’t return his calls. He has contacted all the major news media, but no one is covering this.

Can you imagine if your child just disappeared with no trace? It would drive me totally insane.

Now consider that this occurred in July 2006 and they have had to live with NOT knowing what has happened for all this time.

She and her boyfriend went missing on July 27, 2006 and their car was found near the OK Missionary Baptist Church just outside of Lawrenceburg, TN (SW TN), about 45 miles from their homes (see the map below).

The authorities seem to think that maybe they felt they were in trouble and are hiding. But this doesn’t make sense to William, since there is no issues between him and the young man. According to William, there have been all sorts of weird issues and things that don’t add up. There are a numerous amount of dubious characters that are involved and there may be a connection to a recent murder in town. A lot of unknowns.

They fear the worse, but also hope that they are simply hiding for some reason. No matter the reason, if you have seen either of these folks, please tell them to call home and tell them they are safe. If you have any other information, please respond or call the families directly a the numbers llisted below.

Please, all my blogging friends, as a favor (and I never ask for stuff like this), please cross post. Maybe, just maybe, we can find them and help bring peace to these families.

If you have any information call:

William and Teresa Branum may be contacted at 731-926-1215. You may contact Dennis and Cheryl Flatt at 731-412-7876.


12 thoughts on “To All My Online Friends: A Desperate Plea For Help to Find Missing Kids

  1. Regardless of their ages, it doesn’t mean foul play wouldn’t happen to them.

    Let’s hope not. It’s odd that they would make no contact at all, even to a relative or someone. The abandoned car, that far from home is disturbing.

    All the best with this.


    • Thanks, darlin’. It is getting even more disturbing the more folks I talk to their age. It is just taken that a drug deal went bad and they are dead with the drug dealer able to payoff officials. True or not, I don’t know. But know they have me intrigued.


  2. Hey, Chris posted it. Glad to be of any help possible. If you want to post articles at Black Sun Gazette email me and I’ll set up an account with you. I’d love to add you to the menagerie.


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