China: The New America

These little people have done it. They out smarted us. They have taken decades to do it, but they have finally taken the mantle (and all Clinton can do is flex her puny little muscles and hope we hold on to the fake security that we are “America”… the strongest, smartest, most productive, most moral, most compassionate, most helpful, most endearing country in the world). The exceptional-ism that we have is immense. So much so that it dwarfs reality. We are really broke ass, plastic duck junkies:

See a person’s means…

Observe his motives.

Examine that in which he rests.

How can a person conceal his true character?

— Confucius

The Creditor and the Plastic Duck Junkie

Yes, boys and girls, it is true. They have been allowed to make you into a broke assed plastic duck junkie. And you (and I) gobbled that shit up. We supported the Wal-mart takeover (distribution arm of China) of our small towns. We allowed our “leaders” to bullshit us into believing the NAFTA’s, CAFTA’s, and every other Ass Shafta they could implement. We, all of us super-exceptional Americans, sat idly by as they dismanteled our manufacturing base, simply to give China the room to use virtual slave labor to make these worthless trinkets and other garbage so we can spend, spend, spend.

I would ask if you are even embarrassed, but you are not. You don’t even know it is happening, so how could it embarrass you?

What if, as the video above suggests, that China has intentionally been playing with us using profits from bogus shit to grow their economy and manufacturing (can anyone contend that they have NOT been doing so)? What if the situation is so dark and brooding that they have implemented the next step, which is to suggest to the Chinese citizens to buy gold and silver (you won’t hear that from any US government official, ‘cept, maybe Ron Paul)? What if the end run is on right now? What if they, the Chinese, decided that their own citizens owning gold and silver would help them back their currency, with plans to implement a new standard of currency in the world? What if they have orchestrated this take-over from the beginning and are now on the cusp of success?

I have been warning about the consequences of the status quo and have said time and time again, we are on the precipice of disaster. I have gone so far to inquire of my economic friends, ways to purchase silver and/or gold coinage (just as a safety net when the SHTF). But until today, I have not been able to close the circle of logic to “how” the demise will take place, but the following video should shed much more light on the subject. Sure, thee are many variables, such as how will our military react or what false flag event can they muster to take us into war with China (and Russia, Iran and Venezuela, cause they will ban together to fight us… mark my words). But, from a financial standpoint, they have us by the short curlies.

Maybe the video can explain it better than I:

Chinese Government Advises Gold Buying… Why?

(h/t BrassCheckTV here and here)

8 thoughts on “China: The New America

  1. Thats some funny stuff[vids]. Although nothing for us Americans to laugh at, I couldn’t help myself. Why…because I’m one of the few that hasn’t been buying their crap, or as little as possible. It’s hard with everything being made in china, but it is possible. I don’t know that buying crap manufactured in any country other than the US helps either, but with the US not producing anything, whats a person to do.

    I’ve had a little gold and silver for years. Lately I wonder what good it will be. What will be left, that I can purchase with it. If the shtf big time, meaning war in America, even if it doesn’t, will I be one of the survivors.

    I mention war in America because it is[you even relate to the fact] it is possible.

    Your title caught my eye. I just posted another example of China becoming like America today. The post title says it all: China to Establish Military Bases Overseas – now if that isn’t the American way, nothing is.

    Take care,


  2. There still are some things made in America. For example, TroyBilt Rototillers are made in America. They are supposed to be pretty good rototillers, so if you need a pretty good rototiller you can still buy the made-in-America Troybilt. And that’s just one example.

    If the item you want simply is not made in America anymore, it is still better to buy it from a high wage Unionized company than to buy it from a low wage nonUnionized company.
    There is a continuum and a gradient.


    • LOL
      The TroyBilt is the best example of US manufacturing you can come up with? Should this suffice everyone’s concerns?

      I have no doubt that TroyBilt may be the very best tiller ever made in the world in all time. And you think that this will do what, exactly, for our economy?

      If we cannot buy the stuff we look for, then which of these union/non-union entities are making it in America?

      I don’t understand the logic.

      Unionized jobs are disappearing (this is part of the gameplan). Those that are in control of this Oligarchy are dismantling Unions, if you haven’t noticed, as to bring our wages WAY down in par with second and third world countries. The days of Unions are numbered (the largest unions are actually in the government).

      I appreciate you sharing, but that is no solution of any sort and we cannot continue to be the greatest nation on Earth if we stop making shit. Unless you are assuming that every person in America is about to buy a tiller and start their own gardens (which, I am, coincidentally).


  3. It wasn’t the best. It was just one that came to mind. There are others. I suggested one. How many have you suggested? Here is your chance to suggest some.


    • How about Textiles? Oh, yeah. They sent that shit to China. Then how about PC Boards? Damn, China and Japan. Well, we have cars, right? Oops. Not so much. There is always earth moving equipment like Caterpiller, right. Oops. Again. Almost shut down in their most productive plant IN THE WORLD. Let’s see: how about case goods furniture. GONE. Well, how about upholstered furniture. CHINA wins again. Then try solar panels. Oops Germany and now China wins out. I can go on, if’n you like.

      But we DO have Troy Bilt tillers.


      You certainly need a clue. A different one. A real, truthful, full of facts clue would do.


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