Class Wars and Us Dumb Rednecks Who Think We Are in the Upper Class

How did they do it to us? How could these high falootin’ know-it-alls convince me and my redneck kin that we were part of their class? That we sit with them in high places because, perhaps, we are white? That we are the same religion as they? That our “values” are the same? That we are the backbone of this country and they are looking out for our best interests, because Lord knows they would NEVER do anything that is for THEIR best interests (and to hell with the byproduct of doom and gloom for the very ones that put them in their spot of honor)?

There are plenty of issues that answer all those questions, but the biggest is that we have become complacent and allowed them to dictate and control our thoughts. We do not think critically any more. Its not just rednecks, I’m talking about, either. It includes each and every MSM clown that continues the lie without speaking up and asking the real questions. I wrote earlier about the Liar-in-Chief and forgive me, but point me to those who are questioning the lies about war and the Empire. Isn’t there literally hundreds of reporters and news heads on TV and I can count on one hand how many times I have heard the hard questions.

Americans, and especially my redneck friends and family, have allowed these fools to get by with this lack of real questioning. And it boils down to our lack of critical thinking. It is gone, by and large, with just a few who have the balls to do it. Few are ready to admit its a mirage. Few are ready to believe that their “party” or government officials could have anything other than what is best for them and their country in mind. But can you not just judge the circumstances by the actions taken and NOT just the mumbo-jumbo they spew from their lying mouths?

Are you STILL enamored by “the first black President” and how this changed the history of our country? Are you still convinced by the words, no matter how much ACTION is the exact opposite of what you hear? Is this truly acceptable to you?

A very good friend posted something on Facebook about not cutting education benefits in MS (it is being weighed by congress). I wrote that she can count on those cuts being made and that there will not be a single dollar cut from the Empire’s budget. Response? Crickets were chirping.

Always remember Mr Carlin and his sage words of advice:


They use each and every avenue of division they can. They lie to you and fill your head with shit that makes you think you are one of them. But you aren’t. Can’t you see that? Can’t you understand that they are convincing you that you are part of their superior group, but in reality, they don’t give a f#ck about you? Isn’t it obvious, yet?

Maybe this will help you understand that you are just an old redneck like me. You are NOT “one of them”. You never will be. Why?


16 thoughts on “Class Wars and Us Dumb Rednecks Who Think We Are in the Upper Class

  1. The middle class is a myth like the dodo bird. You are either rich or poor now. They can take that patriotic bullshit and shove it up their ass with a splintered broomstick handle. Like the ol’ punk rock song “I didn’t see John Wayne at Iwo Jima.” Religion is the best mind control trick ever where you censor yourself. Wasn’t it Jefferson that said I doubt god gave us a brain and then intended for us to not use it, he was making a stab at religion there.


  2. Wouldn’t it be cool (an intelligent move on the part of the victimized lower class) if EVERYONE started saying in every venue “No!” to EVERY proposition the powers-that-be put out there from now on?

    Every vote on Capitol Hill would be met by, oh, say, 100 million phone calls/emails/wires/ saying “No more money for any of your programs until we get 100% out of Iraq/Afghanistan, pass single-payer health care, repeal all the laws deregulating finance, etc., etc.

    Cause that’s the only thing that will rescue the country.

    As you’ve already documented.

    Keep up the good work. You are a true patriot.


    she can count on those cuts being made and that there will not be a single dollar cut from the Empire’s budget. Response? Crickets were chirping.

    the problem that stands before us is not “the Republicans” or the “Democrats”, it’s not “The Jews” or “Israel”, it’s not some super secretive gaggle of grotesquely wealthy families or even ”The Lizard People” for that matter. It’s an ideology… “… thousands of individuals who subscribe to an ideology of exploitation and the belief that wealth and resources need to be concentrated into the fewest hands possible (theirs), at the expense of the many.” and I might add…”.. and the millions of individuals who have been trained to worship the “success” of these few and who strive to serve them in every way they can in the vain hope that they will become part of that exclusive club”.)


    • To Suzan, you said it! You’re not the only one! There’s even Republicans like Paul Craig Roberts, one of this nation’s most brilliant conservatives, who weeps over what the neoconservatives and DINO Democrats did to this country.

      If you’re not familiar with Roberts, you can find his articles on sites like Counterpunch. He speaks for me, that’s for damned sure.


  3. I say no to everything these crooks in washington want to do. Many of them have turned a blind eye to the ruin of this nation(if not the majority of them). All these fools let the bailouts happen ,tarp happen and now those who were richly rewarded for thier “Failure” are still playing the same games , meanwhile our leaders continue to turn a blind eye to what thier “friends” on wallstreet and in fed are doing. We pay and lose.

    Now we have this healthcare debacle happening. Obama and Nanny Pelois are going to force this down our throats at all cost. Fuck them! I would love to see a health care plan that doesnt involve jail time for thosethat dont agree,a plan our leaders will also be required to use, a plan that doesnt benefit the insurance companies, a plan that doesnt reward fraud and corruption. This is just another massive pile of money for government to raid as they did social security and any nuber of social programs , a huge pile of taxpayers life(Taxes = our time our lives, there fore the blood these vampires feed off of) that the crooks and fraudsters can cheat us out of. A power chair if bought outright cost about 1500$ , if purchased throught medicare it costs about 2800$. Now your telling me this isnt what is wrong with our health system, this fruad is done in every aspect of it. If our politicians were really worried about “fixing” health care they would stop all the fraud and corruption that makes it so “exspensive” . Health care is NOT a thing for sick people, it is a feeding ground for crooks and our leaders have no intendtion of stopping thier lobbyist friends from feeding.

    Another thing that fit right in with all this, the fed and the income tax. The income tax just feeds these crooks in government , they spend ,spend ,spend. Leaving us broke, broke broke. STOP FUCKING SPENDING MY MONEY! If that would happen all of us could afford healthcare and any number of things we poor people need. FUCK YOU AND YOUR HAND OUTS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ! STOP SPENDING! I just love that , they take our money then turnaround and say here let us help you! Creating a problem to “SAVE” us from.

    Do you politicians really want to help us and this country?
    1) Stop the drunkin spending
    2)End the fed and the income tax that is run by crooks.
    3) stop all corrution in government and the health caresystem.
    4) get out of the EMPIRISTIC waste called wars..all of them…drug war included.

    Those four things wont be done by our leaders . Those four things are what is killing us. Those four things are the abusive spouse of the American people. Until our leaders start doing things that make sense , to me they are all guilty of corruption and treason. Prove to us you represent us! WE THE PEOPLE!


  4. Why must California keep voting in Pelousy? Anyone a braindead vegetable that thinks politicians give a rip about us or this country, I have some lovely oceanfront property for sale, cheap. I don’t need a Carlin rant to know this, George put it most eloquently on his final rant “Life is Worth Losing” but most deep down surely knew this already.


    • The fact that you STILL think that the vote matters, and that the people of California keep “voting in” these idiots shows you to be unaware of the real issues. The vote is to placate people like you who think it makes a difference. The elite will put in office who they want to be in office, regardless of what you or I want. We do not vote anyone in or out. They are well aware thru “opinion polls” that we not like Pelosi or any of the other pawns that strut for our attention. Nevertheless, the ones who are not for the people keep getting in office….how and why is that???? Duh.


      • Ya Luath , thats why they put in these electronic voting. Despite what they tell people, these things are a fraud. They learned from the hanging chads in the florida vote. Whats the solution? Dont know but folks better wake the hell up.


  5. @SUZAN: I like Econned.

    It´s crazy for Rednecks not to see that the enemy is CORPORATE FASCISM and not some particular person or state. The president plays a special role in selling corporate fascism so it is important to focus on him. But he is NOT a SOCIALIST. Were he a true SOCIALIST, the poor Rednecl in the USA would be singing a different tune. They´d like him. They are right, however, to dislike the policy.

    But take health care for example. “JUST ME” is absolutely right in the critique especially with regard to the LAW ENFORCEMENT aspect of O-Bummer Care.

    For those Rednecks who really HATE OBAMA for whatever reason, why not support Dennis Kucinich´s HR 676 SINGLE PAYER? or Alan Grayson´s adoption of a 676 state carveout right of whatever bullshit Obama and Baucus and the CORPORATE FASCISTS are slinging?


  6. When did the paradim shift?… or was it ever so? I mean… weren’t we supposed to vote in people that carried OUR wishes to the vote on whatever? I mean… when did those voted in just start voting only how THEY felt or were bought-out to vote??? When exactly was my voice muted??? I can’t even tell you when the last time my Rep/Congressman/Senator came to town and asked ‘his public’ how he/she should vote.


  7. Anyone else aware of the fact that those who hold the power just turned their backs on the rest of us? The problem is that they have perfected the way in which Joe can’t be any threat to them anymore. They are not afraid anymore. It’s been happening for a long time, only gradually. As history has shown, many times, power keeps concentrating more and more in fewer hands until some kind of violent disruption tries to correct the course of things not always with desirable results. It’s not who is the visible face in turn, is a dangerous trend that not many people seem to realize or care about it until it’s too late.


    • I discovered this site by accident but it’s weird because I just got off the phone with Gunther. We were talking about music, but the conversation got around to politics and I suggested to him that only way to take back the republic is to have a national referendum imposing term limits on congress, and making direct lobbying of congressmen and senators a crime. That would also include donations by super PACS, otherwise known as soft money. To compensate for the lack of funds, each candidate in the primaries, from each party, up to 10 each, is given $10 million to spend as he or she sees fit. Once it’s gone, dere ain’t no mo. $100 million in an election year is peanuts compared to a $1.3 trillion deficit. WE, the voters have to do it, because we all know Congress will NEVER vote term limits for themselves.

      We, the voters need to start making it clear that any Congressman or Senator who opposes term on his/her way out! And make it stick.

      The government needs to make a deal with the networks to provide a certain amount of free advertising time during the last 6 months of the campaign to each of the two remaining candidates. This would eliminate the huge advantage the main parties have over challengers from fringe parties. Whoever is standing after Super Tuesday will be in each party’s debates.

      The final debate between the last two standing will be a real debate where a candidate makes his speech and then opens himself up to questions from his opponent. Then they argue. Then we’ll see who is the one
      with the brains to be the president. If you saw the Presidential debates in the last season of the West Wing, you know what I’m talking about.

      But this will never happen because most Americans are sheep. The believe what they’re told to believe. They buy what they’re told to buy, even if it bankrupts them. They have no opinion that wasn’t given to them.
      This site, showing an alternative political view for rednecks is unique. We all know that most of these “regular folks” have bought into the Republican propaganda machine that preys upon their prejudices and fears. And what is scary is that some of the politicos are starting to believe their own bullsh$t, or it seems that way. Here’s the reason why they don’t want big taxes on the rich. The American dream tells them that someday they, too, can be rich, and they don’t want to have to pay a lot of tax. Isn’t that a hoot? Some guy living in a double wide guzzling Buds votes against taxing the rich cause he thinks he’ll be there someday. And he listens to the
      propagandists who tell him that the reason he isn’t rich is because the government is shelling out all this money to lazy (insert whatever derogatory minority term you like here) or poor illegal immigrants who believe what is written on the Statue of Liberty. “Give me your tired, your hungry, your poor, etc.” Seems we’ve all forgotten that little poem. I don’t remember it saying, only if they have a skill or a visa. And I certainly don’t remember it saying “only if your country allows you to leave.” Perhaps we need to put a sign on it..”Closed for repairs until further notice.”

      But as you said, the Democrats are just as bad. Politically correct thinking is tyranny cloaked in the garb of protecting people from negative ideas. By now, any person with half a brain would know that Keynesian economics aren’t the answer any more than trickle down theory is. We need a new economic paradigm. Here’s the problem: While the rest of the world can work for peanuts producing what we used to produce and selling at cheap prices, our success over the years has raised our cost of living to such a level, that we cannot survive without the high wages that we’ve become accustomed to. And business just will NOT pay those wages as long as they can get cheap labor overseas, and still sell their products here without worrying about paying tariffs. Our monthly electric bills are higher than the monthly salaries of some 3d world workers. How are we supposed to compete with that?

      They sold us out. Not just the government, but big business. They’ve turned us into serfs working our fingers to the bone just to survive, no better off than the serfs in the middle ages in many cases.
      And, in order to buy the garbage they flood Wally World with, they gave us access to unlimited cheap credit. And like good little sheep, we used it. Suddenly the piper came calling and the money wasn’t there..
      Down came the house of cards. And now, Instead of building the house out of something more solid, they’re rebuilding the house of cards. Why? Because while the rest of us went broke. they got richer, unlike the Depression where everyone suffered. And they want to start the cycle again.

      Here’s a fact. In the 1980’s in a magazine called the Trilateral, the newsletter of the Trilateral Commission, there was an article by, I believe, either Henry Kissinger or Zbiegnew Brzezinski, which stated that for them to achieve their goal of a unified new world order, the United States must be weakened economically, politically and militarily to level the playing field. This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s a documented fact. They began to do it under George Bush, Sr and continued under Clinton, both members of the TLC and Council on Foreign Relations before becoming president.

      The vaunted Reagan boom was actually financed by Swiss and German bank loans. Reagan rang up the highest deficits in history. The result was, we won the Cold War, bankrupted Russia and imposed the Russian Mafia on the West and a completely unstable basket of nations, some of which have nuclear weapons nobody has control of. Reagan, I’m pretty sure was not a party to the new world order plan. But we know that the George Bush certainly was as he informed us many times before and during the Gulf War.

      Bush’s intervention in the Middle East brought about the jihad against the U.S, an intervention we initiated by the U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait telling Saddam Hussein we wouldn’t interfere if he took back the Ramadan oil fields which Kuwaitis were encroaching on. We lied, which gave us the excuse to put U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia to control rogue elements of the Saudi Royal family who were threatening to end the alliance with the U.S, It actually had very little with any supposed invasion by Iraq into Saudi Arabia.
      It also allowed us to use arms sales to lease bases in other Arab nations giving us a firm foothold in the region.

      All this was done with the intention of regaining political control of Iran, lost under Carter. We hoped to be able to use infiltration, sabotage and other covert methods to destabilize the Iranian regime but we were unsuccessful. Here’s another little news tidbit. We built the Taliban out of the Mujahadeen to overthrow the Soviets in Afghanistan. The reason we turned against them wasn’t because of Al Qaeda. It was because the oll pipeline from Afghanistan through Iraq to the Mediterranean was supposed to be built by Haliburton, instead the Taliban leaders went with another non-American country. That would deprive Haliburton and the U.S. of billions. We couldn’t have that. And Saddam wasn’t going to let us build the pipeline in Iraq. You do the math.

      The bottom line is that none of what has happened in the last 30 or so years is accidental or unexpected. It is all part of a plan to create a world government. The Arab jihad is a slight hitch in the plan, but aside from
      Iran, they have very little national support anymore and their network has been all but destroyed. For all intents and purposes, we’ve won the war on terror. In 11 years, they haven’t come close to repeating anything like 9/11. They haven’t been able to make any attacks in the continental U.S. Bin Laden and most of his inner circle are either dead or captured. We will never completely eliminate terrorism. Suicide bombers will continue
      to kill civilians and there will still be attacks on Embassies. But it’s very unlikely anything resembling 9/11 will ever happen again. Of course, there is the element that believes that 9/11 was part of the plan. A way to
      impose a form of universal martial law in America. I find it very difficult to believe. Not that I don’t think Bush, Cheney and the rest weren’t morally capable of doing it, I certainly do. My father was a 40 year Navy officer with tours in the Pentagon and as aide to the Commander of the 2d Fleet. And when Cheney was Secretary of Defense, my father said he scared him because he was so tyrannical and amoral. My father, probably further right than Genghis Khan called Cheney a Nazi!! But the Bush administration was the “gang that couldn’t shoot straight.” I can’t see how they could pull off a “burning of the Reichstag” scam like 9/11 without the facts leaking like a sieve. However, Colin Powell left for a reason.

      As far as I’m concerned, all this political talk is mental masturbation. Nothing can really be done to halt the plunge. The cancer is too deep to root out without killing the patient, who is on his last legs anyway. I pity the young who are going to see a major collapse in the economic, social and political framework in this country. Me, I’ll be dead in 10 or 15 years if my lifespan equals the rest of my family. And I have no kids to worry about living through it. It’s sad really.
      It was a great experiment. A land where people could think freely, worship freely. Have whatever career or skill they could master and say pretty much anything they wanted to. The problem with a country like that
      is that once it becomes too big, it all becomes unmanageable. And we just grew too big. Unfortunately, we inherited the lust for empire from our English parents and it is destroying us. We should have stuck with 13 colonies..It actually might have lasted.


  8. I need to make a few corrections. the company who was going to build the pipeline was Unical, not Haliburton and the pipeline went the other way, from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan, Pakistan into India. Sorry, I got the Iraqi/Turkish pipeline confused with the one involving the Taliban.


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