B’man’s Piece of Shit Watch: Dennis Kucinich Has Decided Principle Is Meaningless

Until today, I have thought of Dennis Kucinich as a real leader. One that was beyond reproach. One, that I even put over Nader (for a few reasons). I wrote about him this morning, in defense against Ms Hamsher’s post (she was damned right and I was damned wrong). But her warning should now go out. Give back every dime, you coward.

I have focused Dennis on my B’Man’s Patriot Watch more than once and even considered him a hero. I have given money to this man and I don’t live in his district. I have supported him and would continue to support him, IF he hadn’t emasculated himself in front of the entire country. He allowed Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi to screw us and he didn’t even put up a whimper of a fight. He was the only one who “acted” as if he truly wanted change. But, he doesn’t want change, what he has is “a real desire to see our president succeed“.

But you, not so much.

Dennis, you cowardly piece of shit.

Let me apologize to anyone who considers me a critical thinker and/or one who can pin people fairly accurately (I couldn’t have been MORE wrong about this man) and provide you with something that a past president said of honesty in politics (and I have argued SHOULD be the case, but is no more):

We cannot afford to differ on the question of honesty if we expect our republic permanently to endure. Honesty is not so much a credit as an absolute prerequisite to efficient service to the public. Unless a man is honest, we have no right to keep him in public life; it matters not how brilliant his capacity.”: Theodore Roosevelt – (1858-1919) 26th US President

It is not at all possible to believe a single one of these fuckers. Thank you, Dennis Kucinich, you piece of shit, for showing me that my only real glimmer of hope is nothing more than another kowtowing, pissy little fucker who was bought and paid for by bullshit.

There are those of us who know better.

You just fucked up, Dennis. Big time. I wonder which Demublican asslicker is going to replace you?

Scott puts it as well or better than old B’Man can at AmericanEveryman:

Dennis took a plane ride with Obama and sold us out. Threw us right the fuck under the bus. He sold us out after talking to Obama and Pelosi. He sold us out because he was told that without his support other progressives would also hold out and Pelosi would have to use the “deem and pass” trick to force Obamacare on the American people. That action would harm her rep and Obama’s rep. So he flipped his vote without getting a goddamn thing in exchange.

The one thing he said at the end was that he “didn’t like the process” that has taken place on this bill, when he was asked about the threat of the “deem and pass” possibility. He hung his head and said, “look, if your looking for someone to say they approve of the way this bill was handled, I’m not the guy. I don’t like anything about how this bill was passed. I’m voting “yes” and that is it.”

Possibly a little insight into what happened on that plane flight to Cleveland. BUT I DON”T GIVE A SHIT. Real leaders continue to stand NO MATTER WHAT THE FUCKING CONSEQUENCES.

Here that Dennis? you piece of shit.

Did Martin Luther King cave, you cowardly motherfucker? Did JFK in the end?

They were heros, you’re a punk. End of story.

35 thoughts on “B’man’s Piece of Shit Watch: Dennis Kucinich Has Decided Principle Is Meaningless

  1. And I still stick to my position , they are all corrupt and traitors till they prove other wise. Guess Dennis just proved my point.. You cant trust any of them. This keeps up our government is going to find its self on the buisness end of a very pointy stick.

    I named 4 things our “leaders” can do to greatly help this country on one of your other threads B’man , They wont do one of them I tell ya. There is no truth for them but what they force us to accept , there is no honor amoungst thieves , there is no freedom but that which you make for your self.


    • This should be the catalyst that brings on a valid third party, but only if Americans will stop the two party sham.

      I am sick to death about this.


  2. Well, B’man it is refreshing to see that you yourself have some sort of discernment concerning our farce of a political system. Why you are unable or unwilling to see the same sort of farce concerning police turned pro-pot advocates is fascinating, in a morbid sort of way.


    • I never said that police may not be shills. But, until that person gives me a reason to doubt them, when they are standing for the issue I stand for, it is still an idiotic ploy to call them names and discount them when you have no proof.

      That is part of discernment. Not just the knee-jerk reaction you provided us.

      (Why are you still interested in this place?)


      • >>>(why are you still interested in this place)<<<<,

        Do you even read the posts that come thru, B'man? Or do you latch on to a key phrase or word, and go from there? As I told you in one of my posts, I like the information you put forth. I no longer watch tv, canceled my subscription to the paper(why would I pay for lies?). You know those sideline information bars, the ones that say Buelaworld, archives, that sort of thing? Despite what you may think of me, I am starving for truth, real information, I am so f**king tired of being lied to, having to pretend that what passes for "information" is cool with me. No! I'm definitely NOT down with fake info, I do not believe the drivel I do not accept that its OK to recieve a crumb and go on my merry way. Most people are OK with that. Not me. Yeah, truth is painful, no one likes to accept that the so called heroes are on the take, that the banks are robbing us blind, that our vaunted system is a total sham. It is devastating to realize that all of our lives are built on falsehoods. I see that most people cannot deal with that and so would rather believe a pretty lie than face up to the fact that these lies are killing us slowly. Whatever. I am willing to go all the way, wherever that may lead. I have read your posts, and although I do not always agree with you on everything, you don't lie. I also read the news on whatreallyhappened.com, uruknet.com, davidicke.com, and even though I don't swallow those news outlets without THINKING about it first, I like to hear what is really happening in our world. I try to balance it with other blogs that I read. I have read a blog called thinkorbeeaten.blogspot.com It is NOT MY BLOG, do not confuse me with that writer. the writer is from Silicon Valley. I am from somewhere else. I notice that a lot of people have difficulty thinking. I love to use the brain God gave me.
        Anyways, that is why I am still here. I am not interested in causing you or your blog any trouble, nor am I interested in "destroying" your movement. I am interested in real truth. If I didn't like the information you give the world, I would never have commented in the first place. There is so much information on the web, but so little truth. Peace.


        • Luath,

          I started out reading them with interest. For it interests me when people are contrarian (I’ve been called this). Why? Because they may have something important for me to learn. But, you began sounding like a tired old worn out record on that subject and I can’t understand the venom, when it seems that your beef is partially being addressed by the guys you took to task (with innuendo and guessing). You didn’t provide one shred of proof of your claims. So, I was a bit taken back.

          So, to be honest, it got tiring.

          I am not easily fooled (but this thread in and of itself proves that I can be… or that even the most respectable people can change and do shit never expected). If nothing else, I am upset with myself that I put Dennis on a pedestal and misled people. THAT is what gripes my ass.

          And please don’t misunderstand me, its not that I don’t want you here. But, dang it, why push buttons so hard over that particular issue? It causes me to think you have an ulterior motive that I don’t feel like dealing with. I have had a couple of provocateurs come here and cause shit, so I am trying to avoid them.

          What you did just write, tho, gives me a a better understanding of your issues. And I do appreciate the kind words about me not lying. This is the case. Its not that I am some saint (I surely am not). but I pride myself on telling the truth here. This drives many partisans crazy because I can’t be put in their box.

          It sounds to me that you are a bit like that. Which I appreciate.

          So, Luath, let’s you and I please start over. OK?



  3. Well shit yesterday Kuntcinich was the saviour of humanity. Today he folded like a Taiwanese lawnchair. Chairman Obama probably didn’t have to push too hard for the fold. What would you expect from a bought and sold politician.


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  5. Are you sure this isn’t good news?

    They will say anything to gain a short-term advantage.

    I love Dennis and can’t see him selling us out for any reason.

    I could buy this though.

    From Mark Crispin Miller on March 17, 3:45 PM we learn the following:


    Dear Friends and Activists,

    We have dramatic breaking news!

    Dennis Kucinich is calling for Congress to pass, in reconciliation of the health care bill, the proposal to allow people younger than 65 to buy into Medicare, which is being called “The Medicare Public Option”. And in a matter of hours he will have a new radio spot ready to go calling for just that.

    We need to do everything we can to support this valiant and truly progressive man in his quest for true reform for US. The transcript of the new radio spot is already posted on the page below, and we will have the actual audio up in a matter of hours, probably by the time you read this.

    New Kucinich Radio Spot:


    Tomorrow Dennis is traveling to Cleveland WITH the President, and we want these spots on the air and running in Cleveland so that President Obama can hear them while he is in town, and know just how serious the people are about real reform. We want The Medicare Public Option!

    Please make a donation of any amount you can, to empower this 11th hour push to give YOU the OPTION of access to the economical and efficient Medicare system at a fair price.

    Though as originally introduced on the House floor, Representative Alan Grayson did not expressly ask that the Medicare You Can Buy Into Act (HR4789) be passed immediately, he has since suggested that he is interested in this, and there is already a movement growing to do exactly that, with Dennis Kucinich providing critical leadership.

    Dennis was viciously attacked last week by some who we THOUGHT were our progressive friends, calling for him to be removed from office just because he would not dishonor his pledge to fight for the real deal in reform. Where in the world would we be without this incredibly courageous man, one of the few in Congress on our side we can count on taking a principled position and sticking to it? Please make whatever donation you can to get these spots on the air, and to continue to empower his brave voice which we need now more than ever.

    New Kucinich Radio Spot:


    Paid for by the Re-Elect Congressman Kucinich Committee

    Contributions to the Re-Elect Congressman Kucinich Committee are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.

    Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


    • Suzan,
      He had every opportunity to explain his strategy, but he didn’t. No, he looked like a depressed man who realized he had sold his soul to the devil. His rationale was not sound, at all.

      He has never been the kind to play such a game before. And I doubt that this announcement is related to the other. Unless he now realizes what a fuck up he just did. Still, I have lost respect for him, unless he changes his mind and votes no.

      This bill is a raping dog and he knows it. Just giving up the fight is enough for me to know that something is amiss. Dennis doesn’t give up the fight on anything else. why now? what got him?


  6. Question B_man,

    This healthcare program about to get voted into law, will it contain the stipulation that were all required by law to obtain this coverage, no excuses excepted, that, to not have coverage is in violation of law to which offenders can then be charged with a criminal offense? And arrested i suppose. If this is what it is, then, perhaps this will be the straw that breaks the camels back. And by that i mean here is where the government crosses the line into the surreal, and so many people, with no other choice will be forced to resist. That, or, i suppose, face jail.
    So, is this what is about to take place?


    • I understand that there are mandates with a few exceptions based upon poverty levels, etc. There will still be some uninsured (around 50,000), but it will mandate that everyone purchase health insurance with penalties (and jail time, I believe).

      There is no public option. And no regulation of insurance hikes for 4 years.

      Every year for the last 5, they have used double digit increases yearly and some are already raising the rates now.

      This entire bill is bogus on its face. A handout to the insurance companies they are dissing in the speeches. Single payer is much easier, cheaper and socially responsible.


  7. Additional, for the B-Man

    Where it may appear from the above, that i am totally uninformed. I am in a way because i don’t pay much attention to what these people in DC do. This ain’t MY government, aint been for ten years. I don’t watch any television. Zero. So i don’t get the word from anywhere except places like this. As for this healthcare debate, as well as all the other bullshit their up to. I don’t give a rats ass anymore.

    All i want to know is, when do we hit the fucking beach! Creighton has assured me he’ll let me know. What do you think? Are we gettin close?


  8. B’Man, What got to him? His Dead Dem Party. And it’s stinking to HIGH HEAVEN.

    Of them all, Dennis could always be relied upon to *fight the good fight* until the bitter end to keep the ghost of what the Dems in theory stood for alive. He never left the “D” side of the One Big Party of Money, Nader used to talk about that. What kind of bribes and threats do they live by? Is it time to cut the middle-men (politicians) out of our lives and give all our undying support and allegiance to those mighty non-person corporations at the switch, my friend? (This move from Dennis reminds me of my brief lapse of judgment when I momentarily thought Edwards was the real deal – disappointment with an “I should have known better” feeling — because when pols run on the One Big Party of Money ticket as either “R” or “D”, we get what we vote for.) What has the “access blog” community done for us other than to ratchet up divide and conquer sentiment? It’s time to stop giving money, energy and time to this ilk, whose pumped up existence also serves to divert resistance to these political crooks on the take.


    • Amen. But it does make me wonder if Nader would fold, too. Or McKinney.

      I want, desperately, to believe that someone has conscious and integrity.


      • “But it does make me wonder if Nader would fold, too. Or McKinney.”

        Or ANY who would have no compunction to walk away from the corporate moolah masters who own the podium. If either of the two above had won, for example, how would the corporate owned Congress ever (as they say) “get anything done”? HA! At least with Dennis now onboard the good ship KILL THE MIDDLE CLASS, we’ll get the *progress* we deserve, as N.P. would say.

        Why did Dennis jump on this stinker? Maybe Barry (who has professed the merits of SP) just figures “WTF everybody is going say SHOVE IT to this cost prohibitive insurance scam” and hope – yes I do mean HOPE — that everyone, R and D, will boycott this evil insurance industry bill and they’ll go under, making the Dems look a bunch of fucking strategic geniuses come 2012. Ach, one can dream. HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!


        • Would I? I must ask myself that question. Could I be bought knowing what I know (assuming I could get elected… which I could not)?

          I shudder to consider the answer.

          I am pissed as a citizen, but if I were immersed in that garbage, what would I do?

          As for the dems ever looking like geniuses, I don’t see it.


  9. Im sorry to be a pest, but i got one more bitch to vent on.

    Yesterday, i got another questionere from the Census Bereau. Funny thing about this. Last fall i also got a really big questioneer, which i filled out. Now, here is yet another one. NEVERin all my time on this planet did i ever get two seperate questioneers 6 months apart.

    OK, here is the point of my rant. In the lower left of the envelope is a statement “YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW”

    So what am i suppose to inturpet from that threat? and that is exactly what it is, a threat, telling me to comply or face some sort of criminal culpibility. And then what, 5 years in Levonworth? Bman, when do we hit the fucking BEACH!!!


    • I have my census paperwork in front of me. as I understand it, I got the short form. I saw a Judge Napolitano video clip today where he was discussing this issue. He said he was just going to tell them to give him his Miranda rights, since the Constitution only says there should be a head count in the census.

      As for sun bathing, there is no mass. It will take a catalyzing event, if ever, before people are angry enough. Mass civilian deaths, probably (from all appearances). I think the fluoride has dumbed us all down. Something is wrong with Americans, on the most part. Surely not what I read in historical accounts.


  10. WELL HELL. The fluoride didn’t work on me. It’s because of the weeds. I recently read where it makes you resistant to their shit. Thats probably why they won’t legalize it.

    I don’t know man. I’de just like to get out of here but, i don’t want to miss the fight. If it ever comes, im gonna have a smile on my face the whole time, till they blow me away.



    In eighteen-fourteen we took a little trip
    Along with Andy Jackson down the mighty Mississipp’
    We took a little bacon and we took a little beans
    And we caught the bloody British in the town of New Orleans

    We fired our guns and the British kept a comin’
    There wasn’t nigh as many as there was a while ago
    We fired once more and they started to go a runnin’
    On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

    We looked down the river and we seed the British come
    And there must’ve been a hundred of ’em beatin’ on the drum
    They stepped so high and they made their bugles ring
    We stood beside our cotton bales, didn’t say a thing

    We fired our guns and the Brittish kept a commin’………………..

    Old Hickory said we could take ’em by surprise
    If we didn’t fire muskets till we looked ’em in the eye
    We held our fire till we seed their faces well
    Then we opened up our squirrel guns and really gave ’em,,,, well

    We fired our guns an the brittish kept a commin’…………………………..

    Yeah they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
    And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go
    They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch ’em
    On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

    We fired our cannon till the barrel melted down
    So we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round
    We filled his head with cannonballs and powdered his behind
    And when we touched the powder off the ‘gator lost his mind


  12. Something I was think ing of today , as with drug dealers they cant go to court to fix disagreements so they take it to the streets.

    What about WE THE PEOPLE , when we are no longer heard ,what do we do? We are being slowly “pushed” to the streets. As with healthcare and being jailed if we dont buy into it, as with the effort to end the illegal fed and income tax. We are being ignored. At some point will we be forced to fight it out?




  13. Dennis first disappointed me in 2008 when he gave his Iowa supporters to Barack who was already saying he’d increase the Afghanistan war (number of troops there) if he won. That was it for me and Dennis. (And I’m 24 so I don’t have a long history with him and really only became aware of him in 2005.)I keep going back to a call this woman (C.I.) made in an online roundtable back in January 2008 that’s really stood up: “I don’t know that I loathe him. I don’t care for him. But he makes a lot of promises, always has, and a lot of people believe him. And then Dennis does what’s best for Dennis. That’s nothing new.”
    Dennis does what’s best for Dennis. That says it all.


  14. Dennis does what’s best for Dennis. That says it all.

    Hummmm…seems to me anyway thats what all politicians do, whats best for them and their friends. Fuckem’ all !


  15. All he did was guarantee that we are going to see class action lawsuits from sea to shining sea. This bullshit legislation is going to cost billions in attorney fees and be tied up in court for years. I don’t know why anyone puts one speck of trust in that wretched blight on humanity known as Washington DC. Haven’t they proven time and time again that they don’t give a fuck about us? What’s it gonna take, unmanned drones flying over our cities and blasting our loved ones to pieces before you get it Amerika? THEY DON”T WORK FOR YOU!


  16. No real substance to this post. No analysis or argument. “Critical thinker”? You?! HAHAHAHAHA. Mostly this is the inane, neo-fascist posturing rant of a frustrated imbecile who only admires a public figure for generally being oppositional to everyone else in his field.

    As if you castrated mutes who think you can become heroes of the people through blogging know anything about what a “real leader is”.”

    Here’s the funniest part of the post “Real leaders continue to stand NO MATTER WHAT THE FUCKING CONSEQUENCES.”

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. That’s funny even with ignoring the absurd reference to JFK.

    Public servants, in a Democracy, are actually supposed to be flexible in response to public demands. It might seem like everyone hates Obamacare because every other beardo down at the paintball range agrees with you, but it actually has a lot of support. And that’s the truth no matter what Fox and Friends says.

    You basement dwelling Mussolinis should have a nice, tall glass of gasoline and then get some sleep. “For the people” doesn’t mean YOU get YOUR way because you consider yourself a person. And whining like a sissy doesn’t sound badass because you say “fucking piece of shit”.


    • Hey “fucking piece of shit” ,why dont you and your holier than thou attitude offer up some Ideas instead of coming here and bashing people for being American and using the first amendment right to speak dick shit.


    • Ok, B’man, you gotta concede that not even I was this cantankerous when I made my first post here, eh?

      Gilles, you’re a fucking asshole. When you post at any blog, you should at least STUDY the issue at hand, and FOCUS on the matter being spoken of. You should see one or two of my first blogs here. BUT AT LEAST I STAYED ON COURSE……you see, thats the differemce I harped on something, but I didn’t deviate from the subject matter. What the fuck is YOUR angle, dude? WHERE are you coming from? You come on this blog, shooting blanks from both hips, insinuating that free info sharing is mussolini-esque? That what is presented here has “no substance”??
      If real leaders “stand up no matter what….” why are you not at the head of the line?

      Just because you know how to type, doesn’t make you a expert on the issues.


      • If he considers bloggers as such, what is he saying of himself… a blog commenter? If he has time to read blogs, I wonder how he has time for all the protesting and shit he does in Canada?

        But is he seriously saying that there can be no discussion and harsh opinion without being considered a “Mussolini” (give me a break)? To me, this blogging interaction is needed and key to my understanding of things {even with you, Luath}


        Especially where I am from. I also need to rant (and Gilles could have just moved on, but felt motivated to comment

        Sounds to me like Gilles is related to Kucinich and I hurt his feelings. Maybe he is some sort of Cass Sunstein-esque infiltrator into “conspiracy groups”. Or maybe he is just a rude assed Frenchy.


        Either way, if he thinks from this post that I am a “neo-fascist” (this in itself shows what a clueless idiot he is or that he hasn’t read another single post here), that I watch Fox and Friends or that I have ever been to a paint ball range, he apparently has some sort of axe to grind (and is trying to grind it here).

        He should read more here and he would probably agree with some of it (unless he is an infiltrator, that is).


        In that case, fuck him.


  17. The sad thing is, and there are many surrounding all of this, is that Pelosi may still not have the votes so she may still hold the vote on the Senate Bill reforms and “deem” the senate version of the healthcare bill “passed”. If that happens, Dennis held that press conference for nothing. I wouldn’t put it past Pelosi to set Dennis up like that. She “deems” the bill “pssed” so that dems don’t have to vote for it right before an election, but makes Dennis go out and hold a press conference announcing his switch just so it hurts him in November. She’s been doing that kind of underhanded crap for years.


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