Time To Clean House

I have been harping on breaking the “Faux Two Party Paradigm” (that aggravates a certain teacher friend of mine that reads here). Every where I go and the discussion leads to politics (maybe 50% of the time lately) I make the point that until Americans stop voting for either of the two complicit corrupt and criminal “Parties”, we are nothing more than a dumb ole ping pong ball being hit back and forth,  still getting the hell, knocked out of us.

I have told everyone who will listen about this idiotic effect it has on us… how it seemingly makes us very gullible for any sort of lie they tell us. We almost NEED to choose between them, as if we couldn’t dare consider some other potential source. Of course there are plenty of reasons why this is true (I broad brush it calling it “brainwashing”, but it is a very deep psychological control they have on a mass of us, whatever you call it). Maybe some people just need an “easy” choice, instead of actually having to think about important issues. Having someone you “trust” to make decisions, even when it is apparent that nothing any of them ever do seems to turn out in any good way.

I call them thieves and liars and scum and all sorts of ugly words. Some actually believe the shit they spew, but many more know what they are doing is foul and simply for gain. But when you look right down to it, if we put the two ruling “parties” on the road by cleaning house; by swearing to NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT, we could make change. Even if 50% of America did this, it would end the stranglehold.

I mentioned this over at American Everyman and a friend mentioned that a new media to compete or replace the current MSM (but not the internet) should be pursued and would be the fastest route to accomplishing what I think will make the change. I disagree in the time line. I believe it would take a very long time to establish such a media and that we better use the internet to catalyze other current media outlets by force (they simply cannot avoid certain issues forever… even 911 is getting a bit more play at local levels lately).

But, in the span of two years, 4 at most, a movement to totally avoid those parties would gain enough seats to enact real debate (and change) into the system. Election reform, term limits, campaign finance reform, not to mention real investigations into all the thievery and criminal activities that have occurred in the past decade or two. To obtain BACK our rights that we, as gullible little slaves, turned over to them with as much trouble as a bad salad run comes out your ass.

Think of it. It is possible.

Or is it? Chris Hedges thinks (and I tend to agree with him from all available evidence) that Americans are too illiterate to understand the difference n=between their lies and what little truth is available:

When America Leaves Reality Behind

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Pulitzer-prize winning foreign correspondent Chris Hedges argues that our country is undergoing an economic, political and moral collapse. He says most Americans “cannot differentiate between lies and truth” because they’ve abandoned literacy and print culture.

I am torn. I am torn by my own vision and understanding and not understanding why others can’t or won’t see what I see (and realize how dire things truly are). I was part of one conversation this morning that highlighted that some people simply do not WANT to think about it. For me, I cannot imagine not thinking about how my America is being ravaged right before our eyes and most of my fellow Americans can’t, won’t or don’t give a fuck enough to do anything about it.

There is some evidence that we are getting pissed off.

Studies reveal Americans’ declining living standards and increasing anger

By Hiram Lee
23 April 2010

A series of recent studies conducted by the Pew Research Center shed new light on the scope of the economic crisis in the US and the level of hostility the majority of the American population holds for the US government.

Released in March, before the passage of the Obama administration’s health care legislation, a survey entitled “Health Care Reform—Can’t Live With It, or Without It” indicates that 92 percent of Americans give the national economy a negative rating. No fewer than 70 percent of the respondents report having suffered job-related and financial problems in the past year, an increase from 59 percent the year before. Fifty-four percent report someone in their home has been without a job and looking for work in the past year, up from 39 percent in 2009.

The poll saw an aggravation of conditions in every area of economic life studied the year before. Increasing numbers of people are reporting difficulty receiving or affording medical care (26 percent) or paying their rent or mortgage payments (24 percent). More Americans faced problems with collections and credit agencies (21 percent), or had mortgages, loans or credit card applications denied (19 percent).

As could be expected, the poorest Americans are suffering the most. Some 44 percent of those making $30,000 per year or less report difficulty obtaining medical care, compared to 11 percent of those making $75,000 per year or more. A similar gap can be found in the category of rents and mortgages, with 37 percent of those making $30,000 or less reporting difficulty making rent or mortgage payments, compared to 11 percent of those making $75,000 or more. However, the percentage of those facing difficulties paying rent has increased dramatically for both groups since 2009…

More at the link.

So, yeah, there are some who are pissed, but there are also a few loud mouths that have made some movements like the Tea Party a laughing-stock (even without the MSM’s help). But, the movement began with an ideology I DO agree with. Unfortunately, there will be those that want to circumvent such a movement. Take advantage of it and try to hijack it to become a part of the system. Look at how the Republican Party is taking over the Tea Party making it irrelevant in any real change oriented way.

CBS Poll: Republicans Have Absorbed the Tea Party

A CBS poll portrays the Tea Party movement as white, middle age, and Republican. Not Libertarian, but Republican. If we can believe the poll members of the Tea Party movement favor Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and even George Bush over Ron Paul. Yes, George Bush, the man who presided over two wars. Even John McCain did better than Ron Paul according to this poll.

h/t PrisonPlanet

Maybe ppl should smarten up and see that their rage will be hijacked and consumed by the very Party that turned its back on them long ago. Maybe, instead of swallowing the shit that the corrupt assholes who commandeer them spew from every orifice and at every opportunity, the Tea party ppl should finally grow a real brain and critically think about how far removed from reality the GOP is and if they allow the GOP to take them over (as it seems), that you will again be relegated to the shithole of irrelevancy. How about calling them on the bullshit and express that the best thing that movement could do is distance itself from those monsters, as fast as possible.

Whatever. That movement is basically toast if they allow the reTHUGlicans to take them over. Probably the same people who would donate to “The Restoration of Stephen Baldwyn” (yes, real). Some will be forever forgotten due to their ignorance.

The best move would have been to follow my advice about Ralph Nader. Or someone like him. Someone who actually cares about you and has proved it his entire life.

I did everything locally I knew to do as a seemingly sole voice of reason in this little country town. I was the ONLY one in the county that canvassed and got enough signatures to help get him on the TN ballot. People would listen to me and agree, then go in the booth and vote for whichever of the bogus lying parties convinced them they were the real Truth purveyors. Lemmings.

If you go to that particular link on Ralph above at American Everyman (this video is hitting all over the place so I won’t bother putting it here), you will see someone asking the right questions about these criminals.

Why aren’t corporate crimes prosecuted?

Because they own the two party system, which protects them.

I don’t know. Maybe Nader is too “liberal” for you. Maybe someone like Bob Barr, a libertarian, or Cynthia McKinney, or Chuck Baldwyn were more politically in your favor.

The point is that we MUST look elsewhere. We must abandon the Demublicans. We must help our fellow Sheople get past their sleepy little trance.

Maybe this is a way?

The Liberty Coalition (Third Party Alliance)

What is The Liberty Coalition?

The Liberty Coalition is not a new registered party. We are an electoral alliance of activists from liberty caucuses, minor parties and grassroots movements. We are independent-minded Americans. We refuse to follow the unwritten rules of politics which the Two Parties, the Mainstream Media and Corporations have established.

Our short-term goal is to establish our own Political Action Committee (PAC) to endorse and support Liberty Candidates across all party lines who agree with our Four Points of Unity.

Our long-term goal is to reach one million Americans who support our vision. Once we reach this milestone, the Leadership and our grassroots supporters will decide how the Coalition will act as an unregistered Third Party movement.  This Coalition will be a broad alliance of Liberty-loving Americans committed to winning national elections for our candidates outside of the media-controlled Two-Party process.

The Coalition will not replace existing third parties, caucuses or independents. It will EMPOWER them by joining forces in a grand alliance.

Any input on this group?

(BTW: h/t to Dandelion Salad twice)

Can you agree that it is high time we “Clean House”? Never vote for an R or D again.

3 thoughts on “Time To Clean House

  1. I hate to say it, but, i got this gut feeling that Palin will be the next
    one. It certainly appears that there are just too many that think she is the best qualified candidate. And the fact is, she may actually be, the best the republicans can produce.

    I feel certain Obama is to be a 1 termer. Never before in history has there been such a golden opportunity, or such a need for a third party candidate but it’s going to take a lot of $$$, and and a tremendious public relations campaign. And who will the third party candidate be?


  2. Vote all you want the socialist globalist agenda will keep on rolling. If voting changed anything it would be illegal. Remember Stalin’s comment “it matters not who cast the votes but who counts them.” Collapse is built into the cake just try and get your kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames. If you want to influence an election become a huge corporation and buy the candidate you want.


  3. well, sorry to be such a pessimist about the whole thing, but even though I have never voted nor have I ever been convinced enough to believe the lies, the majority of my people are all too willing to convince themselves that the rope going around their necks really is made of gold, I weary of waiting for them to catch up to reality. For all of our vaunted edumacation, it has produced nothing but a barnyard of braying sheople (think animal farm…it wasn’t JUST a movie, ppl!!)
    I mean, when do you walk away in self-preservation? Where is the line in the sand that determines ‘well, this horse aint drinking from the water, no matter how thirsty it gets’
    Its like having to explain the “complexities” of one plus one will always equal two to someone who has willingly become dumbed-down and no longer has the desire to add. Do you give them some more rope to finish the job mercifully already!….or do you continue to try and explain that ‘no, wilbur there is a plus sign and equal sign along with the numbers, its not 12, but 3?
    Do you embrace them as you both are going down into the quicksand, or do you cut your losses and move on? I mean these are human beings we are talking about, here………your people, my people. Its all very frustrating, which of course leads me to my next conundrum…is that the point? To frustrate those of us who can see past the bullshit, and wear us into indifference out of sheer exasperation?


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