6 thoughts on “There are no words….

    • They are hilarious (but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere near them).

      Believe me… I know more than one family like that. As a matter of fact, I used to party with several like that (Doug knows).


  1. Scary, just scary… my grandsons are growing up around here!!!! I just know that I have had daily encounters with these same kinds of folk. Drives me NUTS!!!!! and to think about them breaking into my home [again]… well what can I say!
    “Redneck Terrorists”– they assault your mind, your livelyhood… your property… your safety and moreso your sanity!


  2. Hey my southerner friends….never fear, there are people like this up north too! May be a slight different breed but , just as insane! Imagine a revolution going on with people like this at the front line sreaming obscenities and shooting wildly? That should be enough to scare the day lights our of any senator 🙂


  3. they wouldn’t scare a senator… they are controlled by ignorance and left to be ignorant. Hell they vote as told to vote… they just get a paper ballot and a pencil to place their ‘x’.


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