It Was JUST Paintball Guns

h/t Kenny’s Sideshow

I am amazed that these Turkish people are so scared of paintball guns that cause little holes in the skin and muscle. Can you imagine a bunch of black-faced, hooded, black uniform “Terrorist” looking assholes shooting at your ship, then dropping down on to the ship in open waters? What would you do, Mr America? Open your arms or beat the shit out of them? View the other video at Kenny’s place to see what a person who was on one of the ships said happened. The question to you, dear reader is, “who you gonna believe?”

Maybe these people were simply defending themselves. I guess it’s just the redneck in me, but I would be scared shitless and would beat the fuck out of anyone that was threatening me. If I thought I might die without a fight, I can damn well guarantee it.

But, paintball guns? Really?

I wonder if these gung-ho asswipes ever considered this subject in the same light our own American law enforcement consider such a thing? No chance for something to go wrong, huh?

My next immediate thought is what would cops/terrorist-looking hooded gunmen in black uniforms think if the tables were turned and they were looking at a bunch of paintball guns?

Something tells me they would have pulled out their REAL guns and shot their asses.

What if you knew that the Zionist controlled White House not only supports such action, they are also helping cover it up. Or worse, did they give the ok beforehand?

But Washington’s role may not merely be an after-the-event complicity. Michel  Chossodovsky has raised the serious question as to the purpose of US chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s top-level visit to Tel Aviv just days before the attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.  [3] Why didn’t the US voice objections to the well-publicised Israeli warnings that its forces were going to (illegally) intercept the aid convoy? Did the US give a behind-the-door thumbs up to this assault? In that case, no wonder the White House is now endorsing an Israeli-controlled inquiry – confident and cynical that such a probe will lead to nothing of importance, not least the role of the US in this crime against humanity.

And guess who else is against this action? Basically the whole damned world, that’s who (with the exception of America’s bitches).

NEW YORK – The United Nations Human Rights Council passed Wednesday a resolution condemning Israel’s interception of a Gaza-bound flotilla and calling for a Goldstone-like inquiry into the deadly military operation.

During a second bruising day of debate in Geneva, the 47-member body passed the resolution with a majority vote of 32. The United States voted against the Palestinian-backed document and several European countries abstained.

The resolution accuses Israel of violating international law and calls for the immediate lifting of Israel’s blockade on Gaza. It also calls for an independent fact-finding inquiry, similar to one mandated by the Human Rights Council, which resulted in the Goldstone report.

h/t America20XY

Funny thing, that article is originally from The Jerusalem Post. I wonder what American media has to say (the FuxNews folks above notwithstanding)?

Oops. The MSM tried to pull a fast one and guess who steps up to the plate? Glen Greenwald:


6 thoughts on “It Was JUST Paintball Guns

  1. Zionist SOP: Tell a lie and keep repeating that lie until the well-trained American chimps start repeating the lie.
    While telling the LIE, toss in some hot news about some Hollywood celeb’s drunkeness, and keep repeating those sport scores and NASCAR finishes.

    We the People are complicit in these murders.


    • 2.4BILLION , Ya that much? I didnt agree to fund any of this nor much else they spend my taxes on.It all needs reformed.

      Need a strong military.
      Need the constitution.
      Need our civil rights.

      Those 3 are a good starting point.


  2. I don’t know anything about Zionist conspiracies, but I do know that two fool-allies will back each other up even when one of them does something heinous.

    Two wise friends will always try to correct each other, which means being honest about mistakes and shortcomings.

    The evil regimes America has backed and installed; this should surprise no one, but there’s such cognitive dissonance about it among people who still think there’s a simple tale of good nations and bad nations.


  3. Ugh, the attempts by the police PR person to spin the story – so ugly, so rotten. No honour. They fully justify the use of the term ‘pigs’.


  4. I,,, would like to point out a little over looked fact. It’s now thursday. The Israeli’s have had possession of these ships since they captured them, and took these ships into their possession. It is foregone conclusion that these ships were searched thoughly.

    There have beem no announcements by the Israeli government of any contriband items being discovered in the cargo holds of any of the ships. Contriband, meanning, weapons, ammo, explosives, rockets, bombs etc.

    The ships carried only releif workers, food, medical supplies,water purification eqpt, and as i understand it, portland cement, and rebar.


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